We Are Not Church Members but Family Members

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1973

Britain is the Eve nation, America
is the Abel nation, and France is the
archangel nation. The mother should
embrace the son, searching for these
nations. Since what was lost has been
found in this way, following this pat-
tern, the father should be recovered.
We are searching for the Adam nation
because the Adam nation is the nation
of the coming Lord, and that is the Kore-
an peninsula.
Why the Korean peninsula? It is
like the Italian peninsula. That which
was lost centering on the Vatican must
be restored through indemnity. That
which was lost in the west centering
on the Italian peninsula must be found
in the east. For this reason, the Kore-
an peninsula becomes a global concern.
The Korean peninsula is the border-
line between death and life. The North
and South were divided between com-
munism and democracy, with Kim Il-
sung in the north and Sun Myung Moon
in the south. This is the reality. In the
north, don’t they call Kim Il-sung,
“Father”? Don’t people in the south call
me “Father” or “the True Parent”? Who
will liberate this situation? The presi-
dent cannot solve the problem. Thus, it
rests in my hands. (201-52, 1990.2.28)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1702

The fundamentals of the universe are
love, life, and lineage. We are their fruit.
Within us is the center of love, which
safeguards life. Based on that, history
and tradition are connected through
lineage. This is why you need all three.
You have all three of them within you,
do you not? You have love, life and lin-
eage. The three combine into one to give
birth to a new person. (190-223, 1989.6.19)

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

After Jesus resurrected, whom did he find? He found a party of disciples who had betrayed him. Who knew Jesus’ heart when he had to forgive his disciples and receive them with happiness in order to carry out the providence of salvation? No one. This caused infinite sorrow for Jesus. Even though he was sorrowful, he had to go find them. He had to make at least a spiritual base on earth. Therefore, he had to find them again.

The apostles, who were chosen as representatives, betrayed Jesus; the disciples, who represented mankind, also betrayed him. This meant that all mankind betrayed him. That is why Jesus stopped Mary Magdalene when she tried to hold onto him. Humankind betrayed a sorrowful Jesus. Among the apostles, whom we regard as great people, was there anyone who did not betray Jesus? You who believe in them are of the same race of betrayers. Is there anyone who did not betray Jesus? No. Because we are a race of betrayers, we live a life of faith that repeatedly commits betrayal. We live a life of sin.

Since we have become a group of people who must be forgiven by Jesus when he comes again, when will the sorrow of Heaven end? We must know Jesus. Jesus tried to establish an historical relationship and a relationship with the age and the future. Jesus left behind a sorrowful story of tribulations on earth. It is the mission of the bride to carry the burden of that sorrow.

You long for Jesus to come, crying, “Come, oh Lord! Take my bag full of sin! Come, Jesus.” Why do you long for him? Isn’t it for your own wealth and well-being? He who establishes his own viewpoint or his own objectives when dealing with Heaven will one day become a betrayer. No matter what the viewpoint of a faith or ideology is, unless God and all things of the cosmos deem that viewpoint to be correct, no religion, no person can say, “Follow me.” No one can say, “You must believe in our religion. You must follow this Church.” Go ahead and pass by the Unification Church however much you like. We are in this kind of situation.

We must know the circumstances of Jesus. We should know the Jesus of God’s hope and the Jesus of His original desire. We should know who we are, we who seek Jesus. We should not endeavor to display ourselves but should become younger brothers or sisters of Jesus who can receive the love of Jesus before our death. In order to join Abel, you must become a younger brother. Before we die we must become beloved disciples to whom Jesus can open up all of his heart. We must become disciples to whom Jesus can hand over everything and who can inherit everything. In the Bible Jesus said, “I still have a lot to tell you, but you are not able to handle it now.” Today we should long for the coming of Jesus, the Jesus whom God wants to find, the Jesus whom we must attend, and the Jesus who wants to find himself. We should know and serve that Jesus.

You should not just become a disciple of Jesus. You must become his sons and daughters. Even the apostles will bow their heads to the victorious sons and daughters of Heaven. If there is a person Jesus can embrace, saying, “My beloved younger brother, my beloved family,” the apostles will become his servants. You must come to the level where even the apostles can kneel down to you and bow. Some people might say that it is heretical to say these things, but those are the words of people who do not know. The word “bride” does not pertain to the apostles. It is not a word that is approved for the apostles. If Jesus had approved that, why would he come again? It is a word designated for people of the future. Think about it. The term “children” is not the designation of the apostles but of the sons and daughters of the future who do not betray Heaven.

Many saints have come and gone since Adam, but none among them could be a son of Jesus. There is none who can become the true, direct descendant of Jesus. That only happens after Jesus comes again. You should know this.

Who will Jesus look for when he comes to this earth again? He comes to look for younger brothers and sisters. He comes to find parents. He comes to find his tribe. He comes to find a race. He comes to find citizens. He comes to find a world. But he does not want to find the world as it has been until now. That is why Unification Church uses the term “family.” We are not church members but family members.

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