They Should do Everything for the Sake of Jesus

CSG 533

Since your start was all wrong, you
must return to the original point. As we
originated from false parents, we need
to return and start anew from true par-
ents. How serious is this? It is impera-
tive to inherit God’s love, life and lineage
That is why, when you receive the
Blessing, you undergo the ceremony for
changing the lineage. You must believe
in this more than your own life. Just
because it is a Unification Church cere-
mony, you should not think of it as some
ordinary ritual. It is like a wonder drug,
an antidote, to restore the dead back to
Our ancestors committed an error so
grave that countless people fell victim to
its aftereffects throughout the course of
human history. Knowing this, we can-
not tread that same path again ever
again! We paid a ghastly price through-
out history for having perpetuated illicit
love in the fallen spiritual and physical
worlds, with far-reaching consequenc-
es for individuals, families, societies,
nations and the world. (216-109, 1991.3.9)

Richard: The marriage Blessing is not just a nice idea or a marriage re-dedication. It is an essential rite for all of humankind.

CSG 495

When I was in Danbury prison, I
witnessed an interesting thing. A slope
was being bulldozed into a tennis court.
However, when the rainy season came,
work had to stop for a few weeks until the
weather cleared up. During the delay, a
water bird built a nest only three meters
away from the path the inmates used for
their exercise. The water bird was not eas-
ily noticeable as her colors allowed her
to blend into the background. Therefore,
while she was guarding her eggs, no one
realized she was there, even through they
repeatedly walked right by her. When
the water bird curled up, she looked just
like a round black stone from the side,
but when her eggs hatched and the baby
birds started feeding, they were pretty
noisy and gave away their location. Sev-
eral of the inmates tried to mess around
with the water bird, but she proved very
capable of protecting her young. When
she returned with food, she never land-
ed close to her nest, but chose different
locations, then slowly crept over to her
chicks. Every day she approached from
a different direction in order to pro-
tect her young. This is how she protect-
ed them. As her chicks grew larger, she
would make lots of noise and peck any
inmates who came too close. She was
clearly warning them to stay away. Who
taught the water bird to be like this? It is
the power of the universe. All things of
creation are on a level plane, centering
on God’s love as the axis. They may have
different positions on that plane, but
their level of love and care is the same.
(136-23, 1985.12.20)

The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise up His Beloved Children

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 11, 1959

John 3: 11-21

1 Corinthians 7:28-29

What kind of person is a son of filial piety? To become such a son, one has to attend one’s parents well, and one should bear children. No matter how pious someone may be, no matter how great one may be, no matter what one may have given to one’s parents, one cannot be a child of filial piety if one cannot have children. Jesus was born as God’s historical son of filial piety. Even though he realized the glory of the only begotten son and fulfilled everything, without children he could not stand proud before God. Do you know why Jesus has toiled for two thousand years?

Jesus knew that God worked like a crazy man to find His beloved son, so Jesus spent thirty-some-odd years of his life with the same intense heart toward the people of the earth. For two thousand years, he worked as if he was a crazy man, as if there were no Satan. You have to understand that Jesus longs for people on the earth to the point of madness. Even if you forget all the words in the Bible, all you need to do is to connect with that heart of Jesus. Jesus has to resolve the most sorrowful, the most indignant and distressful as well as the more joyful things. There are those who want to be a member of the 144,000 chosen people or boast that they are the chosen people, but they have to resolve these three things.

What were the most sorrowful, indignant and joyful events of Jesus’ life? Although we know of the times he was indignant and sad, we do not know of any joyful moments.

To become a friend and someone who is loved, one has to understand the other person’s sorrow and pain and comfort them. Only then can one become the other person’s friend. If you connect to someone’s heart and build a relationship of love, then you can move that person as you wish, and you will also do as he wants.

Jesus understood the sorrows and joys that God felt during the four thousand years. Yet Jesus passed away without revealing them. You have to understand the sad heart of Jesus who said, “You cannot believe in the things that I say about this world, so how could you believe in the matters of Heaven if I were to speak about them?”

Since Jesus understood the sorrow, pain and joy of God, we should also understand the sorrow, pain and joy of God. Moreover, since we have an additional two thousand years of history during which God has worked laboriously, we have to understand that as well.

What is God’s sorrow and pain? It is having lost His sons and daughters and the struggle to find them. This is His pain. The moment God can love his sons and daughters with a heart of love which can forget about all sorrows and pains of the past, joy will begin.

For this reason we who believe should become crazy for the sake of Jesus. To what extent? We should become more crazy than the intensity of the love between any couple. Christians are those who have the mind-set, “How could my loyal heart toward you ever change, even if my bones are crushed and my life is lost?” They should do everything for the sake of Jesus, including eating, seeing and hearing. Isn’t this true? Many among all those who claim to believe in Jesus only go sight-seeing. Even though there is a deep-seated sadness between parents and children, they go sight-seeing. These people have nothing to do with God. They can never become direct children. Why did God struggle so hard? We have to understand that He continuously carried on the toil of history for the purpose of raising up beloved children.

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