Even Amidst the Vortex of Good and Evil, Reject Evil and Promote Goodness

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1990

To achieve His will, God does not
choose and use something twice. If
America were removed, however, the
cultural spheres of the Unification
Church and Christianity, and the Uni-
fication Church and Judaism would
be separated. That is why I reluctant-
ly chose America. The reason I have
to go and fight in America is because I
chose America, and in order to make
up for America’s failure, I brought along
Japan, the Eve nation. Adam’s sin that
was sown bore fruit in the world. This
must all be ruthlessly cast away. Origi-
nally there was God, Adam and Eve, and
the three archangels. Considering this,
Korea is the Adam nation, and Japan the
Eve nation. That is why we have cross-
cultural “exchange” marriages. Adam
and Eve married on their own. As a con-
sequence, the world of death was creat-
ed. However, the second generation of
the Korean people and Japanese people
must come into a cross-cultural mar-
riage. Let the government oppose us if it
wishes. (197-269, 1990.1.19)

Richard: Thank you Rev. Moon for choosing America again, and for your victorious work for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

As God carried out the dispensa-
tion for restoration, His grief lay in the
fact that the firstborn son was on Satan’s
side. That is why human history is dis-
eased. What kind of disease does it suf-
fer from? It has a love related disease. The
first son was born after humankind went
astray due to the disease of love. If we are
not aware of this fact, we won’t reach the
time when we are able to ascend to the
individual position where we can again
achieve harmony, even if we spend bil-
lions of years in search of the principled
standard. (136-126, 1985.12.22)

Richard: Right now, most everyone is concerned about the Covid-19 virus. Yet, all humankind has a much more fundamental disease. The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve fell, introducing this disease and passing it on from generation to generation. Yet, most are not even aware of this mortifying situation. See here: https://inspiration.visionroot.org/2020/01/31/no-one-has-known-the-root-of-sin/
and here: https://inspiration.visionroot.org/2020/02/01/there-is-no-freedom-without-responsibility/
for the Divine Principle study on the Fall of Man.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


 The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a society whose structure is formed in the image of a perfect person. Likewise, fallen society may be regarded as formed in the likeness of a fallen person. We can better understand the history of societies built by sinful humanity by examining the inner life of a fallen person. Since human society is composed of individuals who are constantly at war within themselves, interactions among them cannot help but be full of discord and conflict. Human history has consisted of people’s conflict-ridden social relationships constantly changing with the course of time. Hence, it has necessarily unfolded in strife and warfare.

Progress in history originates with individuals who, even amidst the vortex of good and evil, make determined efforts to reject evil and promote goodness. Therefore, the world toward which history is progressing is the Kingdom of Heaven, where the goal of goodness will be realized.

Meanwhile, on the basis of his relationship of blood ties with the first human beings, Satan has worked through fallen people to realize, in advance of God, a perverted form of the ideal society which God intends to realize. As a result, in human history we witness the rise of unprincipled societies which are built upon twisted versions of the Principle. At the end of human history, before God can restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, Satan will have built an unprincipled world in a distorted image of the Kingdom: this is none other than the communist world.


 Some historians have held that the first society built by fallen people was a primitive collective society. Due to the activity of the original mind calling people to respond to God’s providence of restoration, divisions between relative good and evil surely arose in primitive societies under satanic sovereignty.

God called Abraham out of the sinful world to be the standard-bearer of goodness and blessed him with descendants who would uphold the Will of God. God raised up Abraham’s descendants into the first Israelite clan society. They entered Egypt as a clan society, but by the time they left Egypt for Canaan, they had grown into a tribal society. Israelite society in the period of the judges was a feudalistic society.

The providential purpose of the feudalistic society of early Israel was to lay a foundation for the establishment of a monarchic society with greater territory and more powerful sovereignty. The monarchic society amalgamated the smaller units of political and economic sovereignty secured by the earlier feudalistic society into a single territory with a large population, a strong economy and a well-defended sovereignty. This was done with the establishment of the united kingdom of Israel founded by King Saul. Jesus was to come as the King of Kings. God built the monarchic society in Israel to prepare a strong enough foundation for him to come as the Messiah and rule as King of Kings.

After the fall of Judah, God kept the throne of Israel vacant and put the Jewish people under the control of successive gentile empires for most of the period leading up to the coming of the Messiah. Most notably, God placed them in the Hellenistic cultural sphere, which laid the ideological framework for democracy. God fashioned Israel’s society in the form of democracy in order that when the Messiah came, he could be hailed as their king by the will of the people, who should have welcomed him wholeheartedly. However, the Jewish public did not so elevate Jesus. Without public support, he was crucified. Consequently, at the consummation of the providence which had begun two thousand years earlier with the calling of Abraham and his descendants out of the sinful world, its purpose was attained only spiritually.

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