Everything in the Universe Arose from the Heart of God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1892

Peter was a fisherman, wasn’t he?
Then aren’t you all the descendants of
a fisherman? So you all should know
about the sea. You came all the way to
Alaska to catch what you did? Halibut
is the fish that lies on its belly in the sea-
bed, acting like a king. It eats and lives
lying on its belly. It looks like a piece of
mossy rock, living on the bottom of the
sea with eyes springing out like anten-
nas. Since it stays lying down and has a
smell, small fish tend to gather around it.
When those small fish gather, the hali-
but twists its body to swallow them up.
A halibut eats and lives lying down on
its belly. It is the same as Satan. It is the
“King” Satan. It thinks, “Who on earth
dares to touch me!” Even when this hali-
but is caught on a fishing line, it keeps on
saying, “Who on earth is touching me!”
But then, after staying calm for awhile, it
starts to think, “Oh, no. I am in trouble!”
The Alaskan halibut has been struck by
the lightning of Rev. Moon. No one else
in Kodiak has caught a halibut heavi-
er than eighty pounds. However, with
my appearance in these waters, halibut
weighing two hundred and three hun-
dred pounds have been caught. (206-274,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

The big question is whether I have
loved the satanic world more than I love
my wife and children. I cannot love my
family more than I love those who stand
in the Cain position. God has to love the
Cain realm first before loving the Abel
realm. He cannot love Abel before that.
(140-38, 1986.2.1)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

The Sanctity of Nature

God’s hand has touched every small blade of grass that grows in the field. Every growing tree received the touch of God’s infinite heart. (6:338, June 28, 1959)

Everything in the universe arose from the heart of God. The universe in its entirety is the result of God’s creative idea, whose motivation is divine love. A poet who senses this is a truly great poet. If on seeing a single leaf shaking in the wind, he senses the cosmic Heart and expresses it, then he would be a poet for the entire universe.

When viewed while in a mystical state, a single grain of sand contains within itself the principles of the universe. A single atom contains the boundless harmony of the universe.

All things that exist, though maybe not aware of it, are resultant beings that formed through the action of complex forces. The smallest molecules, atoms, and even subatomic particles do not exist unconsciously, but contain a certain consciousness and purpose. Thus, all things that exist have come into being through God’s loving hand, and necessarily possess a bond of heart with God. (9:168, May 8, 1960)

Did the Absolute Being create all the creatures in heaven and earth with a heart of sorrow? No. He created with a heart of joy. God rejoiced as He watched the creation unfold. How joyful was He? If we knew, we could begin to recognize the supreme value of each one of God’s creatures. Yet, people do not know how much God values His creation. We do not know, because we are still searching for God. (27:223, December 14, 1969)

People love nature; they may prefer nature to other people. Nature, because it still carries its origi-nal God-given nature, is much purer than human beings. Even people who live in great houses and njoy all the conveniences of civilized living want to vacation at the beach or camp in the moun-tains. Why? Their original form is looking for some comparable companion, and nature comes clos-est. (107:311-12, June 8, 1980)

Human civilization is inconceivable apart from nature. People display their power and authority, yet without nature nothing is possible.
Nature makes our life valuable; it is absolutely necessary for our life. Therefore, if we do not feel the heart that flows in nature, we cannot enjoy true happiness. Nor can we be close to God and partake of His glory.
The next time you look at a flower or a patch of grass, see it from God’s point of view, reflecting God’s heart. Whenever you look at an insect, a bird or an animal, a feeling should arise within you that connects you with God. (6:340-41, May 28, 1959)

Father! May all creatures of heaven and earth eternally offer hymns of praise
to Thee, the Lord of the universe.
Every created being is related to Thee.
Owing to Thee, all things of heaven and earth,
molded through Thy heart,
raise up Thy glory,
reveal Thy holiness and profundity,
and display Thine infinite value. (20:243, July 7, 1968)

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