Each Person Must Attend His Own Deep Mind

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Joshua 19

0-12 Zebulun was the third tribe chosen to receive land. The southern border for its clans started in the west at the edge of the gorge near Jokneam. It went east to the edge of the land that belongs to the town of Dabbesheth, and continued on to Maralah and Sarid. It took in the land that belongs to Chislothtabor, then ended at Daberath.

The eastern border went up to Japhia 13 and continued north to Gath-Hepher, Ethkazin, and Rimmonah,[d] where it curved[e] toward Neah 14 and became the northern border. Then it curved south around Hannathon and went as far west as Iphtahel Valley.

15 Zebulun had twelve towns with their surrounding villages. Some of these were Kattath, Nahalal, Shimron, Jiralah,[f] and Bethlehem.[g]

16 This is the tribal land, and these are the towns and villages of the Zebulun clans.

2 Kings 19

10 Don’t trust your God or be fooled by his promise to defend Jerusalem against me. 11 You have heard how we Assyrian kings have completely wiped out other nations. What makes you feel so safe? 12 The Assyrian kings before me destroyed the towns of Gozan, Haran, Rezeph, and everyone from Eden who lived in Telassar. What good did their gods do them? 13 The kings of Hamath, Arpad, Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivvah have all disappeared.

14 After Hezekiah had read the note from the king of Assyria, he took it to the temple and spread it out for the Lord to see. 15 He prayed:

Lord God of Israel, your throne is above the winged creatures.[b] You created the heavens and the earth, and you alone rule the kingdoms of this world. 16 But just look how Sennacherib has insulted you, the living God.

17 It is true, our Lord, that Assyrian kings have turned nations into deserts. 18 They destroyed the idols of wood and stone that the people of those nations had made and worshiped. 19 But you are our Lord and our God! We ask you to keep us safe from the Assyrian king. Then everyone in every kingdom on earth will know that you are the only God.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1
Transcendent Reality

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God transcends space. He encompasses the world and the entire universe. Such also is His unlimited love. (94:282-83, October 9, 1977)

God is the origin of heaven and earth. There is nothing that does not originate from Him. Because everything belongs to God, the whole cosmos senses its bond with God and lives in connection with Him. By analogy, we humans have four hundred billion cells, and whatever each cell feels, its feeling is communicated to our brain. All creatures are in such a relationship with their Creator. (140:123, February 9, 1986)

Not my parents, my community or my nation gave me life. My life originated rather from the one Origin—God, the Absolute Being, transcending all these. Therefore, my life must be firmly connected to the transcendent Cause, to the axis of the Absolute Being. Relational factors such as time, circumstances and social conditions should not restrict it. Only when we unite our life to the transcendent Cause, the transcendent Purpose, can we transcend the bonds of time, circumstances and social conditions, and extricate ourselves in one leap. (36:64, November 15, 1970)

A human being attains perfection when he centers his life on his mind; likewise, the creation attains perfection only when God stands as its center. Thus, the universe is one organic body that moves only according to God’s purpose of creation. As one organic body, the universe exists in a relationship of internal nature and external form, with God as the internal nature and the created universe as the external form. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 1.1)

Everything revolves. Atoms and even elementary particles rotate. Electrons revolve around protons. The solar system revolves around the sun, and the Milky Way rotates around its galactic core. They are revolving around something that remains still. This universe, with all its varied phenomena, is a huge complex of myriads of these relationships. Therefore, we can think that this universe also revolves around a single core: God, the origin of all creation. All things revolve because they resemble their Master, God, who is always revolving. (173:134-35, February 14, 1988)

God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is the Parent and Origin of all beings. He gives value to all existence. Because He is, this world of phenomena came to be. The Absolute Being does not change because the times change—what is absolute does not change. Nor is He restricted by time and space. From a position transcending all restrictions, God has dominion over all restrictions. (21:249, November 24, 1968)

A human being has both mind and body. Beyond his mind is his spirit, and beyond his spirit is God. Therefore, a person becomes perfect only after becoming completely one with God. One human being, even though apparently only an insignificant individual, represents all of human history and all of the future. Therefore, he has a cosmic value… As he pursues the ultimate goal, each person must attend his own deep mind. This is an ironclad rule of Heaven. Heaven will punish a person who fails to obey his original mind’s command. In the course of history, the voice of God has been saying, “Live by your deep mind. Live according to your conscience and belong to the side of goodness. Be careful not to be caught in materialistic, evil conditions.” Then, is the standard of a person’s conscience able to receive the heart of Heaven 100 percent? No, it is not. In fact, many restrictions impede fallen people’s conscience. At the entrance to the heaven of our hopes stand many gates, each a saga of our shortcomings. Borrowing a Christian expression, they are gates of judgment. Our course is made all the more difficult because we are currently in a historical period of fear, anxiety, and confusion. We live in an era when even though we may struggle to achieve goodness, we many times cannot. These days we should not possess so many material things. When God created human beings, He first created the material, the body, and then breathed into it of His spirit. Therefore, although human beings are composed of both body and spirit, the spirit is the center. As the world moved towards exalting the authority of material, a period of ideological struggle became inevitable. In fact, this phenomenon was conspicuous right after World War II. Eventually, however, a new age will come based upon spiritual teachings. Then, what will be the nature of this teaching? It will penetrate matter, penetrate mind, and center on the Spirit. The course of restoration is heading towards an age when thought will center on the Spirit. (4:268, August 3, 1958)

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