Empathize With God’s Heart

Cheong Seong Gyeong 2090

What is the remaining final destina-
tion? What is the solution? What should
you do to receive such a privilege as
being able to break down all the bound-
aries and offer solutions? You should all
become tribal messiahs. Once that is
done, there will be no condition for fur-
ther accusation from Satan on the indi-
vidual, family, tribal, ethnic, national,
and worldwide level. (189-110, 1989.3.19)

You should change your entire
neighborhood, centering on God’s will,
with the new experience and training
that you have received in foreign lands.
You must not follow the old habits of
your neighborhood. You must invest
yourselves as God invested Himself in
creating his object of love out of noth-
ing. These two, subject and object part-
ners, must unite as one.
The spirit world will cooperate when
you get to the highest position among
all the people of your hometown. Wait
and see whether this is the truth or not.
And you must make and use many vid-
eotapes for witnessing. (179-27, 1988.6.15)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1367

You are branches originating from
one root. Branches grow from the trunk,
anchored by the roots. Do you think they
can grow by themselves? Think about it.
Likewise, you cannot effectively oper-
ate based on your own limited concepts.
Thus, you can only expand on the foun-
dation of the tradition rooted in the True
Parents’ family. As such, after the Bless-
ings of the 36, 72, 124, and 430 Couples,
I then blessed the 777, 1800, and 6000
Couples as the representatives of the
conditional offering for global expan-
sion. (145-15, 1986.4.30)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3

The Purpose of Human Life

The Temple of God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

A human being is a temple of God, and inside that temple dwells a mind which is a microcosm of the infinite God. (107:172, April 27, 1980)

First Corinthians 3:16 says: “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” If you enter into a deep mystical state, you will recognize this to be true. If you ask, “Heavenly Father, where are you?” God will answer you from the original root of your mind. (362:190, December 12, 2001)

As written in I Corinthians 3:16, Adam and Eve were created as the dwelling place of God, as holy temples. What of God was to dwell within them? God’s love was to dwell within those holy temples. As God’s temples [had they not fallen], Adam and Eve would be God’s body. When they loved each other, it would be God loving through them as His body. This is the secret of the universe. (161:44, January 1, 1987)

Had there been no Fall, God would be dwelling in our hearts and we would be His temples… Our faces would express God’s pure joy. We would see things with God’s eyes and for God’s sake; we would listen with God’s ears and for God’s sake; we would feel with God’s touch for God’s sake; we would speak on God’s behalf, and so on. Everything we did and thought would be an expression of the living God inside us. (95:247, December 4, 1977)

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, God has been hoping to find men and women who could empathize with God’s heart, be united in God’s heart, and be the temples in which God can dwell. (3:298, January 26, 1958) Jesus’ mind and body were not simply his own. His mind was the mind of God. His body was not his, but God’s. Also, Jesus’ words were not his own, but were the law of Heaven, representing God’s Will and the hope of all humankind. Jesus came to this earth as God’s substantial temple, as the divine Word, and as the representative who could sit on God’s throne. (3:264, January 12, 1958)

The relationship between God and a person who has attained individual perfection can be compared to that between the mind and the body. The body is the dwelling place of the mind and moves according to the mind’s direction. Likewise, God abides within the mind of a fully mature person. Such a person becomes a temple of God and leads his life in harmony with His Will. A perfect individual is fully attuned to God, just as the body resonates with the mind. For this reason it is written, “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” (I Cor. 3.16) and “In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.” (John 14.20) A person who has perfected his individual character becomes a temple of God, and the Holy Spirit abides within him. Living in oneness with God, he acquires a divine nature. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Eschatology 1.1.1)

When you go to bed and your head is snuggled into the pillow, have you ever thought, “Ah, I am sleeping with God”? Have you ever thought, “I feel so good that God is sleeping next to me”? And then in the morning as you wake up and get out of bed, do you say to yourself, “Wake up, God! Oh, You are already awake. Good morning, Father”? You should live with the feeling that when you wake up, God is already awake, ready to greet you. (92:153, April 1, 1977)

Each human being can contain the entire universe. Therefore, prepare a space within yourself where God can come and take a nap, comfortably stretching His legs. Become a person within whom God can feel completely free. Though he kicks and stretches, he feels no walls or obstructions. If you are like that, you can be God’s temple. Knowing this, you should love yourself and respect yourself as the temple of God that you are. (125:101, March 13, 1983)

A human being has a body and a definite shape, while the invisible God has no shape or body. However, without having a body, God cannot reign over the spiritual and physical worlds. God also needs a substantial body in order to manifest as the Parent of humankind. God created Adam and Eve to manifest Himself through these substantial beings. Thus, unfallen Adam and Eve were not only to be the progenitors of the human race; they were also to be God’s substantial body through which He could reign over heaven and earth. They were responsible to exercise dominion over the world on behalf of God in the position of parents. (133:91- 92, July 10, 1984)

God has no shape or form. Even in the spirit world, you cannot see God. The reason why God created Adam centering on love is because this created world around us has form. [Through Adam], God was to become a Father with a form. As a result of God becoming a Father possessing form, that which is invisible and that which is visible are united into one. This, in turn, symbolizes the unity of the universe. Thus, God created Adam and Eve so that He could take on form. So, what is the decisive element in His taking on form? This can only be love. Adam and Eve came into the world with an appearance such that they could have a form resembling God’s external aspect. In that case, the features of Adam and Eve would have been elevated to the palace and the throne of the Kingdom of Heaven. God would have then dwelled within the hearts of this king and queen, and from there He would have ruled over the physical world and the invisible world. This would have created God’s Kingdom—a kingdom of love. Only love can bring spirit and flesh together. Nothing else will suffice. (143:93-94, March 16, 1986)

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