Know God and Live Together With Him

Cheon Seong Gyeong 750

Why do people not wish to die, even
when they are living a mediocre life?
Why live? What is the origin of life? I
am sure that you have many questions
like this. However, your questions can-
not be answered through the philosophy
books written by men. Philosophy until
now has only, in effect, been seeking a
path toward God. What is religion then?
A religious life begins when you know
God and live together with Him. (186-12,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1120

The five billion people in the world
are all bound by the portion of respon-
sibility left unfulfilled by Adam and
Eve and the ocean of resentment that
has given God continuous anguish. The
innumerable ancestors who passed on to
the spirit world are also all caught there.
How can God, who has to watch all this,
restore the original standard before the
Fall? This is the reason why God is a God
to be pitied.
Thus, I very swiftlyvolunteered to go
the way of indemnity and walked the
path along which I fulfilled my portion
of responsibility in order to open the
way through which all of humankind
could be liberated, saying, “Time, go by
quickly! Months and years, go by quick-
ly! Day of liberation, come quickly!” (197-104, 1990.1.7)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

Reverence for Life

3. Vegetarianism

This is the quintessence of wisdom: not to kill
anything. Know this to be the legitimate con-
clusion from the principle of reciprocity with
regard to non-killing. He should cease to injure
living beings whether they move or not, on high,
below, and on earth. For this has been called the
Nirvana, which consists in peace…
A true monk should not accept such food
and drink as has been especially prepared for
him involving the slaughter of living beings. He
should not partake of a meal which contains
but a particle of forbidden food: this is the Law
of him who is rich in control. Whatever he
suspects, he may not eat. A man who guards his
soul and subdues his senses, should never assent
to anybody killing living beings.
Sutrakritanga 1.11.10-16 (Jainism)

Without doing injury to living beings, meat can-
not be had anywhere; and the killing of living

beings is not conducive to heaven; hence eating
of meat should be avoided.
Laws of Manu 5.48 (Hinduism)

If one is trying to practice meditation and is still
eating meat, he would be like a man closing his
ears and shouting loudly and then asserting that
he heard nothing… Pure and earnest monks,
when walking a narrow path, never so much as
tread on the growing grass beside the path. How
can a monk, who hopes to become a deliverer
of others, himself be living on the flesh of other
sentient beings? Pure and earnest monks never
wear clothing made of silk, nor boots made of
leather, for it involves the taking of life. Neither
do they indulge in eating milk or cheese, because
thereby they are depriving the young animals of
what rightfully belongs to them.
Surangama Sutra (Buddhism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Animals and vegetables are like an orchestra of love, feeding the universe. When human beings eat them, they are eating the fruits of love. If at mealtime you eat them with tearful eyes and a loving heart, they will say, “Thank you. Because you eat me and assimilate me into your flesh and blood, I am being transformed into elements with which to love God. Please eat me. It is my honor.” When you are eating beef, you should think, “This piece of meat has come to me as the fruit of love, from a cow that was raised from a calf by a loving, caring mother.” Eat it with gratitude, making sure that you are aligned with God’s essential love. Then, you will not get sick. (217:307-08,
June 12, 1991)

Where do the animals and plants come from that comprise your meals? Someone had to ruthlessly cut down various plants. Then you chew them up with your teeth and swallow them. The vegetables in your salad bowl will not protest, however, because they know the universal law and think that they are there to serve a greater purpose. With that attitude, they can thank you for eating them so that you can serve the public purpose.
There is a harmony of purpose here. The food on your plate has a certain appreciation of what you live for and is willing to serve your body. That is the only way there can be harmony between you and your food. Otherwise, your food would hate you for eating it and resent it when you laugh in enjoyment. The key point is that your food accepts you only because it knows you are living for
the public purpose. Food will resent the laughter of a greedy person who wants to eat it.
If you are not living for a public purpose, then sometimes your food will stage a demonstration against you inside your stomach. Then you get sick, and in some cases even die. (105:94-95, September 30, 1979)

The theory that lower beings sacrifice themselves in striving to unite with a higher existence seems to correspond to the law of the jungle that the strong devour the weak. Then, is it a sin for people to slaughter cows and pigs and eat them? It can be, unless they eat those animals in order to live for the sake of God and His love. In that case, it is certainly in accordance with the law of exis-
tence. Everything will condone their actions, even the animals they slaughtered. (124:320, March 1, 1983)
Plants absorb minerals and animals eat plants. When a lower creature is eaten by a higher creature, it is elevated to a higher realm of existence. Then, by providing nourishment to human beings, plants and animals can reach the very nerve cells that can love God. That is the highest ideal for a plant or animal. All things are seeking God’s love.
By the same token, human beings should be willing and able to sacrifice themselves for the sake of God. The power of love strives to sacrifice. If the love continues to grow, it eventually reaches God’s love.
A couple loving each other with such a concept is the universe’s treasure. The entire universe protects them, heaven and earth protect them, and all things protect them. Therefore, we human beings should also learn how to protect the universe. (201:123, March 27, 1990)

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