Resolve the Ongoing Problems of Juvenile Promiscuity and Family Breakdown

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2148

In particular, I would like to offer my
deepest gratitude and all glory to God
who has accompanied and protected me
until this day. I have lived my entire life
with the earnest desire to solve the many
difficult problems related to realizing
God’s ideal of creation. I came to realize
that God does not sit on a throne of glory
and honor, but rather is a God of sorrow,
lamentation, and suffering, endeavoring
to save His children who fell into hell
as a result of the Fall. Knowing His will
and heart, I have worked with single-
minded determination in devoting my
entire heart and energy to accomplish
His will, without regard to the time of
day, changes in the seasons, or my cir-
cumstances. Looking back on the eighty
years of my life, I realize I would not be
here with you today were it not for His
help during that time, notwithstanding
being oppressed and persecuted.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1168

Since the vertical and horizontal
indemnity, the indemnity of the eight
stages was completed, last year, on August
31, 1989, I went to Alaska, the northern-
most place in the western world, and
conducted the “Ceremony of the Settle-
ment of the Eight Stages.” It was con-
ducted at the northernmost place. Then
on September 1, I announced the “ideol-
ogy centered on the Heavenly Father.” It
is the ideology of salvation through love,
which we know as the parent-centered
ideology. This ideology urges us to love
everyone. Satan cannot oppose love. If
Satan does not oppose the Unification
Church on its way, it will spread world-
wide in a flash. (199-157, 1990.2.16)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1405

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

We have walked the path of persecu-
tion in the process of our work until now,
but through carrying out these things
under Your guidance and protection,
we have been able to overcome all the
situations and people who have opposed
us – from individuals to families, tribes,
people, nations, the world, and cos-
mos, even up to the realm of Satan and
hell. As we have inherited Your lineage
through Your true love, You protected
us just as parents protect their children
so that the Unification Church was able
to overcome during its difficult course
all the hardships and persecution com-
ing from the fallen world and was able
to surmount individual, family trib-
al, racial, national, global, and cosmic
peaks. Now we are able to hold, in the
name of the True Parents, the Blessing
Ceremony of 360 million Couples repre-
senting all humankind, and are graced
to celebrate with heaven and earth the
liberation that transcends religion, race,
culture, and nationality. For this great
occasion of the Blessing, we are truly,
truly, truly grateful.
In the spirit world, there are Blessing
groups of fifteen billion and fifty billion
parents, brothers and sisters following
on from a first group of twenty billion
spirit people. Here on earth, the 360 mil-
lion couples – in fact more than 400 mil-
lion couples – who are being blessed in
today’s ceremony number more than 800
million individuals. Based on an average
of four family members per household,
the total number of family members
related to these newly Blessed Couples
must be over three billion. All Blessed
Couples in both the spiritual and phys-
ical worlds should strive to resolve the
ongoing problems of juvenile promis-
cuity and family breakdown in order to
save this chaotic world and straighten
out the confused history of humanity.
Through this ceremony, the envi-
ronmental conditions necessary for all
humankind to be able to participate in
the Blessing have been created, and all
people connected to the mainstream
ideal can now belong to You through
attending it. This amazing and incred-
ible miracle has been wrought, not just
by the work of the Unification Church
but also by the joint efforts of Yourself
and the spirit world. Therefore, I hope
and pray that You can forever hold the
victorious dominion and sovereignty of
eternal love and glory gained from this
ceremony, and establish the Kingdom of
Heaven on earth and in the spirit world
through the liberation achieved by this
Blessing. All humankind connected to
the 360 Million Couples can now unite
in heart and strive to achieve the unity of
mind and body, husband and wife, and
within the tribe, race, nation, world, and
cosmos. These couples have been estab-
lished as the nucleus representing the
True Parents on earth and the family in
the garden of Your love. They have been
blessed in order to complete the King-
dom of Heaven on earth with the sov-
ereignty of the love central to the ideal
of creation, which has been Your eternal
I stand before them on this occa-
sion which You have long desired, and
bless them to become Your children who
from this moment can inherit Your will
to build Your kingdom on earth and
in heaven as true individuals by unit-
ing mind and body, husband and wife,
parents and children, and with their
siblings in the blessed world. Please be
with them and bless them as they march
forward to the place of victory and glo-
ry. I pronounce my benediction upon
the 360 million Couples in the name of
the True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen!
(299-109, 1999.2.7)

Engraft to the True Olive Tree

Happy New Year!

Romans 4

13 God promised Abraham and his descendants that he would give them the world. This promise wasn’t made because Abraham had obeyed a law, but because his faith in God made him acceptable. 14 If Abraham and his descendants were given this promise because they had obeyed a law, then faith would mean nothing, and the promise would be worthless.

15 God becomes angry when his Law is broken. But where there isn’t a law, it cannot be broken. 16 Everything depends on having faith in God, so that God’s promise is assured by his great kindness. This promise isn’t only for Abraham’s descendants who have the Law. It is for all who are Abraham’s descendants because they have faith, just as he did. Abraham is the ancestor of us all. 17 The Scriptures say that Abraham would become the ancestor of many nations. This promise was made to Abraham because he had faith in God, who raises the dead to life and creates new things.

18 God promised Abraham a lot of descendants. And when it all seemed hopeless, Abraham still had faith in God and became the ancestor of many nations. 19 Abraham’s faith never became weak, not even when he was nearly a hundred years old. He knew that he was almost dead and that his wife Sarah could not have children. 20 But Abraham never doubted or questioned God’s promise. His faith made him strong, and he gave all the credit to God.

Jeremiah 50

Your rivers and canals
    will dry up.

All of this will happen,
because your land
    is full of idols,
and they have made fools
    of you.
39 Never again will people live
    in your land—
only desert animals, jackals,[g]
    and unclean birds.
40 I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
    and the nearby towns,
and I will destroy Babylon
    just as completely.
No one will live there again.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1404

Beloved Heavenly Father, on this day,
February 7, 1999, the Blessing of 360
Million Couples ceremony that is being
closely watched by heaven and earth is
being held. All humanity on earth and
all Blessed Families in the spirit world
are represented here, for this is the new
day of the liberation of heaven and earth
when we go beyond the restoration of
the right of the first born, the right of
the parents, and right of kingship. This
is the moment when we have reached
a transition point in world history in
which we can fulfill Your will and Your
wishes to establish a united world of the
sovereignty of true love, the Parents of
Heaven and Earth and the God of the
original ideal of creation.
To restore the spiritual and physi-
cal worlds under Satan’s dominion and
inhabited by humankind which inher-
ited evil love, life, and lineage from
the evil ancestors in Eden, then You,
together in heart with humankind and
the spirit world, passed through the Old,
New, and Completed Testament Ages.
In the Old Testament Age, Adam’s
family failed to keep the covenant to
inherit the lineage giving rise to a par-
ent-child relationship with You, losing it
instead through the Fall.
They would have established that
relationship with You in the place where
they could inherit Your love, life, and
lineage; yet it was in that very place that
the sin of our first ancestors bound them
in blood ties with Satan as their false
parent, thereby giving rise to the sor-
rowful history that began with Adam’s
family inheriting satanic love, life, and
lineage from Satan as his children and
thus becoming his family. This, in turn,
created the environment of conflict
between mind and body, husband and
wife, parents and children, and between
siblings, resulting in Cain’s murder of
Abel in that first family. Consequently,
all of humanity is divided at the levels of
the family, tribe, race, and nation, and
even the world with the democratic and
communist worlds pitted against each
other. Amid the confusion of the Last
Days, it was Your will to establish the
Unification Church in order to usher in
the Completed Testament Age because it
had not been possible to completely ful-
fill Your will in the Old Testament Age or
establish Your ideal kingship in the New
Testament Age. Upon the foundations
laid in those two ages, the True Parents
were to come to earth and complete all
that was incomplete both on earth and in
the spirit world, and form relationships
based on their true love, life, and lineage
on earth in the name of the God of lib-
eration. It was Your will to completely
clear the field of wild olive trees that is
the fallen world and to engraft them to
the true olive tree, thereby forming a
connection as Your kinfolk, and, by so
doing, restore Your family. Upholding
Your will, the Unification Church has
continued its work in performing global
weddings in the name of the True Par-
ents in order to allow all people of the
world to indemnify the wrongful mar-
riages of history and become one great
family of brothers and sisters.

Harbor Gratitude Toward the Absolute Sovereignty of God’s Love-ism

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2044

Until now, each administrative
authority in the Republic of Korea has
never had the experience of carrying
out its political or educational directives
centered on tong and ban. It has never
carried out education on a national level.
It has been unable to advocate its ideolo-
gy. It has only been able to gather togeth-
er the city mayors or the county officials,
and maybe one or two other people from
the local neighborhoods. The main tar-
get for ideological education has not
been the leaders of tong and ban. There-
fore, there are no roots. It means that
no roots were put down here. That’s the
point; there are no roots. It’s just like a
floating weed. (165-224, 1987.5.27)

Richard: This is exactly the same Rheama I had on July 20, 2019 ( ), when God inspired us to begin consistent Home Church ministry in our neighborhood. This is definitely on God’s mind and on True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s mind, as well as on Jesus’ mind, as the New Year begins.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1618

Those who have become princes
and princesses of God’s love, who have
become members of the royal fam-
ily loved by the King and Queen, can
enter heaven. Christianity preaches that
those who merely believe in Jesus will
go to heaven. They will learn the true
state of affairs when they pass away.
Once they enter the next world they will
come to know whether my words were
true or not. What is being claimed now
is incomplete. All religious teachings up
until the present have fallen short. (237-172,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1403

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The whole world is to accomplish
the Blessing of 360 Million Couples and
root out the lineage of the satanic world.
This is the end. There will be no more
after this. For this reason, the gates to
hell and heaven are being thrown wide
open. Those who were our enemies in
the past will attend the True Parents and
hold welcoming banquets for them. The
True Parents had not been welcomed
by families, tribes, races, nations, and
the world. Therefore, in the first ban-
quet held on the cosmic level, the peo-
ple who until that time were enemies
will enter the heavenly way according
to God’s laws and, from that point on,
move toward His kingdom on earth.
(296-298, 1998.11.18)

Gathered here are couples from all
the Blessings ranging from the 36 to
the recent first phase of the 360 million.
While being educated together for for-
ty days, what should they be doing? The
elder couples should set an example to
the new members. That is why the elder
members have been asked to share their
testimonies. Both husbands and wives
are to do this with regard to their marital
life and experiences. They must report
truthfully about all their physical and
spiritual concerns. That is family educa-
tion on the fundamental level. Wrong-
doings must be uprooted and exposed.
You cannot enter heaven if you hide
your wrongdoings. (297-282, 1998.12.22)

We are talking about the cosmic
expansion of the Blessing – where should
it be held first: in the spiritual or physi-
cal world? Didn’t Eve make love with
the archangel first? We must hasten to
liberate the spirit world. The era of the
Blessing of 360 Million Couples signifies
the transition from the global level into
relating with the spirit world, making it
possible for spirit people to be brought to
and blessed at the boundary between the
two worlds. Among the people blessed
in this last ceremony, were there Mafiosi
or not? Were murderers included? How
about yakuza or gangsters? All kinds of
people were included in that Blessing.
(301-160, 1999.4.25)

The Blessing of 360 Million Cou-
ples signifies that we have surpassed
the realm of dominion based on accom-
plishments through the Principle. We
are now in the global era. Spring is upon
us, the season of revival. I have brought
you here in order to bless you. So what
should you do in return? You should
become the leaders who can reign over
the devil. (297-298, 1998.12.22)

Unification Church members are to
offer three-tenths, not tithes. Through
this tradition, everyone should offer their
assets, nations, and land by connecting
to the offering based on the number
three. The Old Testament Age is the era
of material things, the New Testament
Age that of children, the Completed Tes-
tament Age of parents, and what comes
next is the age of liberation. The age of
liberation from anguish signifies enter-
ing God’s era. In that process, the right
of ownership must revert to God.
The Communist party completely
reversed that through brute force, using
knives and guns. We don’t do that. The
tradition of the Unification Family is to
harbor gratitude towards the absolute
sovereignty of God’s Love-ism forever
and ever, and to be tens of times more
grateful in your hearts with gratitude
not forced by guns or knives but coming
from your hearts voluntarily. From now
on, all Blessed Families from the 36 to
the 360 Million Couples should inherit
this tradition, and bequeath God’s King-
dom of the ideal of love to their descen-
dants. This is the final responsibility the
Unification Church should accomplish.
(302-23, 1999.5.14)

Satan’s Lineage Must be Denied

1 Timothy 6

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

11 But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 13 In the sight of God, who gives life to everything, and of Christ Jesus, who while testifying before Pontius Pilate made the good confession, I charge you 14 to keep this command without spot or blame until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 which God will bring about in his own time—God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, 16 who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.

Ecclesiastes 2

20 I thought about all my hard work, and I felt depressed. 21 When we use our wisdom, knowledge, and skill to get what we own, why do we have to leave it to someone who didn’t work for it? This is senseless and wrong. 22 What do we really gain from all of our hard work? 23 Our bodies ache during the day, and work is torture. Then at night our thoughts are troubled. It just doesn’t make sense.

24 The best thing we can do is to enjoy eating, drinking, and working.[d] I believe these are God’s gifts to us, 25 and no one enjoys eating and living more than I do. 26 If we please God, he will make us wise, understanding, and happy. But if we sin, God will make us struggle for a living, then he will give all we own to someone who pleases him. This makes no more sense than chasing the wind.[e]

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1402

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

With the fulfillment of the Blessing
of 360 Million Couples, all barriers will
collapse. Barriers for individuals, fami-
lies, tribes, peoples, nations, the world,
and cosmos in the satanic realm, as well
as the walls in the realm of God’s heart,
will all be broken down. (292-54, 1998.3.28)
Blessing 360 million couples will
demolish the walls that block out the
free environment of God’s Kingdom
on earth, clearing away all barriers for
individuals, families, tribes, peoples,
nations, the world. We are doing this.
Make sure that you are going the way
you should. (294-220, 1998.7.19)

Blessing 360 million couples on
earth would mark the beginning of the
Blessing in the spirit world. In this man-
ner, Satan’s lineage would be eradicated
– that is to say, the era in which Satan
can accuse us will have passed, and the
era of the all-immanence, all-transcen-
dence, supreme authority, and omnipo-
tence of the True Parents is coming, in
which they can exercise their full pow-
ers. The era of privilege in which God
created and took delight in Adam and
Eve, telling them, “It is good! All things
will be called according to the names
you give them!” is coming once again.
(293-90, 1998.5.24)

We are going to bless 360 million
couples. Since failure occurred within
the couple, it is through couples that we
need to reverse that failure. These 360
million couples transcend all human-
kind, history and the providence. This
is the final task; through it we can com-
pletely eradicate Satan’s lineage. Let us
liquidate it completely. (294-208, 1998.7.19)

I did not declare the restoration of
the right of kingship so that I could unite
the free democratic world and become
its sole king. Though a king, I have given
up the global nation. God does not have
His own nation. How then can I have my
global nation? What God desires is the
king of all families. He is looking for the
family king. The family king! He must
emerge. For that to happen, Satan’s lin-
eage must be denied through blessing
360 million couples worldwide. I am the
representative who has Blessed Couples
in marriage. What sort of representative
am I? Since I am representing kingship, I
am the family king. If I were to proclaim
to the world right here and now that I am
the family king, there is not one person
in the world who could contradict me.
(295-87, 1998.8.17)

What is this year’s motto? “Being
proud of and loving the True God abso-
lutely means accomplishing the Blessing
of 360 Million Couples and rooting out
the lineage of the satanic world.” What
should we do after blessing 360 million
couples? Who should be the first to be
blessed by God in the Garden of Eden?
It will not be the elderly, the middle-
aged or young adults, but rather adoles-
cents. Until now, many elderly and mid-
dle-aged people and young adults have
Chapter 3 • The Providential Significance of the Blessed Couples 1403
been blessed; now the time has come for
us to focus on the adolescents. (296-66,

Parents Will Bless Their Own Children

Cheon Seong Gyeong 446

Schools raise the people needed by
the nation by educating the qualified
elite to serve the nation. They are train-
ing and experimentation sites. Training
is not real life but a preparation stage.
You should not make the wrong prepa-
rations. What is the family? It is a train-
ing ground for the heart. It is a place
where you train your heart to love. This
is why you should live affectionately like
brothers and sisters at school and also
live affectionately like brothers and sis-
ters in the nation. Parental education is
needed at school, in society and also by
the nation. Parents should pass every-
thing in the realm of heart on to their
children. They should create a founda-
tion of heart for their children by teach-
ing them to follow their parents’ foot-
steps in living in certain ways in the
family, the society, and in the nation.
(180-130, 1988.8.22)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 760

Where, then, are people going? They
are going to heaven. How about angels?
They are also going to heaven. How
about your mother and father? They
are also going to heaven. How about
your dog? It is not going to hell. At the
time of the Korean War, one rich fam-
ily was trying to escape to the South.
They had a dog they had boasted about
as being very expensive, but they didn’t
take it with them; they just tied it to the
door and said, “Good-bye, we’re off.”
Our Unification members should not
do such things. Now, dogs and all cre-
ation can follow their masters to heaven
or anywhere else that their masters may
go. (78-336, 1975.6.10)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1401

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

There were twelve peaks to sur-
mount – passing through formation,
growth, and completion stages – before
going on to fulfill the goal of the Bless-
ing of 360 Million Couples. We did not
stop there, however. Instead of blessing
only 3.6 million couples, we completed
the 40 Million Couples Blessing and as
a result our path from then on came to
be on an equalized level. That is how the
goal for the Blessing became 400 mil-
lion couples. The Blessing of 360 Million
Couples is one of equalization. It allows
everyone to have an equal opportunity
to receive the Blessing. More than half
of the world’s families will be involved
in it. (302-132, 1999.6.12)

Now that the Realm of the Cosmic
Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and
Earth has been proclaimed, God can
come on earth. Thus, now is the time for
a great worldwide Blessing to take place,
through which all the foundations of
families and tribes can be connected.
By blessing the 3.6 million, 36 million
and 360 million Couples, Satan’s blood-
line manifested in all humankind must
be cut off. Not one person having that
bloodline should be left out. This lin-
eage must be completely converted. (288-
64, 1997.10.31)

By completing the Blessing of 360
Million Couples, we will enter the realm
where God can have direct dominion
over us, and thus be able to pass through
the eras of restoration of the rights of the
first born and of the parents and move
into the era of restoration of God’s king-
ship. (289-215, 1998.1.2)

Once the Blessing of 360 Million
Couples is under way, we will enter the
era of the realm of the fourth Adam, in
which there will be no need for indem-
nification. Thus, we will enter the era in
which the parents can bless their chil-
dren in Eden on behalf of God. In this
way, the direct pathway leading to heav-
en can be paved, along which blessed
members can lead the relatives they have
blessed and reach all humankind. (290-29,

Once the Blessing of 360 Million Cou-
ples is complete, I will no longer conduct
any more Blessing ceremonies. From
that time on, parents will bless their own
children. This will be known as the era of
the liberation of the realm of the fourth
Adam. There will be no indemnity. In
the first and second realms respectively,
Adam failed in the Old Testament and
New Testament Ages. Even in the Com-
pleted Testament Age, we have been per-
secuted. On entering the era of the liber-
ated realm of the fourth Adam, however,
the world will become the one originally
envisaged before the Fall. That realm of
Adam refers to the whole universe, in
which people will form families where-
in unfallen parents standing in the posi-
tion of true parents bless their children,
bequeathing the ideal of the family and
all internal and external ideals created
by God. Thus, the world cannot help but
become one. (290-167, 1998.2.18)