Diseases and Bodily Sicknesses Can Be Controlled by Your Mind

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 2295

We need to return to God the right of
ownership, the realm of heart, and the
realm of substance. The family, nation
and world together need to be returned
to Him. We need to give them back to
Him as an offering through the True
Parents and clear all our debts.
On that basis, the horizontal founda-
tion of the right of ownership of parents,
children, and your family and all things
is connected through the True Parents.
Where that takes place becomes God’s
Kingdom on earth. From the un-fallen
position, the right of ownership must be
connected to earth, but due to the Fall
this connection must be made through
the path of indemnity. Once established,
we will usher in the era of the sovereignty
of absolute love and the right of owner-
ship of the Kingdom of Heaven. In order
to welcome such a liberated realm, we
declare in Family Pledge number eight,
that we will perfect the realm of liber-
ation in God’s Kingdom on earth and
achieve that goal. (295-243, 1998.8.28)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1277

In actual fact, initially, True Father
must first place his hand on the women’s
hands and pray. True Father would offer
the prayer of unity. When you drink the
holy wine after the prayer has been said,
the fallen lineage is purified. That is the
condition. The ceremony of changing
the lineage is like baptism in Christian-
ity! (183-89, 1988.10.29)

Richard: This refers to the Holy Wine Ceremony, by which a married couple can change their lineage to God’s side. View The Holy Communion of Marriage slide presentation.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

Health and Disease

2. The Mind’s Power to Heal

A cheerful heart is a good medicine,
but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17.22

Passion makes the bones rot.
Proverbs 14.30

Nowadays people… use wine as beverage and
they adopt reckless behavior… Their passions
exhaust their vital forces; their cravings dissi-
pate their true (essence); they do not know how
to find contentment within themselves; they are
not skilled in the control of their spirits. They
devote all their attention to the amusement of
their minds, thus cutting themselves off from
the joys of long (life). Their rising and retiring is
without regularity. For these reasons they reach
only one half of the hundred years and then
they degenerate.
The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine

Neither ought you to attempt to cure the body
without the soul; and this is the reason why the
cure of many diseases is unknown to the physi-
cians of Hellas, because they are ignorant of the
whole which ought to be studied also; for the
part can never be well unless the whole is well…
For this is the great error of our day in the treat-
ment of the human body, that physicians sepa-
rate the soul from the body.
Plato (Hellenism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Your mental attitude toward your situation is all-important. Diseases and bodily sicknesses can be controlled by your mind. When you get sick, if you think, “I will die soon,” you very well might! Rather, you should think, “This illness came not to kill me but to make me stronger by fighting it off. Maybe it will even give me a blessing.” Then you will soon be healthy. Conquer your sickness in your mind, and you will regain your health. (118:327, June 20, 1982)

If you think you are too old, you are finished. Then you will age very rapidly. Although I am aging, I am always thinking of things to do so that I will not lose my spirit and energy. Because I don’t loose my spirit, I can overcome any obstacles and maintain my health. Your mental outlook is a powerful thing. (205:91, July 7, 1990)

No matter how healthy your mind may be, if you do not have a healthy body, you cannot fulfill your responsibility as a human being. Therefore, I bid you to constantly make efforts to bring unity in your mind and body. (271:151, August 27, 1995)

In order to become a revolutionary, you should be healthy. If you are weak physically, you cannot carry out your revolutionary mission. (203:177, June 24, 1990)

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