Parents Will Bless Their Own Children

Cheon Seong Gyeong 446

Schools raise the people needed by
the nation by educating the qualified
elite to serve the nation. They are train-
ing and experimentation sites. Training
is not real life but a preparation stage.
You should not make the wrong prepa-
rations. What is the family? It is a train-
ing ground for the heart. It is a place
where you train your heart to love. This
is why you should live affectionately like
brothers and sisters at school and also
live affectionately like brothers and sis-
ters in the nation. Parental education is
needed at school, in society and also by
the nation. Parents should pass every-
thing in the realm of heart on to their
children. They should create a founda-
tion of heart for their children by teach-
ing them to follow their parents’ foot-
steps in living in certain ways in the
family, the society, and in the nation.
(180-130, 1988.8.22)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 760

Where, then, are people going? They
are going to heaven. How about angels?
They are also going to heaven. How
about your mother and father? They
are also going to heaven. How about
your dog? It is not going to hell. At the
time of the Korean War, one rich fam-
ily was trying to escape to the South.
They had a dog they had boasted about
as being very expensive, but they didn’t
take it with them; they just tied it to the
door and said, “Good-bye, we’re off.”
Our Unification members should not
do such things. Now, dogs and all cre-
ation can follow their masters to heaven
or anywhere else that their masters may
go. (78-336, 1975.6.10)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1401

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

There were twelve peaks to sur-
mount – passing through formation,
growth, and completion stages – before
going on to fulfill the goal of the Bless-
ing of 360 Million Couples. We did not
stop there, however. Instead of blessing
only 3.6 million couples, we completed
the 40 Million Couples Blessing and as
a result our path from then on came to
be on an equalized level. That is how the
goal for the Blessing became 400 mil-
lion couples. The Blessing of 360 Million
Couples is one of equalization. It allows
everyone to have an equal opportunity
to receive the Blessing. More than half
of the world’s families will be involved
in it. (302-132, 1999.6.12)

Now that the Realm of the Cosmic
Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and
Earth has been proclaimed, God can
come on earth. Thus, now is the time for
a great worldwide Blessing to take place,
through which all the foundations of
families and tribes can be connected.
By blessing the 3.6 million, 36 million
and 360 million Couples, Satan’s blood-
line manifested in all humankind must
be cut off. Not one person having that
bloodline should be left out. This lin-
eage must be completely converted. (288-
64, 1997.10.31)

By completing the Blessing of 360
Million Couples, we will enter the realm
where God can have direct dominion
over us, and thus be able to pass through
the eras of restoration of the rights of the
first born and of the parents and move
into the era of restoration of God’s king-
ship. (289-215, 1998.1.2)

Once the Blessing of 360 Million
Couples is under way, we will enter the
era of the realm of the fourth Adam, in
which there will be no need for indem-
nification. Thus, we will enter the era in
which the parents can bless their chil-
dren in Eden on behalf of God. In this
way, the direct pathway leading to heav-
en can be paved, along which blessed
members can lead the relatives they have
blessed and reach all humankind. (290-29,

Once the Blessing of 360 Million Cou-
ples is complete, I will no longer conduct
any more Blessing ceremonies. From
that time on, parents will bless their own
children. This will be known as the era of
the liberation of the realm of the fourth
Adam. There will be no indemnity. In
the first and second realms respectively,
Adam failed in the Old Testament and
New Testament Ages. Even in the Com-
pleted Testament Age, we have been per-
secuted. On entering the era of the liber-
ated realm of the fourth Adam, however,
the world will become the one originally
envisaged before the Fall. That realm of
Adam refers to the whole universe, in
which people will form families where-
in unfallen parents standing in the posi-
tion of true parents bless their children,
bequeathing the ideal of the family and
all internal and external ideals created
by God. Thus, the world cannot help but
become one. (290-167, 1998.2.18)

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