Whatever You Bind on Earth Shall Be Bound In Heaven

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 691

Such a bond is not something formed
in a position of comfort. It is formed in
a position of extreme difficulty, a posi-
tion so serious that it could not possibly
be any more serious, a position where
life and death are on the line, a position
where there is an increased level of risk.
That is why the Bible says, “Whoever
would save his life will lose it; and who-
ever loses his life for my sake will find it.”
Jesus’ expression may sound archaic, but
this is the normal approach and attitude
for going the way of restoration and for
progressing through the world of heart.
It is clear that each person must strive to
achieve such a state, and that path will
become the true course. (31-73, 1970.4.19)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 798

Why did God create human beings?
He needed a horizontal base in dimen-
sional space. Countless cells can divide
and emerge from this dimensional and
spherical space. Therefore, God needed
space because He wanted to produce
the people of the Kingdom of Heav-
en through the bodies of Adam and
Eve in the human world. Our married
life becomes the factory for producing
those people. People have been talking
loudly without knowing these things.
What kind of pretence is that? They are
completely blind, yet still boast and brag
about themselves. In the spirit world,
such things will be exposed at once. The
teachings I have given will unfold in the
spirit world as a reality. (233-89, 1992.7.30)

Preparation for Eternity

3. As We Live on Earth, So Shall We Live in Heaven

Tzu-lu asked how one should serve ghosts and
spirits. The Master said, “Till you have learnt to
serve men, how can you serve ghosts?” Tzu-lu
then ventured upon a question about the dead.
The Master said, “Till you know about the liv-
ing, how are you to know about the dead?”
Analects 11.11 (Confucianism)

Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever
you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and
whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in
Matthew 18.18

Now man is made of determination (kratu);
according to what his determination is in this
world so will he be when he has departed this
Shankara, Vedanta Sutra 1.2.1 (Hinduism)

Both life and death of such as are firm in
their penance and rules are good. When alive
they earn merit and when dead they attain
Both life and death of such as indulge in sins are
bad. When alive they add to malice and when
dead they are hurled into darkness.
Dharmadasaganin, Upadesamala 443-44 (Jainism)

Here he grieves, hereafter he grieves. In both
states the evil-doer grieves. He grieves, he is
afflicted, perceiving the impurity of his own

Here he rejoices, hereafter he rejoices. In
both states the well-doer rejoices. He rejoices,
exceedingly rejoices, perceiving the purity of his
own deeds.

Here he suffers, hereafter he suffers. In both
states the evil-doer suffers. “Evil have I done”—
thinking thus, he suffers. Having gone to a
woeful state, he suffers even more.

Here he is happy, hereafter he is happy. In both
states the well-doer is happy. “Good have I
done”—thinking thus, he is happy. Upon going
to a blissful state, he rejoices even more.
Dhammapada 15-18 (Buddhism)

As for that abode of the Hereafter, We assign it
to those who seek not oppression in the earth,
nor corruption. The sequel is for those who
ward off evil. Whoever brings a good deed, he
will have better than the same; while as for him
who brings an ill deed, those who do ill deeds
will be requited only what they did.
Qur’an 28.83-84

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