You Can Be Compared to Exhibits in a Museum

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Exodus 7

8-9 The Lord said, “Moses, when the king [a] asks you and Aaron to perform a miracle, command Aaron to throw his walking stick down in front of the king, and it will turn into a snake.”

10 Moses and Aaron went to the king and his officials and did exactly as the Lord had commanded—Aaron threw the stick down, and it turned into a snake. 11 Then the king called in the wise men and the magicians, who used their secret powers to do the same thing— 12 they threw down sticks that turned into snakes. But Aaron’s snake swallowed theirs. 13 The king behaved just as the Lord had said and stubbornly refused to listen.

Richard: This is exactly the same Rheama as two days ago. The King (Pharoah) represents the side of evil, the current “ruling elite”, represented by Joe Biden and the deep state. They are very cunning, but President Trump, representing the side of God and goodness, will prevail. God wants to emphasize this. That is why I received the exact same Bible Rheama two times in a row.

Isaiah 49

Now the Lord says to me,
“It isn’t enough for you
    to be merely my servant.
You must do more than lead back
from the tribes
    of Israel.
I have placed you here as a light
    for other nations;
you must take my saving power
    to everyone on earth.”

Richard: Amen and Aju!

Inherited Sin and Karma

1. The Legacy of Past Deeds

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our ancestors, through the ages of history, all died after living a hundred years or less. If they thought and worked for the sake of the whole, for the benefit of the whole, what they did remains even after a thousand years. Yet most of them did not. They lived centered on themselves, and everything they did perished with them. Having fallen and committed sins continually, they created problems destructive to the whole. (200:91, February 24, 1990)
Human beings throughout history have committed innumerable sins. First there was the Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve… it is like the root. Even that root is of various kinds: a central taproot and peripheral roots. From that root has grown a trunk; it started small with but a few branches but now it has grown and sprouted tens of thousands of branches, all tangled with each other. The overall amount of accumulated human sin is so huge. How can it be forgiven? Yet this huge mass of sin is connected to each one of you. (258:84-85, March 17, 1994)
Who do we resemble, that we should look and act the way we do? Each person takes after his or her parents. Then, who do our parents resemble, that they should look and act as they do? They take after the grandparents. If we keep going back through the generations, we will eventually come to humanity’s first ancestors. We are the way we are, because of what humanity’s first ancestors were like. Who, then, did the first ancestors resemble that they became the way they were? This is the question.
    You naturally resemble your mother and father. If a person doesn’t resemble his parents, then there must be a trait somewhere a few generations back that was hidden until it made its appearance, according to the laws of genetics. Traits do not just appear without any connection or source.
    You may think that you are in control of the way you develop, but the fact is that thousands of generations of ancestors already came before you… So you can be compared to exhibits in a museum, where all the physical traits, qualities and values of your ancestors over thousands of generations are gathered in one place. They are the source of your appearance, personality and values. You are like exhibits put out by your ancestors, who are saying, “Look! This is our descendant.” Have you ever thought of it this way? Each of you is unique in the world. No matter how many men and women there may be under heaven, each of you was born a unique overall representation and fruit of your ancestors. (41:139, February 14, 1971)
You all have different ancestries. They took various paths and lived in various circumstances. Some were evil; others were good; they are all intermingled in your family tree. You are their fruits. Because of your varied backgrounds, you stand in different positions, with different merits. God is just and fair. But since each individual has a different background, can God really say, “All people are absolutely equal”? Is that a correct concept?
    It would have been different had there been no Fall. It would have been different if our lineages had all proceeded within the realm of God’s love. Certainly, we are all destined to find God’s love. However, since every fallen human being has to travel along a uniquely different life course in his or her quest to reach the ideal, we cannot expect to find equality among us.
    For the same reason, we can understand that people are bound for various destinations in the spirit world: heaven, hell, or the thousands of different levels in between. They are situated according to the accumulated good or evil of their own lives added to that of their particular ancestral line. (91:269-70, February 27, 1977)

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