The Spirit Can Grow Only While It Abides in the Flesh

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1108

No matter how broad the Christian
cultural realm becomes, a perfected
Adam who can manifest the true love
of God must appear together with the
bride. Thus, you must fulfill your por-
tion of responsibility and enter the realm
of direct dominion. You must prepare a
foundation of true love in your family
that can unite upper and lower, front
and back, and left and right with love at
the center. Is this an easy thing to do?
(220-93, 1991.10.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

The earth also breathes and moves.
Your cells breathe as well. Do you want
to live eternally on earth or do you want
to live eternally in a place where you
become an invisible entity of love? You
should live eternally in a world where
you become an invisible entity of love.
Even when God wants to reveal Himself,
you cannot see Him with your physical
body. That’s why you need a spirit self.
God is the center of the invisible spir-
it. Therefore, He wants to give human
beings, who are His counterparts, every-
thing from the eternal realm of the ideal
that He created. (111-111, 1981.2.1)

The Immortal Soul

  1. Soul and Body

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Investing all His heart and mind, God formed the human body out of dust as a place where the spirit self, a life manifesting the principle of eternity, can live and grow. No work of art could be greater. God did not make it by saying to the dust, “Arise!” No, God invested all of His heart, mind and energy into forming this body. Then, He completed the human being by blowing a life spirit into it. God created the first man with a special blessing, as a being that could live forever in the corporeal and incorporeal worlds within God’s dominion. But he fell. (8:80, November 8, 1959)

Our spirit self, or spirit, is a substantial yet incorporeal reality, which can be apprehended only through the spiritual senses. It is the subject partner to our physical self. Our spirit can communicate directly with God and is meant to govern the incorporeal world, including the angels. In appearance our spirit self matches our physical self. After we shed the physical self, we enter the spirit world and live there for eternity. The reason we desire an eternal life is because our innermost self is the spirit self which has an eternal nature.

Our spirit self consists of the dual characteristics of spirit mind (subject partner) and spirit body (object partner). The spirit mind is the center of the spirit self, and it is where God dwells.
The spirit grows through give and take action between two types of nourishment: life elements of a yang type that come from God, and vitality elements of a yin type that come from the physical self…
The spirit can grow only while it abides in the flesh. Thus, the relationship between the physical self and the spirit self is similar to that between a tree and its fruit. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 6.3.2)

Human beings consist of a dual structure: a mind-like self and a body-like self. The mind grasps the vertical standard. The body holds a horizontal standard. Consider an ideal person, living by God’s ideal standard and receiving God’s love. When God’s love sounds vertically in the mind or spirit self, it resounds horizontally through the body. The spirit self, with its vertical standard, picks up the vibration of God’s true love and transmits it to the physical self, where it resonates through the
person’s relations with his or her surroundings. (177:216, May 20, 1988)

Our spirit self and physical self should resonate like a tuning fork. When a tuning fork is struck, it makes a nearby tuning fork resonate at the same frequency. By the same principle, once God’s love moves in our spirit, our body automatically responds.
What causes our mind and body to resonate 100 percent and brings them into the realm of oneness? It is not God’s wisdom or power. It is only love. (138:255, January 24, 1986)

Both the body and the mind are composed of cells. Do you know that you have a spirit self, and that it has five spiritual senses? The cells of the inner self and the cells of the outer self resonate with each other.
The spirit self, our inner self that lives for eternity, and the physical self, our outer self that can live on earth only, should resonate with each other in love. When they resonate with God’s love, their spiritual cells and physical cells are linked together in the same vibration. Therefore, as the cells of the eyes vibrate, they can see everything in the spirit world as clearly as the physical world. They can see by virtue of their perfect resonance. (171:103, December 13, 1987)

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