All Creatures Love One Another

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2049

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We have arrived at the age of settle-
ment centering on the tong ban break-
through activities and must return to
our hometowns. My elder brother knew
that Korea was being liberated on the
fifteenth of August. That elder brother
of mine was absolutely obedient to my
words. I was unable to say even one word
of the Principle to my elder brother,
mother, or father. I have given love to all
of you more than to my own mother and
father. My whole life has been filled with
a story of living for the sake of the entire
Unification Church and shedding tears
of blood. I am going forward complet-
ing the individual, family, tribe, people,
nation, and world levels. If I do not fulfill
each of these levels, then Satan will not
weaken. Therefore, I went to America
and underwent the way of suffering all
kinds of hardships. Now I am preparing

to save the Soviet Union. I have achieved
everything at this time, and am return-
ing to my homeland and starting tong
ban breakthrough activities. (203-252,

Richard: Tong Ban breakthrough means neighborhood ministry to a contiguous area of 360 or more homes. All citizens of the Kingdom of God are given the privilege of doing this ministry, also known as Home Church. See here for more information

Cheong Seong Gyeong 799

People cannot be produced in the
spirit world. Because God cannot repro-
duce from a vertical position, the earth
is the production center for the people of
heaven. This is why God needs to have
dimensional space. God created Adam
and Eve as physical entities in order to
multiply people of His nation. They are
the sons and daughters of the Kingdom
of Heaven. When the third and fourth
sons belonging to the peripheral ances-
try of the second son follow him, they
become the people of the Kingdom of
Heaven. The descendants of the first son
in each generation, the direct lineage,
will inherit the kingship of the earthly
and heavenly worlds. (229-349, 1992.4.13)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

Nature as Teacher

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Human beings experience interest and curiosity when observing nature. From its creatures we learn about the nature of love. Observing the insects and animals, we see that they all live in pairs. In this respect, nature is a museum where God prepared exhibits to teach human beings, God’s object partners of love, about the ideal of relationships. (137:212, January 3, 1986)

All creatures love one another. Animals, insects, plants and minerals all love one another. They sing, dance, fly and crawl for their mates. Watch them and learn what they do. Adam and Eve were educated in the museum of nature, a living textbook… Adam and Eve watched male and female animals kissing each other; they saw and learned. Nature is a natural source of our education. (134:194, July 20, 1985)World Scripture II V8 013107.ind141 1412/1/2007 3:14:01 PM

We can learn by watching the birds loving each other, building their nests to lay their eggs, and feed-ing their young. We have to do more than birds for the sake of our own children, even hundreds of times more. Male and female insects mate with each other and bear their young. Some even risk their lives to raise them. This is how they teach us. (229:287, April 13, 1992)

The salmon has a truly amazing lesson for human beings. It loves once and dies. It becomes food to nourish its offspring. What a wonderful example of a creature that gives up its life for the sake of love! (132:81, May 20, 1984)

I discovered 80 percent of the Divine Principle from nature. (374:235, April 10, 2002)

Trees and grass are the best of all nature’s teaching materials. The seeds that are sown in spring grow, blossom and bear fruit, thus paying back the farmer for his labor. Then, they die away, yet the next year, they propagate more branches and bear more fruits for the harvest. Thus, they teach us the way to grow and prosper. (386:298, July 18, 2002)

In my village, I used to watch flocks of migratory birds come and go with the seasons. People who live in a big city like Seoul may not be familiar with them. Not experiencing the ebb and flow of nature, they lack in the area of emotion. Without the opportunity to experience the mystery and beauty of nature, their heart does not fully develop. When the season turned and beautiful birds flew around, I would spy on them, observing how they laid their eggs and hatched their chicks. It was not unusual for me to spend a week observing a nest. (137:223-24, January 3, 1986)

Do birds recognize national borders? Do they need a visa when they migrate? Would a hurricane stop in the Gulf of Mexico because it didn’t have a visa to enter the United States? Is the weather constrained by American law? It is amazing when you think of it—ants and lizards can cross the Mexican border as often as they please, but human beings cannot cross the border without a visa! Must American ants and Mexican ants get government authorization to mate? Animals do not care about national sovereignties, but people’s lives are complicated with such things. (106:138, December 23, 1979)

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