The Heavens were Supposed to Protect and Support the Messiah

CSG 363

The sexual organ is the royal pal-
ace of love, a royal palace giving birth
to eternal life, and a royal palace where
one receives the blood ties and lineage
that will inherit the heavenly tradition
that will never, ever change. It is a royal
palace of true life, a royal palace of true
love, and a royal palace of true lineage.
It is the most precious place. You can-
not do whatever you want with it. You
cannot open it without God’s official
approval. No one can touch it except
your husband or your wife, who has
received the official approval from God
and the universe. (216-207, 1991.3.31)

CSG 1242

If you have the opportunity to attend
a Blessing Ceremony, you should not go
thinking you are just a man or a wom-
an and there is nothing else to it. When
you attend the ceremony, you are there
representing men and women who have
come and gone in the world over the past
six thousand years. You must under-
stand that you have been invited as such.
You should experience this reality deep
in your heart. (30-169, 1970. 3.22)

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

29 You Pharisees and teachers are nothing but show-offs, and you’re in for trouble! You build monuments for the prophets and decorate the tombs of good people. 30 And you claim that you would not have taken part with your ancestors in killing the prophets. 31 But you prove that you really are the relatives of the ones who killed the prophets. 32 So keep on doing everything they did. 33 You are nothing but snakes and the children of snakes! How can you escape going to hell?

34 I will send prophets and wise people and experts in the Law of Moses to you. But you will kill them or nail them to a cross or beat them in your meeting places or chase them from town to town. 35 That’s why you will be held guilty for the murder of every good person, beginning with the good man Abel. This also includes Barachiah’s son Zechariah,[a] the man you murdered between the temple and the altar. 36 I can promise that you people living today will be punished for all these things!

37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Your people have killed the prophets and have stoned the messengers who were sent to you. I have often wanted to gather your people, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. But you wouldn’t let me. 38 And now your temple will be deserted. 39 You won’t see me again until you say,

“Blessed is the one who comes
    in the name of the Lord.”


Father! Today we are historically distant from Jesus. History has distance, but there is no distance in the world of the heart. Let us not become people who believe in the historical Jesus. Let us become people who know and believe in Jesus in our hearts.

Since we have already seen Your word, let us be able to picture Jesus’ humble image. Let us grieve in our hearts and bow to that countenance. Let us be filled with the anguished, sincere and awe- stricken mind that can hear Jesus’ words of appeal to his people at the time.

Let us be able to call You Father without self-consciousness. Let us be able to feel the rapture of Jesus’ grace without our noticing and be thankful. Make us grieve over the fact that the Heavens were supposed to protect and support the Messiah You sent but that he went through a miserable course upon his appearance on earth. Let us be able to care for the work he did. Let us feel anguished at the mistreatment he received. Let us be able to inherit in our hearts today the works that our ancestors did not fulfill. Let us be able to comfort and console Jesus in their place. Make us his reciprocal objects of hope.

We know how miserable Jesus was. He had to lament when he looked at his people. He could only weep bitterly when he saw the state of the religious body. People did not recognize the fact that he had to take responsibility for Heaven’s dispensation.

No one knew his heart as he wandered the mountains alone at night, leaving humanity behind. They should have felt the pain of his circumstances. He had to leave behind the church that should have shared his heart and the people who should have lived with him. Today let us not become like those who follow and believe in Jesus without knowing him. Let us be able to cry infinitely for him, holding onto his heart. Let us be concerned for him. We know that we must become people who do not refuse even death for his sake.

Why did Your sons and daughters come to this place today? We do not teach any knowledge or scholarship of the world here. We have gathered here to find the resting place for our minds. We have gathered to connect with Your original heart and to become people who must go the way of Your will, who must bow to You, and who must share our hearts with You. If we have gathered here to repent to Heaven and to cleanse ourselves, let us not claim to have come here by our own efforts alone.

Make us know that without Your hands of compassion and sympathy, we would inevitably fall prey to Satan. Let us be grateful and thankful. We know that you have approved of this place so that it can create sons and daughters who are filled with the heart that says, “Father! Have compassion on us.” Let the speaker as well as the listeners be filled with that kind of attitude.

We know that we have met here today as a result of Heaven’s work to connect us to generations of ancestors and to build the one day of victory. If we feel something in our minds, experience something in our hearts and have a new determination, let us realize that effect was not produced in an hour. Make us feel that each person here was shaped by our ancestors, by the prophets and righteous people who made bridges and connections through the historic achievements of their work.

Even though each of our hearts and countenances toward You is different, let our minds move together. Let our hearts all be the same when connecting with You. Mold us into one likeness.

Let the speaker and listeners not have two minds. Make us realize that Satan is aiming at that kind of base, and that he is attempting to put up a wall of death in front of us. Give us strength and ability. Give us the protection of the Holy Trinity. Allow us to be shaped only by the glory of victory, the glory of re-creation, the glory of nobility, and the elements within us that we can be proud of. Let us feel only these aspects.

Please give the same blessings to each place, spread out in the districts where lonely members are kneeling and praying. I pray all this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

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