The Number of People Who Will Receive Awards Is Limited

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1972

The earth consists of land and ocean.
We see that the ocean has played a
motherly role, beginning with the birth
of the simplest forms of life. The ocean
symbolizes femininity because it nur-
tures and embraces life, while land can
be said to symbolize masculinity. For
this reason, the island nations located
in the ocean are countries that represent
the woman, and the peninsular nations
adjacent to the continental nations are
countries that represent the man. The
people of peninsular nations in par-
ticular have a toughness and intrepid-
ness that come from a life of preparing
against enemies, both from the conti-
nent and the sea. Furthermore, owing to
their pioneering, adventurous and pro-
gressive disposition, the people of pen-
insular nations brought forth a brilliant
culture and disseminated it to the world.
(279-208, 1996.8.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1473

How great is the value of human-
kind? They are the only beings that God
would long for over tens of thousands
of years, leaning on his walking stick.
According to my observations, this fact
happens to be the basis for the creation
of the universe. Since God and human
beings related to each other as inter-
nal and external, vertical and horizon-
tal perspectives about the world of love
could be established. Both vertical and
horizontal views on the world of love can
come into existence once upper-lower
and left-right relationships are formed.
God can come to reside in the center
of them all. That place, which can bind
them all into one at the deepest core of
the heart, is the central place of the verti-
cal and horizontal. If they are not bound
into one, the standard of the vertical and
horizontal cannot develop into the ideal
form of love. The existence of the vertical
form alone does not guarantee the exis-
tence of the horizontal form. Therefore,
you should understand that God had no
other choice but to create human beings
in this form. (48-224, 1971.9.19)

Inside God’s Stadium

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 1959

1 Corinthians 9: 14-27

In a stadium, they may hold a one-hundred-meter race, a five-thousand-meter race, a ten-thousand-meter race, or a marathon. What kind of race would you be responsible for as racers who have entered the race tracks of God, who is guiding the providence of restoration? How can you find a place in the history of the universe? This is a crucial question. Even if there are differences in your values and character, God certainly wishes ardently that you will fulfill your responsibility in the event that you are responsible for in the race, and that you will establish the standard God wants. Since you have entered the race tracks, you should give all your heart and soul to the race. We should understand which event of the race we are to accomplish through our life and finally stand before Heaven.

Although God has guided the providence for six thousand years, when you look at the entire course, there are still some events in God’s overall race that have not been completed yet. The competition is still going on. The race will go on today and tomorrow. When the entire race comes to an end, God will give awards in each event to all humanity, all the people who ran in the race in the past and all those who will have raced by the day of the conclusion. When is the day the awards are given out? If we use Christian terminology, it is the judgment day. The judgment day is the day the awards will be given out. If we use the terminology used frequently in our era, it may also be referred to as the Last Days.

The important question is whether or not you will have established the victorious standard so that you can receive an award in an event. This is an issue that you will have to deeply reflect upon. There are many ways of racing. Although you are supposed to enter the stadium and race on the marked course, there will be many who disregard the race course. There may be those who run on the marked course but who collapse in the middle of the race. There will be those who run until the finish line but will not be able to receive awards. The number of people who will receive awards is limited. We have to understand this.

Although God guided the providence for six thousand years. He could not give an award even to one racer. For this reason, spirits in Heaven and people on the earth all wish for the day God can appear before humanity and give awards to the many racers who ran in each event of the race. This is the Last Days. You should understand this.

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