Restore the Autonomy, Dignity and Value of the Self

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1935
(Both me and Stacey got the same Rheama)

All of you must inherit the right of
the true parent. Then, centering on the
right of the true children, right of the
true parent, and right of the true king-
ship, heaven and earth must be unified.
First, there would emerge the Kingdom
of Heaven on earth; secondly, the King-
dom of Heaven in the spirit world; third-
ly, the kingship and the realm of the
royal family. What is the realm of the
royal family? The Cain world is still in
existence. Therefore, we need to restore
the right of the eldest son in the Cain
world, and transform the Cain figure
from a son bound for hell into an abso-
lutely obedient second son, and take
him to the Kingdom of God. That is how
the realm of the royal family will come
about. If Cain had not fallen, he would
have become a member of the royal fam-
ily. However, up until now, he has had no
other place to go except hell, and so we
must make it possible for him to enter
the Kingdom of God.

That is why the realm of the roy-
al family emerged. Then what follows?
It is justification by attendance; that is,
you need to perfect the family life of
attendance. In other words, once you
are standing on a victorious foundation
centered on the Kingdom of Heaven on
earth and in spirit world, kingship, and
the realm of the royal family, you need
to practice a family life that serves and
attends True Parents and God. By form-
ing a vertical relationship with God, all
of you must be registered; that is, all of
you must occupy the position of ances-
tors. (274-183, 1995.10.29)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3

The Value of Human Life

4. To Realize One’s True Value

Verily the most honored among you in the sight
of God is he who is the most righteous.
Qur’an 49.13

The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor
to be what you desire to appear.
Socrates, in Xenophon (Hellenism)

Not by matted hair, nor by family, nor by birth
does one become a brahmin. But in whom there
exist both truth and righteousness, pure is he, a
brahmin is he.
Dhammapada 393 (Buddhism)

Whose deeds lower him, his pedigree cannot
Nahjul Balagha, Saying 21 (Islam)

Four are the castes—brahmin, khatri, sudra,
and vaishya;
Four the stages of life—
Out of these, whoever on the Lord meditates,
is superior.
Adi Granth, Gaund, M.4, p. 861 (Sikhism)

The wise ones who are intent on meditation, who
delight in the peace of renunciation, such mindful,
perfect Buddhas even the gods hold most dear.
Dhammapada 181 (Buddhism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

We can gauge a person’s value by seeing the quality of his or her love. (99:63, July 23, 1978)

Become such men and women of character that God will say He cannot live without you. (Way of
God’s Will 2.2)

When an individual is united with true love, it opens the way to elevate his or her value and dignity to the highest point. This is the state of mind-body unity, where the conscience and the body are resonating continually. Take two tuning forks of the same frequency: when one is struck the other one resonates with it; likewise, when true love strikes the conscience, the body will resonate with it. Such an individual requires no instruction about how to behave. (223:356,
November 20, 1991)

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, their bodily desires would not have led them on a path contrary to their mind. Rather, their body would have acted in total obedience to their mind. Because this did not happen, people today cannot attain God’s true love nor can they realize true human value.
(399:153, December 22, 2002)

The ultimate goal of fallen man is to restore the autonomy, dignity and value of the self, the potential that God gave him as the purpose of creation. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)

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