You Should Take off the Inappropriate Mask

Cheon Seong Gyeong 647

Not once has God or Jesus found
someone whose flesh and spirit are unit-
ed, whom God could totally love. That is
why Jesus is still praying in paradise.
Therefore, we should know the love
of God, who seeks to fully embrace our
spirit and flesh. Within such a realm, we
must be able to govern all of creation, hav-
ing justified ourselves as God’s children.
You must understand that such a world
is the world of dominion and the gar-
den of rest God desires to restore. Going
back to the issue of our individual selves,
we, who are destined to go through res-
toration, must wander about seeking a
new truth. That time has arrived. In the
future, the issue of a true view of life and
of the universe will come to the fore. (5-
49, 1958.12.14)

Richard: The Exposition of the Divine Principle and the other Eight Sacred Texts provide the true view of the universe: .

Cheon Seong Gyeong 887

Suppose there is a dying person who
says, “God, even though I did not live
according to Your will until now, in my
mind I tried to go to heaven. So please
regard me as having established the
proper indemnity conditions!” Because
God is fair, He will bring that person to
the position of wanting to go to heav-
en. God rewards him according to his
actions, placing him in a position of
wanting to go to heaven. That position
can be just below paradise. Even people
in hell are trying to go to heaven. (57-265,

I Am Relating With Two Worlds

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1959

What kind of truth should the truth of a religion be? We do not need a truth which explains only contents. A truth must appear which our bodies, minds and hearts can all endorse. We need that kind of ideology and thought. When such a truth is spoken around us or we somehow encounter it, our minds will be drawn to it. Even if you have to go do something that your body desires, and the circumstances are pressuring you to do so, you should deny them all; abandon them and go to the truth. If there are words of truth which pull you to be transcendent of time and space, you should pack up your things and follow it, carrying humble baggage on your back like Kim Sat-Kat did. You will not be ruined. Your name will live on in history.

To become that kind of person, you cannot continue to be as you have been in the past. You should take off the inappropriate mask. You should take off all masks of the conscience. This and that position in a religion, you should abandon them all. Although you are attending the Unification Church, I am longing for the day I can do away with the name. The reason that we have this name and organization is for certain conditions which require it. It is because we have opponents to fight against that we need it, but one day we must do away with it. What title do you need in the world of the mind? What title do you need in the world of the heart? Even if you don’t do anything, you will know. Even if you don’t do anything, you will naturally do things. The first standard is resolving this.

What kind of life have you led so far? What kind of position are you in today? You have to remember that you are struggling in two worlds. What you can rejoice in is not the direction that your body is dragging you toward, but the direction your mind is pulling you in.

When you look at the world today, you will find that the direction of the body and the external conditions are perfect. They have all been prepared. They have been prepared at several hundred points. They have gone beyond the individuals and families and have formed a world. In comparison, the direction of the mind is only a small percentage of that. When we think about that, we find that God wants to judge this world. What will we do about the sorrow of God? We have to find the course through which we can come to know sorrow and rejoice in our minds. For this reason, religious people of the past endured even as they were being beheaded. I do not want you to come to the Unification Church. However, if your bodies and minds and hearts submit to the words of truth that are spoken here, you should know that this place belongs to the end times.

What kind of person is God? He is the eternal Lord of our bodies. He is the eternal Lord of our hearts. In the original world, no matter how much a couple may love each other, the wife will not mind that the husband loves God more than he loves her. That is how it is. Moreover, even if the wife loves God more than she loves her husband, the husband will not object and ask her why. Heaven is a place where they can both be happy about the situation. God, who is in a position transcendent of any love of this world or of any content thereof, is the eternal Lord of our bodies. When we are in the garden of the bosom of God, who is the eternal Lord of our bodies, we are happy even if we die. All He needs to be is the eternal Lord of our minds and the eternal Lord of our hearts. What more would we want?

What kind of world is the world that you long for in your hearts? It is not the world which comes to us through the external senses or the five senses. Nor is it a world created by concepts. We long for the world of God’s love, a world of love. In this world we can feel the love of God even from the smallest subatomic particle. You have to understand this. You must understand it. Jesus said, “Those who have ears to hear will hear.” (Matt. 11:15) With everyday feelings you cannot feel the ideal world, which is circular and is in the position of subject partner.

Richard:  Although you are attending the Unification Church, I am longing for the day I can do away with the name”  That happened in 1997 when True Father said to take down the Unification Church Sign.  The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was formed, instead.  However, that organization was never truly formed.  Rather, the name of the Unification Church was changed to the Family Federation.  A true family federation still has to be formed.  The new Tribal Messiah Association: is more in the spirit of the real family federation.

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