Could the Human Fall Have Been the Result of Eating a Fruit of a Tree?

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#71 Do Not Concede or Consent

Cheon Seong Gyeong 483

When you look at the conversa-
tion of a loving couple, their words are
more beautiful than any poem or paint-
ing in the world. Moreover, how beau-
tiful and splendid are the words, “just
between two people in love,” and “just
by ourselves,” and “just the two of us”!
(Blessed Family – 887)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1065

You have to be more altruistic. What
does that mean? The one who is most
altruistic will become the leader. Out
of ten people, the one who becomes the
center is the one who lives and loves most
for the sake of the others. All those peo-
ple will come seeking him. In general,
people think that living for others is not
good. Yet, this is the real way to reach
the center, achieving ownership and
receiving everything. This is a universal
principle. Therefore, you should under-
stand this concept of living for others. It
is not something bad that brings losses.
There is no better business than this. (132-
276, 1984.6.20)

The Human Fall

  1. Adam and Eve’s Trangression

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Could the Human Fall have been the result of eating a fruit of a tree? Adam and Eve fell by the sin of illicit love, a transgression that violated God’s ideal of true love. Prior to the fall, when they were constrained by the commandment [not to eat the fruit], Adam and Eve were in an imperfect state, that is, in their growing period. The archangel Lucifer, symbolized by the serpent, tempted Eve, and she spiritually fell with him. She then tempted Adam to eat the fruit before the time was ripe, and they fell physically.
    Adam and Eve had been living in joy in the Garden of Eden and conversing with God. The only possible sin that they would be tempted to commit at the risk of their lives was a sin involving wrongful love.
    The consummation of human ancestors’ first love was also to be God’s own completion. Therefore, it naturally should have been the moment of joy and jubilation for God, Adam and Eve, and all creation. They were to have rejoiced together in continuous festivities of love and blessing. On that joyous occasion, God’s love, life and lineage was to be firmly settled in the first human ancestors.
    Instead, Adam and Eve covered their lower parts and hid in the bushes, trembling with fear. By their illicit act, they had violated the Way of Heaven, forming a relationship that was the origin of false love, false life and false lineage. Consequently all humankind ever since, as descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, came to be born with original sin, from generation to generation.
    The reason why every person experiences inner conflict between the mind and the body is due to the Fall. The reason why human beings act against their original mind, and form societies where the order of love is corrupted, is also due to the Fall. (277:200, April 16, 1996)
What was the forbidden fruit? What sort of fruit could cause countless generations of humanity to groan in misery? Why would God create a fruit that could cause misery, destruction and war? My teaching is logical: the fruit is a symbol for love. So many evils spring from love. From love can spring either good or evil fruit, therefore it is called “the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.” (128:86, June 5, 1983)
We read that before the Fall, Adam and Eve were both naked, and were not ashamed. (Gen. 2.25) After the fall, however, they felt ashamed of their nakedness and sewed fig leaves together into aprons to cover their lower parts. If they had committed a crime by eating some actual fruit from a tree called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, then they certainly would have covered their hands or mouths instead. It is human nature to conceal one’s faults. Thus, the act of covering their lower parts shows that these parts, and not their mouths, were the source of their shame.
    In Job 31.33-34, it is written, “If I have concealed my transgressions like Adam, by hiding my iniquity in my bosom.” Adam concealed his lower parts after the Fall; this indicates that his blemish was in his lower parts. Adam and Eve’s sexual parts were the source of their shame because those were the instruments of their sinful deed.
    In the world before the Human Fall, what act would one be willing to carry out even clearly at the risk of one’s life? It could be nothing else but the act of love. God’s purpose of creation, described in the blessing “be fruitful and multiply,” (Gen. 1.28) can be achieved only through love. Accordingly, from the viewpoint of God’s purpose of creation, love should be the most precious and sacred act. But because the sexual act was the very cause of the Fall, people often regard it with shame and even contempt. In conclusion, human beings fell through an act of illicit sexual intercourse. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 1.3.2)
Everything in the universe is created to be governed by God through love. Thus, love is the source of life, the key to happiness, and the essence of the ideal to which all beings aspire. The more one receives love, the more beautiful one appears to others. When the angel, created as God’s servant, beheld Eve, the daughter of God, it was only natural that she looked beautiful in his eyes. Moreover, when Lucifer saw that Eve was responding to his temptation, the angel felt the stimulation of her love to be deliciously enticing. At this point, Lucifer was seducing Eve with the mind to have her, regardless of the consequences. Lucifer, who left his proper position due to his excessive desire, and Eve, who wanted to open her eyes and become like God before the time was ripe, formed a common base and began give and take action. The power of the unprincipled love generated by their give and take led them to consummate an illicit sexual relationship on the spiritual plane.
    All beings are created based on the principle that when they become one in love, they exchange elements with each other. Accordingly, when Eve became one with Lucifer through love, she received certain elements from him. First, she received feelings of dread arising from the pangs of a guilty conscience, stemming from her violation of the purpose of creation. Second, she received from Lucifer the wisdom which enabled her to discern that her originally intended spouse was to be Adam, not the angel. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 2.2.1)
How did Eve feel while the archangel Lucifer was raping her? She felt pangs of conscience. She dis-liked what was happening, but let herself be pulled along as he seduced her. When we make love, we are supposed to feel joy with every cell in our body. Our passion should be like a flower at the height of spring. Eve, however, grimaced as she made love, her heart shriveling and her every cell withering. (33:330, August 23, 1970)
Eve was to become the future wife of God. This is because Adam was to be one body with God—that is, God Himself… From this perspective, the Fall was Satan violating God’s wife. (22:208, February 4, 1969)
Once Eve had united with the Archangel through their illicit sexual relationship, she stood in the position of the Archangel with respect to Adam. Thus, Adam, who was still receiving God’s love, appeared very attractive to her. Seeing Adam as her only hope of returning to God, Eve turned to Adam and tempted him, playing the same role as the Archangel had played when he had tempted her. Adam responded and formed a common base with Eve, and they began give and take action with each other. The power of the unprincipled love generated in their relationship induced Adam to abandon his original position and brought them together in an illicit physical relationship of sexual love.
    When Adam united in oneness with Eve, he inherited all the elements Eve had received from the Archangel. These elements in turn have been passed down to all subsequent generations without interruption… and humanity has multiplied in sin to the present day, perpetuating the lineage of Satan. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 2.2.2)

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