Human Beings Have Not Learned God’s Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1126

It is important to understand that
for me to set up the law in my time is
the extension and expansion of the law
of the human portion of responsibility.
You must know and follow this accord-
ingly. The rules of the church are all
aspects of our portion of responsibil-
ity. Thus, we must diligently keep the
time for church service. We must arrive
before the service begins, and must ful-
ly concentrate during its course. That is
what I did. In the past, if I was going to
be late for school I would skip a meal and
thus arrive early. That is what I did. I had
to learn to control the use of time. So,
my thinking was quite mathematical.
(133-154, 1984.7.10)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1109

When the perfect love of God is man-
ifested, Satan cannot appear. That is the
fulfillment of the portion of responsi-
bility. While fulfilling their portion of
responsibility, the love of God and Adam
and Eve meet in the realms of both indi-
rect and direct dominion. There the ver-
tical love of God and the horizontal love
of Adam and Eve are connected. (173-286,1988.2.21)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

The Lord of Creation

1. Human Beings Are Given Dominion over All Things

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God, the Creator, created human beings as the lords of all things. (323:165, June 1, 2000)

The ideal world is a world that reflects God and fulfills God’s purpose of creation. Hence, human beings ever seek a harmonious and peaceful life filled with God’s love, and to improve their environ-ment by continually creating new things. Creativity does not mean merely production, but rather all manner of creative actions such as originating new ideas, planning, improving, and producing.
Humans have come to reflect God’s creativity through outstanding scientific progress, but so far have not learned His love. Therefore, this world is still filled with sorrow, pain, and distress. (65:259, November 26, 1972)

Who is enlightened? He can embrace a tree and, marveling at its value, exclaims “Oh, God! I bow before Thy greatness that is disclosed in this tree.”… On seeing nature’s incredible variety, he rec-ognizes the exquisite beauty of God’s variegated love and heart. His heart draws him to be a friend to all beings, and every cell in his body rejoices to be their company. If you attain this state, you represent the entire universe. You are the lord of creation…
St. Francis preached to the animals and birds. This is no idle tale; it is fact. (9:168, May 8, 1960)

All beings desire true love. This is why human beings, as the lords of creation, should embrace and love all creatures, God’s masterpieces, and teach them how to love. All creation is longing to receive and experience God’s love through men and women who have become one with God at the pin-nacle of true love. We should feel ashamed that we have not yet realized this degree of love.
All beings exist at a certain level in mutual attraction. At the same time, all beings want to be absorbed into higher levels of love. Thus, minerals want to be absorbed into plants, plants want to be absorbed into animals, and finally all of creation wants to be absorbed into human beings. Through this process they ultimately reach the position where they can experience the essence of true love, which is the love that is nearest to God – the origin of love. God created everything with an intrinsic nature to provide value to a higher level. For example, eels and worms that fish like to eat also provide ingredients for natural medicines for humans. Creatures on a higher level are meant to consume beings on a lower level. Without this process, the universe could not exist. Darwin’s theory regarding the survival of the fittest needs to be reexamined in the context of this logic of love. Even ants and microorganisms want true love so much that they will die to become part of an entity of greater love. Because of this principle, human beings, created as the highest partners of God’s love, can consume all creatures. We can enjoy everything we desire, on one condition: that we do so with a heart that represents the love of God, the Creator. (March 14, 1999)

God created all things with forms, but God does not have any form… In order to have dominion over all beings—creatures on earth and angels in heaven—God needed a counterpart who could be their master. That is why He created human beings. Adam [and Eve] were to be the center of God’s dominion over both the spirit world and the physical world. This was God’s purpose for creating human beings. As they relate with the substantial personal Being, the perfection of Adam [and Eve] is the perfection of God’s form. Accordingly, God created Adam and Eve in His image, resembling His character and form. Without humans as His form, God could not have dominion over the world of forms. (35:157, October 13, 1970)

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