The Great Tao Flows Everywhere

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2236

The conscience is God’s agent with-
in the human mind. It is not self-cen-
tered but exists for the sake of God’s
righteousness. It constantly seeks the
direction of goodness. The body rebels
against this. It only seeks comfort. It is
selfish and instinctively follows carnal
desires. The conscience chastises the
body, and tries to make it conform to
the mind. Here is where bitter conflict
and struggle always takes place within
oneself. No one, though, can conquer
the body without welcoming God in.
Only through the power of God’s true
love and truth can the mind as subject
partner take command of the body as
its object partner and realize the ideal
of oneness with God. This is the perfect
human being that religions speak of.
(219-118, 1991.8.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 963

If your grandparents, mother and
father, couple, and children, become one
based on true love, and inherit God’s
true love that lives for others, then even
God would be absolutely obedient to
that. In the world that strives to live for
others – a world that moves according
to the love that submits to the tradition
of living for others – the basis for peace
would surely emerge even if it resisted
being formed. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

God’s Goodness

2. God’s Goodness Manifest in the Creation

God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. Genesis 1.31

He has created the seven heavens in harmony. You cannot see a fault in the Beneficent One’s creation; look again, can you see any flaws? Look again and yet again, and your sight will grow dim and weak [without finding any.] Qur’an 67.3-4

This world is a garden, The Lord its gardener, Cherishing all, none neglected.
Adi Granth, Majh Ashtpadi, M.3, p. 118 (Sikhism)

Abundant is the year, with much millet and much rice; And we have our high granaries, With myriads, and hundreds of thousands, and millions of measures; For spirits and sweet spirits, To present our ancestors, male and female, And to supply all our ceremonies. The blessings sent down on us are of every kind.
Book of Songs, Ode 279 (Confucianism)

It is He who sends down to you out of heaven water of which you may drink, and by which grow trees, for you to pasture your herds, and thereby He brings forth for you crops, and olives, and palms, and vines, and all manner of fruit. Surely in that is a sign for a people who reflect. And He subjected for you the night and day, and the sun and moon; and the stars are subjected by His command. Surely in that are signs for a people who understand. And He has multiplied for you in the earth things of diverse hues. Surely in that is a sign for a people who remember. It is He who subjected for you the sea, that you may eat of it fresh flesh, and bring forth out of it ornaments for you to wear; and you may see the ships cleaving through it; that you may seek of His bounty, and so haply you will be thankful… If you count God’s blessing, you can never number it; surely God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. Qur’an 16.10-18

The great Tao flows everywhere; It can go left; it can go right. The myriad things owe their existence to it, And it does not reject them. When its work is accomplished, It does not take possession. It clothes and feeds all, But does not pose as their master. Ever without ambition, It may be called Small. All things return to it as their home, And yet it does not pose as their master, Therefore it may be called Great. Because it would never claim greatness, Therefore its greatness is fully realized.
Tao Te Ching 34 (Taoism)

Let me tell you then why the Creator made this world of generation. He was good, and the good can never have any jealousy of anything. And being free from jealousy, he desired that all things should be as like himself as they could be. This is in the truest sense the origin of creation and of the world, as we shall do well in believing on the testimony of wise men: God desired that all things should be good and nothing bad, so far as this was attainable. Wherefore also finding the whole visible sphere not at rest, but moving in an irregular and disorderly fashion, out of disorder he brought order, considering that this was in every way better than the other. Now the deeds of the best could never be or have been other than the fairest; and the Creator, reflecting on the things which are by nature visible, found that no unintelligent creatures taken as a whole were fairer than the intelligent taken as a whole; and that intelligence could not be present in anything that was devoid of soul. For which reason, when he was framing the universe, he put intelligence in soul, and soul in body, that he might be the creator of a work which was by nature fairest and best. Wherefore, using the language of probability, we may say that the world became a living creature truly endowed with soul and intelligence by the providence of God.
Plato, Timaeus (Hellenism)

The primary cause of the pure unity of Enlightenment and Nirvana that has existed from beginningless time is the principle of integrating compassion, the indrawing, unifying principle of purity, harmony, likeness, rhythm, permanency, and peace. By the indrawing of this Principle within the brightness of your own nature, its unifying spirit can be discovered and developed and realized under all varieties of conditions.
Surangama Sutra (Buddhism)

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