Only When a Man and a Woman Become One Do They Resemble God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 391

When is the most beautiful time, the
time of youth when the flower is in full
bloom? It is young adulthood. This peri-
od is the seven years from age eighteen
to twenty-four. This seven year period is
a time never to be repeated in your life,
a time when the beautiful flower of your
love will blossom. How precious is this
beautiful time that will come only once
in your life. You know peonies, don’t
you? Their buds are wrapped tightly
in dozens of layers so they cannot be
opened up easily. The same is true for
men and women. Then when should you
fully reveal the crimson bud of your love
that blossoms like a yellow flower? The
time when beauty is best revealed with-
in the harmony of heaven and earth is
the time of youth. For human beings, it
is a time when the blossoms are at their
peak. Youth is a time when you shine as
the central pinnacle of God’s great work
of art. It is at this time that you should
be in full bloom under God’s blessings.
(26-151, 1969.10.25)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1410

Of the 36 Couples, the Adam couples
were already married couples, the Noah
couples were engaged but not married,
and the Jacob couples were virgin men
and women. Noah’s family did not fulfill
the Will. When you look at the people
in the world today you see that there are
already married couples, those who are
in informal relationships or are engaged,
and the completely pure single men and
women. From this time on, the foremost
kind of people that True Parents should
be seeking for are not the Adam couples
but the true sons and daughters, in oth-
er words, pure single men and women.
(242-104, 1993.1.1)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3

The Purpose of Human Life

The Image of God

2. God’s Image More Completely Reflected in the Family

So God created man in his own image, in the
image of God he created him, male and female
he created them.
Genesis 1.27

I am He, you are She;
I am Song, you are Verse,
I am Heaven, you are Earth.
We two shall here together dwell,
becoming parents of children.
Atharva Veda 14.2.71 (Hinduism)

The gospel of Love… presents the unity of male
and female as no longer two wedded individu-
als, but as two individual natures in one; and
this compounded spiritual individuality reflects
God as Father-Mother, not as a corporeal being.
In this divinely united spiritual consciousness,
there is no impediment to eternal bliss—to the
perfectibility of God’s creation.
Science and Health, 576 (Christian Science)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

It is only when a man and woman become one that they come to resemble God, who created us male and female in His image. (135:122)

In human beings, God’s internal nature and external form are manifested separately as man and woman. When the time is ripe, they are to become a father and a mother, Parents of Heaven and Earth. Then, God dwells in their bones. (341:239, January 2, 2001)

God is the harmonious union of the dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. Creation occurs by the principle that God’s internal nature divides into two separate characteristics, which then re-unite in a form that resembles God’s original internal nature. Man and woman are born each resembling one of God’s characteristics. That is, the union of God’s son and God’s daughter is the union of God’s masculinity and God’s femininity. In their harmonious union they resemble God. For this reason, husband and wife are a unified body that represents God in His entirety. (9:83, April 16, 1960)

Even secular people wish that their loved ones would live forever. They want to go through life with one partner only, and would dislike it if he or she were to change. If even fallen human beings want their beloved partners to be eternal, unchanging, absolute, and unique, how much more so would God, who is the Center of the universe? There is no possibility that God would want His beloved partners, human beings, to be changeable. Nor would God want His object partners to be limited in any way. Instead, God wants us to be absolute. God wants us to be unchanging. (77:185, April 6, 1975)

What is God’s purpose in creating human beings? He did not create them just to watch them go about their daily lives. He did not create them to just grow old and die. God created human beings to have us build a God-centered haven of love. We are created to grow to maturity in love, communicate with each other through heart, and then build God’s Kingdom on earth. Adam, the male, represents heaven, and Eve, the female, represents earth. Therefore, when the two become one horizontally in God’s love, they bring unity to the entire cosmos, heaven and earth. (21:44-45, September 1, 1968)

Since we human beings resemble God, by the power of God’s omniscient and almighty love we can do anything. Just as God created Adam and Eve, we human beings receive the power to create when we give birth to sons and daughters. (57:111, May 29, 1972)

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