Each of Us Knows What Situation we are In

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2106

Sons and daughters should not live
for their own sakes. In serving heaven
and earth and humankind as them-
selves, they should be sons and daugh-
ters who must inherit a stronger and
higher tradition. This is how it should
be. No one can complain. This is why
not just anyone can be the successor to
the founder of the Unification Church.
They should be sons and daughters
who can inherit the lineage and live
according to the tradition of living for
the sake of others. They should be sons
and daughters who are at a higher level
and who can do better than their own
mothers and fathers. Unless they have
lived for and served others, how can
the sons and daughters say they have
surpassed their parents? Those who are
inconsistent will not succeed. We need
the eldest child to live for the sake of
others even more than high level sons
and daughters do in order for him to
receive the inheritance. (175-185, 1988.4.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1918

At which time should Western Civ-
ilization and oriental civilization be
joined together? When the two com-
bine, where will this union take place?
They will not be combined in an island
nation. They will be joined together on
a peninsula. From this point of view,
as a peninsular nation, Korea is in the
most precarious situation in Asia. When
you consider Korea’s location, you will
find that it is surrounded by the Soviet
Union, communist China, Japan, and
even America. Taking into consider-
ation the Pacific coast, it can be regarded
as being connected even to America. All
scholars are saying that history will now
advance into the era of the Pacific cul-
tural sphere. Scholars in the fields of pol-
itics, economy, and history are asserting
that such an era will come. In America,
they regard this as indisputable.

We Who Are Walking a Life Course
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 6, 1959

1 Peter 1: 21-25


Father! Although many people have been born and passed away, no one has built a relationship of life which is transcendent of time and space. People in history longed for such a person. Even today they are bitterly appealing to You.

Your sons and daughters who lie prostrated here find after hearing the words that the problem is not someone else’s problem; it is their own. Reciprocal views on existence were not the problem; the actual content which can make the determination centering on ourselves has been the problem. We know that You long for those who cultivate these qualities and call you Father. Please guide us to become such sons and daughters. This is our sincere prayer.

Now we have heard the truth that we have to become unchanging people whose minds and bodies are united with the infinite Father. We should stand so close to the life and love of the eternal Father that we do not know if we exist or not, if we are inside or outside of the body. Please allow us to feel this.

Each of us knows what situation we are in, whether we are dozing off, struggling on a deviant path, resting, sleeping, or in what environment we are in. We know that to pioneer our own environment we have to carry on a battle of truth, a battle of the mind, a battle of life, and a battle of the heart. Without passing through such a course, we know that we cannot build a relationship with the world of purpose.

Please encourage our minds and bodies as we head toward this purpose. Please let the words of life remain eternally deep inside our bones and flesh so that we can approach the homeland. Hoping that You will hear our wishes, we prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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