There Must Be Some Intelligence Operating Behind the Scenes

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 234

Section 2. The Value of Working
with True Parents while They are
on Earth

If you miss this time, you will have
deep regrets for hundreds of millions
of years. Can you buy this opportunity
with money? Can you buy it with knowl-
edge? Can you match it with something
you have? You absolutely cannot. Even
if you bear the burden of the world, peo-
ple, tribe and family who are connect-
ed to you all at once, can you inherit
this? Again, no, you cannot. This time
is so precious that even if the commu-
nist world and democratic world were
allowed to perish, this opportunity
would not be allowed to come to nought.
God would think that even if all human-
kind were sacrificed, this opportunity
should not be destroyed. This is what we
should think. There is no way you can
say all you want to say and stand in such
a focal position. There is no way you can
say all you want to say and still be a child
of filial piety. There is no way you can say
all you want to say and do all you want
to do and still become a patriot. (51-354,

Richard Urban: This refers to those who were alive while Rev. Sun Myung Moon was on the earth (1920-2012). However, it also applies to the present spiritual crisis. Satan, the devil can only prevail if we allow him to. We must not give away our God-given freedoms in the guise of “safety”, whether the threat is real or perceived.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1170

Because human beings inherit-
ed the blood of the archangel, Jesus
was conceived through a person who
stood in the position of the archan-
gel. What does it mean to say con-
ceived through the Holy Spirit? Such
inadequate explanations should not
hold sway. The principle of restoration
through indemnity explains it as it is.
If a person in the position of the arch-
angel can be raised up, and can become
an absolutely unchanging, loyal sub-
ject on God’s side, especially loved by
Him, then Satan will have to imme-
diately leave his position as the arch-
angel. Thus, Jesus was born through a
person in the archangelic position on
God’s side. In this way, Jesus was born
as the firstborn son. The right of the
fallen eldest son was restored and puri-
fied into the new lineage, and Jesus was
born with the right of the eldest son
on God’s side. Therefore, those who
believe in Jesus are reborn through the
love of God, with God as their center.
Through this, their lineage is different
from Satan’s. (143-104, 1986.3.16)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1
Knowledge of God

Teachings of Sun Myung Moon

How can we know the divine nature of the incorporeal God? One way to fathom His deity is by observing the universe which He created. Thus, St. Paul said: Ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature, namely, His eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. (Rom. 1.20) Just as a work of art displays the invisible nature of its maker in a concrete form, everything in the created universe is a substantial manifestation of some quality of the Creator’s invisible, divine nature. As such, each stands in a relationship to God. Just as we can come to know the character of an artist through his works, so we can understand the nature of God by observing the diverse things of creation. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 1.1)

The human body reflects the mystery of God. Analyze and dissect it using your intellect, and even after millions of years you would not know all there is to know about your body. Despite thousands of eye doctors, there are still innumerable mysteries about the eye. Do you think medical science knows all there is to know about the eye? No, their knowledge is still in its infancy. How, then, can these “infants” say there is no God? (95:123, November 6, 1977)

Look at the eye. Before it was formed, the eye must have been designed by someone who realized that it would be functioning in an atmosphere of dust and wind. It was designed in such a way to adjust to such conditions. Do you think the eye knew ahead of time what conditions it would face? If it did not, there must be Someone who knew, and who created the eye with the means to protect it. There must be some Intelligence, operating behind the scenes, which had cosmic knowledge. It knew that the earth’s heat would cause moisture to evaporate from the surface of the eye, so it made tear ducts to lubricate it. There is Reason within the design of nature. Look at the eyelids, designed to prevent the serious problem of dust entering the eye. Look at the eyebrows; they were designed to block sweat from running down into the eye. Did the eyebrows appear knowing that they would have this function? Or did the eyes put on eyebrows because they knew this of themselves? No. There is an Intelligence that knew in advance the environment in which the eye would be functioning and designed the eye precisely for it. (117:78, February 1, 1982)

One way to prove the existence of God is by observing the abundant evidence that God is trying to promote world citizenship and the concept of the world as one nation. Can you find a certain universal ingredient in religion that encourages loyalty beyond the level of nation or race? That evidence alone is sufficient for us to recognize the existence of God, who through the course of history has been promoting unity. (95:63, October 23, 1977)

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