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Cheon Seong Gyeong 194

There have been many religions, but
what has been their mission? Their mis-
sion is to find one particular person.
Many religions talk about attaining sal-
vation and other such matters, but they
are seeking to find the one person able to
rise to the highest point in the world, the
one person who has even gone beyond
that point. They want to bring this per-
son into existence. In this way, the cen-
ter of all religions is one specific per-
son; he is the Messiah. In other words,
all religions have been looking for one
person, and this one person, the central
being, is the Messiah, the Savior. When
the Messiah comes, he does not come to
his position immediately. He has to ful-
fill a seven-year course. The Messiah is a
man. This Messiah has to come and gain
victory over Satan by going beyond the
blood relationship of the satanic world.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1558

The many ideologies which came
into existence up until this time failed
to keep to one unchanging direction.
The United States as well as the Soviet
Union, democracy and communism, all
focused on themselves, and have con-
tinued thus to this very day. The same
is also true of religion: the direction
taken by religion is not the one desired
by God. Whatever the time or age, the
many religious denominations failed to
keep the same course, and instead spread
out in all directions. Until now, not one
organization, leader or nation, held the
course desired by God. Therefore, from
this day on, everything from the indi-
vidual to the family, society, nation,
world, universe and cosmos, should
keep to one eternal and unchanging
direction. The ideology that embodies
this concept is head-wing thought, or
Godism. (203-27, 1990.6.14)


3. Heaven’s Delights

He who enters paradise will be in affluent cir-
cumstances and will not be destitute, his cloth-
ing will not wear out and his youth will not pass
     Hadith of Muslim (Islam)

The Pure Land (Sukhavati) is fragrant with
many sweet-smelling odors, rich in manifold
flowers and fruits, adorned with jewel trees,
and frequented by flocks of various birds with
sweet voices, which have been produced by the
miraculous power of the Tathagata. The jewel
trees have various colors, many colors, many
hundreds of thousands of colors. They are com-
posed of varying combinations of the seven pre-
cious things: gold, silver, beryl, crystal, coral,
red pearls, and emerald… Their roots, trunks,
branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits are pleasant
to touch, and fragrant. And when these trees
are moved by the wind, a sweet and delightful
sound proceeds from them, which one never
tires of hearing…
     Many kinds of rivers flow along in this Pure
Land… whose banks are lined with variously
scented jewel trees, and from them hang
bunches of flowers, leaves, and branches of all
kinds. When beings wish to indulge in sports full
of heavenly delights on those riverbanks, then
as they step into the water, the water rises as
high as they wish it to—up to the ankles, or to
the knees, or to the hips, or to their sides, or to
their ears. If beings wish the water to be cold, for
them it becomes cold; if they wish it to be hot,
for them it becomes hot; if they wish it to be hot
and cold, for them it becomes hot and cold, to
suit their pleasure.
     Those rivers flow along, full of water scented
with the best perfumes, covered with lilies, lotus,
and all manner of beautiful flowers, resounding
with the sounds of peacocks, sparrows, parrots,
ducks, geese, herons, cranes, swans, and others,
with small islands inhabited by flocks of birds,
easy to ford, free from mud, and with golden
sand on the bottom. And all the wishes those
beings may think of, they will be fulfilled, as long
as they are rightful.
    Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra 15-18 (Buddhism)

The Messenger of God said, “While I was at
Mecca, the roof of my house opened and Gabriel
entered. He opened my chest, washed me with
the water of Zamzam, brought a golden basin
full of faith and wisdom and emptied all of it
into my chest. After that he closed it, took me
by the hand and raised me towards the lowest
    “When I arrived at the lowest heaven,
Gabriel said to the doorkeeper, ‘Open.’ ‘Who
is there?’ he asked. ‘Gabriel,’ the angel replied.
‘Is there anyone with you?’ responded the
doorkeeper. ‘Yes,’ replied Gabriel, ‘Muhammad
is with me.’ ‘Has he been commanded?’ added
the doorkeeper. ‘Yes,’ said the angel.
    “When the doorkeeper had opened to
us, we rose up within the lowest heaven, and
suddenly we saw a man sitting, having some
spirits on his right and others on his left. Every
time he looked to the right he smiled, but as
soon as he looked to the left he wept. He said,
‘Welcome virtuous prophet and virtuous son.’
‘Who is this?’ I asked Gabriel. ‘This man,’ he
replied, ‘is Adam, and those spirits on the right
are destined to Paradise, while the spirits on his
left are destined to hell. That is why, when he
looks to the right, he smiles, and when he looks
to the left, he weeps.’
    “Then Gabriel raised me up to the second
heaven and said to the doorkeeper, ‘Open.’
He asked the same questions as the first, and
then opened to us.” The Prophet found in the
various heavens Adam, Idris, Moses, Jesus, and
    “Then the angel raised me until he brought
me to a height where I heard the beating of
wings… Then Gabriel led me away and brought
me to the Lote-Tree of the Boundary, which is
covered with unspeakably beautiful colors. Next
I entered Paradise. There are domes of pearls,
and the sun there is made of musk.” 20
Hadith of Bukhari (Islam)

For all there is heaven; earth is heaven, and sea
heaven; and animal and plant and man; all is
the heavenly content of that heaven: And the
gods in it, despising neither men nor anything
else that is there where all is of the heavenly
order, traverse all that country and all space in
    To “live at ease” is there; and, to these divine
beings, verity is mother and nurse, existence
and sustenance; all that is not of process but
of authentic being they see, and themselves in
all: For all is transparent, nothing dark, nothing
resistant; every being is lucid to every other, in
breadth and depth; light runs through light.
And each of them contains all within itself, and
at the same time sees all in every other, so that
everywhere there is all, and all is all and each
all, and infinite the glory. Each of them is great;
the small is great; the sun, there, is all the stars;
and every star, again, is all the stars and sun.
While some one manner of being is dominant in
each, all are mirrored in every other.
    Plotinus, Enneads 5.8.3 (Hellenism)

Then they went out upon the narrow road and
had not gone far when a brilliant light appeared.
It was then that they smelled the fragrant odors
of the flowers along the road. Delicious looking
fruits were growing on the wayside, and every
kind of bird flew in the air above them. The
most marvelous and beautiful things were on
every hand. All these things were on the heaven
road. Eniaiehuk.
    They continued on their journey, and after
a short time they came to a halt. Then spoke the
messengers, “This place is called The Spring, and
it is a place for rest.” Then behold, he saw the
spring and he thought that he had never seen so
beautiful and clear a fount of water. Then said
the four, “This is a place of refreshment.” One
of the four drew a bottle from his bosom, so it
seemed and it was, and dipped it in the spring.
Then he said, “You must partake first,” and so
he took it, but when he looked at it he thought
it was not enough. So he said, “I think that this
is not sufficient.” When he had said this, the
messengers looked at one another and smiled,
and one said, “Truly it is enough. If it lacks,
there is still the spring and the vessel may be
refilled.” So all took and drank, and all the drink
that all wished was in the bottle… Eniaiehuk.
    They proceeded on their journey, and had
gone but a short way when they saw someone
coming toward them, and it was not long before
they met. He saw it was a dog, and when they
met, the dog began to wag its tail and sprang
upon him. Then he recognized the animal as
his own dog, appearing just as it had when he
had decorated it for the sacrifice in the New
Year’s ceremony. Then said the four, “This thing
attests to the value of our thank-offering to the
Creator.” So they said. Eniaiehuk.
    They took up their journey again, and in a
short time came to a halt. In the distance before
them a man appeared to be coming, and soon
he came nearer. Then he saw that the man was
guiding two others, one on either side. As he
looked, he saw that one was the daughter of
Gaiant’waka, and it appeared that she was a
large child. With her was Ganio’dai’io’, his own
son, an infant. The son and the daughter greeted
one another. One could see that they were not
strangers, for they were friendly. Moreover a
fourth person was leading them all. Eniaiehuk.
    Now that person spoke and said, “I brought
them with me to testify to the truth that those
of the lower world when they pass away come
The Code of Handsome Lake 112-116
(Native American Religion)

The inhabitants of paradise will eat and drink
in it, but they will not spit or pass water or void
excrement, or suffer from catarrh.
Hadith of Muslim (Islam)

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