We Should Call God “Father”

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 408

Compared to the spirit world, earth
is like a speck of dust. You do not real-
ize how immense the spirit world is. It
is an infinite world that transcends time
and space. Also, if you say, “If there is
a person who was born, lived and died
on earth in such and such an age with
such and such a heart, please come for-
ward!”, that person instantly appears. It
is a world where your intuitive senses
become reality. (224-105, 1991.11.23)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1622

Had the Fall not occurred, the first-
born would have inherited the right of
kingship, right of the parent and right
of the eldest son of heaven and earth,
becoming the palace of God’s kingdom.
Furthermore, all siblings would have
inherited horizontally the traditions of
the direct lineage, and the people who
lived according to heavenly tradition
would have entered heaven. No one can
deny that this kingdom is entered by the
qualified families and tribes who lived
the traditions of the royal family of true
love. Given that those who have lived
as though they were in the living envi-
ronment of a royal family, whether it be
as the leaves or the branches, will enter
heaven, we can conclude that all fami-
lies must keep the traditions of the royal
family of love. (218-222, 1991.7.29)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

The Creator

Heavenly Father and Mother

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God is our Friend, our greatest Friend. God is our Father, Elder Brother, King, and Creator. How proud we should be to have such a God! (293:161, May 26, 1998)

Why did God create the universe? The reason is that God wants to engage in the loving relationship of a father with his children. The relationship of father and children is, in fact, the foundation of the universe. (118:290, June 20, 1982)

What is the Creator like, the Lord who created us? He is the lord of our body and mind. He is the lord of our ideas and the world of emotions. He is the lord of our hearts. We absolutely need such a God. We do not just need Him conceptually; we do not just need to recognize He exists; we need Him absolutely. Losing the Lord is sorrow. God is more than our Lord. Taking one more step, God is our Father. God is Lord because He created us and created the heavens and the earth, but He did not stop at being our Lord. He is our Father. Therefore, He seeks to clarify the bond between us by revealing, “I am your Father, and you are my sons and daughters.” He longs to rejoice in that relationship, singing songs of happiness. This hope is the center of the Father’s daily living, the center of His thought, and the purpose for which He created human beings. (7:48-49, July 12, 1959)

We should call God, “Father.” God is the Father who originally created you. Due to the Human Fall we also need rebirth, but God engendered your first birth. Your physical father was only the bridge over which you came into this world. When you go to dwell in the spirit world, you will not call Him “father” but rather “older brother.” You will also not call your physical mother “mother.” People of firmly rooted faith in the spirit realms all call God “Father,” just as Christians do on earth. In any given family, the grandfather calls God “Father,” the father calls God “Father,” the grandchild calls God “Father”—every member of the family calls God “Father.” Since God is the Father of all people, all people are brothers and sisters to one another. (21:249, November 24, 1968)

Heaven represents father and Earth represents mother. Your first mother is the woman who gave you birth. Your second mother is the Earth, which supplies all the resources for life. Like a woman, the earth digests everything without complaint… Your third mother is the Holy Spirit. (279:171, August 4, 1996)

When you go to the spirit world, you will not only have a Heavenly Father but also a Heavenly Mother. Can a new life be born without both a father and a mother? The dual characteristics of God are as divine Father and Mother, who were to be united as one in Adam and Eve. Therefore, we can say that through either our father or our mother there lies a gate to heaven. Had Adam and Eve become one, who would be the leading lights of the Kingdom of God in the spirit world? They would be our father and mother. Having lived on earth in the body, they would be the King and Queen of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven in the other world. Hence, in the Unification Church…you have spiritual experiences where I, Reverend Moon, appear in your visions or dreams, and so does True Mother. You can experience that Mother and I are truly living with you throughout your life. How does the invisible God appear to earthly people? You should know that He can appear in the image of True Father and True Mother, to show Himself to His children throughout the world. (90:196-97, January 1, 1977)

Human beings lost God. What is this God? He is our Parent. He is the ultimate First Ancestor and King, such as whom there never was and never will be another. What, then, are we? We are God’s sons and daughters. We are the sons and daughters of the King who rules the universe. This means we are princes and princesses. Then, what should we princes and princesses do? We should be educated in love and live with love under God’s sovereign authority. This is the world’s ideal. (105:26, July 8, 1979)

God’s purpose of creation is to create an ideal family where God can dwell with human beings. Although human beings fell, in their hearts they long for the day when God can live as the Father of the human family and they can live as members of God’s family. We long to attend God as our eternal Father, become members of His family and live with God eternally. That is our hope, our ideal, our life, and our joy. That will be the completion of God’s long-sought purpose. (7:264-65 September 27, 1959)

Don’t simply serve God. Become God’s object partner, who says, “Father, here I am. How anxiously Thou hast waited for this moment for 6,000 years! How many tears Thou hast shed! How desperately Thou hast yearned for me! Now, here I am.” This is what God has desired to hear from you. After such a reunion, when God blesses you with dominion over all things in heaven and on earth, He would like to forget all the pain of the past and say, “I rejoice, for today is the day of My birth.”39 God wants to put all the pain of the past 6,000 years behind him and sing songs of heartfelt love with His children in the new heaven and new earth. Then we will clearly know that God is our Father, and we are His children. (7:171, August 30, 1959)

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