The Universe is an Expansion of the Family

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Interview with Elliot Simon
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 441

What is the universe? It is an expan-
sion of the family. If you look at a fam-
ily that has completely realized the ideal
of family love, it has a top, middle and
bottom (parents, husband and wife, and
children), left and right, and front and
back. This is the principle. So when we
talk about top and bottom we mean the
parents and children, when we talk about
left and right we mean the husband and
wife, and when we talk about front and
back we mean the brothers and sisters.
Through what do they all become one? It
doesn’t happen through power, knowl-
edge or money. Then what can bring
it about? It is love. This is an absolute
truth. Otherwise the sphere cannot be
formed. Then what are the top, middle
and bottom in our family? They are a
textbook of love. They are a textbook of
love through which we can encounter
universal love. Go out into society and
put it into practice. How should we love?
Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as your-
self.” How should we follow this teach-
ing? We are not sure. When you go out
into the world and meet a grandfather,
treat him as your own grandfather. Treat
people like your own mothers, like your
own fathers or like your own sons. When
you go out into the world you should all
live like this. The people of the top, mid-
dle and bottom, front and back, and left
and right are all displayed in the exhibi-
tion hall of the world. You should know
that the world is an exhibition of people.
If you can love everyone with such love,
God will dwell in the midst of that love.
(128-22, 1983.5.29)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1300

The Blessed Families that are unit-
ed with my family make up a new tribe.
As time progresses, they will grow in
number and form a new race. Further
expansion will bring forth a new nation,
and finally a new world. In other words,
a new race, the race of the third Israel
will be formed. For example, it is part
of the work of the Unification Church
to enable Japanese people to become
those who will inherit the new realm
of the lineage of God, instead of merely
remaining as those who inherit the lin-
eage of their historical Japanese ances-
tors. (22-197, 1969.2.2)

The Passage Beyond

  1. The Second Birth

The Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

It is natural to want to resemble God, and for God to want His children to resemble Him. Therefore, there should be a way for God to bring us to where He is. It is inevitable that humans should be reborn as beings that resemble God. Both God and human beings look forward to that day of our rebirth. How does that happen? Through death.
     Then, shouldn’t human beings welcome death? We die to experience God’s true love. Discarding the physical body enables us to participate in the infinite realm of God’s activity, and contribute to the world of God’s love.
     Death is to be born in the midst of God’s love! Yet earthly people grieve over death. Does this make God laugh or cry? You should understand that death is the moment of your second birth. It is a joyful moment when you leave the finite realm of love and enter the infinite realm of love.
     On which day is God happier, the day of your physical birth or the day when you are born as God’s son or daughter to live and love in the infinite world? Why am I saying this? Unless you are liberated from the fear of death, you cannot establish a relationship with God. (116:172, January 1, 1982)
Humans grow through three stages: formation, growth and completion. Likewise, they pass through three different worlds: the water world where they float in the mother’s womb, the earth world where they walk, and the air world where they can fly. Hence, we live three lives: 10 months in the womb, 100 years of life on earth, and eternal life in the spirit world. (297:257, December 19, 1998)
While in the womb you breathed through the umbilical cord. Meanwhile, your nostrils, a pipeline to the air, were being prepared so that you could breathe after you were born into the physical world. Likewise, while you live in the earthly world, what should you do to prepare for the next? You should experience love. You should breathe the ‘air’ of love from your father and mother. As you grow, you should pass through all the stages of love as a sibling, husband and wife, parent and grandparent.
     The moment you were born, your life was destined to end. When it does, the body will be dissolved. Then, just as you were born as an infant, on the day you die you will experience a new birth as an infant.
     What happens in that birth? You are pushed out of the world of the second womb and connected to the breathing organ for your third life, to breathe love. You are pushed out of the womb, a world where you experienced the love of your parents and siblings, to enter a new world of love where you will harmonize with the original Being, the God of the great universe.
     The spirit world is filled with the air of love. The air of love! That is why, while you live on earth, you should be installing that pipeline you will depend upon to breathe love. Know that if you have spiritual experiences and feel spiritual love—if you are able to breathe the air of love—you shall not die. (139:213-14, January 31, 1986)
We cannot remember how difficult it was for our mother to give birth to us. Why did God make birthing so difficult? Why isn’t it as easy as speaking or eating? The reason why God made giving birth a life-risking experience for the mother is because He wants her to see His radiant love.
     In electricity, there is something called a current spike. The instant a switch is turned on, a twenty or thirty-fold burst of electricity flows through the circuit. By the same token, the moment when human beings are desperate, they generate an explosive amount of energy. A mother gives birth a death-like state with her eyes popping out, as if heaven and earth were being destroyed. Then the baby utters its first loud cry, and her eyes open wide; she totally forgets her pain. Having given birth in such pain, the mother naturally loves her child more than anything.
     How difficult is it to be born? The amniotic sack that was our home breaks. The placenta that had nourished us is cast off. Yet these events are not disastrous; they are rather fortunate, for the sake of our happiness. Yet we do not realize that it was a new beginning of life until after the birth was over…
     Again the time comes, after living our earthly life, to kick away from this physical plane and depart for a new world. Nevertheless, as a fetus does not want to leave the safety of its mother’s womb, we would rather continue to live on earth. We do not want to die. Death comes, and once again we go through a big tumult.
     Yet we will be born into the spirit world, an infinite world. We will escape from the bounds of time and space, able to travel instantly from one end of the spirit world to the other, faster than the speed of light. (107:42, January 20, 1980)

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