Let Us Run With Perseverance the Race that is Set Before Us

Stop the Steal March to Support President Trump

Saturday, November 14 12 noon, Washington, DC

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1919

The Unification Church is the third
son. The Unification Church was actual-
ly born as the most precious son of them
all. The Christian civilization is now the
only thing that can digest western cul-
ture into a unified substance and bring
harmony in Europe and to North and
South America. Yet, the Christian civi-
lization of the West is crossing over to
Asia. Then in which nation will Asia con-
form to God’s efforts to bring unity and
order through Christian thought? Japan
worships a diverse group of gods. China
and the Soviet Union have been commu-
nized. Korea remains alone within the
enclosure of Christianity even though
its various denominations are in con-
flict. Although it cannot be planted as a
seed tree, it is needed as firewood.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1165

In the cases of both Cain and Abel,
and Esau and Jacob, the brothers were
supposed to exchange positions after
their birth. To achieve this, the coop-
eration between mother and child was
always necessary. Eve protected Abel. In
the case of Esau and Jacob, Rebecca was
on Jacob’s side, and helped him through
her acts of deception. Nevertheless, no
one knows why God still granted the
blessing to them. Jacob was born as a
twin and later restored the position of
the right of the eldest son. Yet this still
didn’t restore the lineage. Then at the
time of the birth of Perez and Zerah,
when they were about to emerge from
Tamar’s womb, they fought each oth-
er and switched positions. The second
child pushed aside the first child in order
to be born first. You should understand
the deep significance of these actions
that signify moving closer to the lineal
standard of the original parents. (120-167,

Spirits of the Departed

2. Helping the Spirits and Gaining Spiritual Merit

Choosing an auspicious day and making
you prepare the sacrifices.
You present them filially,
in spring, summer, autumn and winter,
to your ancestors, the former kings…
The spirits come,
and confer on you many blessings.
    Book of Songs 2.1.6 (Confucianism)

Outside the walls they stand, at the crossways
and outside doors, to their own home returning.
But when a plenteous meal is spread, of food
and drink, no man remembers them [the dead].
Such is the way of things.
    Wherefore do those who have pity on their
kin make offerings due, of choice food and
drink at seasonable times, saying, “Be this a gift
to kinsmen, may our kinsmen be well pleased
with it!” Then do those earth-bound [ghosts],
kinsmen, gather there where a plenteous meal is
spread of food and drink, and fail not to render
thanks, saying, “Long live our kinsmen, thanks
to whom we have this gift! To us this offering is
made; not without fruit are they who give!”
    For [in ghostland] no cattle-keeping, no
ploughing of fields is seen. There is no trading
there, as on earth, no trafficking with gold.
We ghosts that have departed there exist on
what is given here. Even as water gathered on
high ground flows down into the marsh, so are
offerings given here on earth of service to the
    Of a truth, wailing and grief and all manner
of lamentation avail not anything. It helps not
the ghosts that kinsmen stand lamenting thus.
    Moreover, [if] this gift of charity is bestowed
on the Order, it is bound to be of service [to the
ghosts] for a long, long time.
    Thus this duty done to kinsmen has been
declared: unto the ghosts it is no mean offering
of worship; unto the Brethren of the Order it
is strength conferred; unto yourselves no small
merit has been won.
    Khuddaka Patha, Tirokudda-sutta (Buddhism)

The rice and water no longer are offered,
the ancestors also must fall dishonored
from home in heaven.
    Bhagavad-Gita 1.42 (Hinduism)

All these [saints of the Old Testament Age],
though well attested by their faith, did not
receive what was promised, since God had fore-
seen something better for us, that apart from us
they should not be made perfect.
    Therefore, since we are surrounded by so
great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside
every weight, and sin which clings so closely,
and let us run with perseverance the race that
is set before us.
    Hebrews 11.39-12.1

It is sufficient to know, in this case, that the
earth will be smitten with a curse unless there
is a welding link of some kind or other between
the fathers and the children, upon some subject
or other—and behold what is that subject? It is
the baptism for the dead. For we without them
cannot be made perfect; neither can they with-
out us be made perfect. Neither can they nor
we be made perfect without those who have
died in the gospel also; for it is necessary in the
ushering in of the dispensation of the fullness of
times, which dispensation is now beginning to
usher in, that a whole and complete and perfect
union, and welding together of dispensations,
and keys, and powers, and glories should take
place. 35
    Doctrine and Covenants 128.18 (Latter-day Saints)

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