Only Rev. Moon’s Ideology Is the Hope

Petition Congress Rally-January 6th, 2021, Washington DC

Sample letters to Congressman about opposing election fraud on January 6th, 2021.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1924

There are 3 billion people living in Asia. We are now living in the time of the Pacific cultural sphere. Such a time has come. History has passed through a riv-er culture, through the Mediterranean cultural sphere, and has come around to the Atlantic cultural sphere. Now we are entering an age where we can leap into the cultural sphere of outer space, centering on the Pacific cultural sphere. How to continue linking all this together is a question for the world’s political tacticians to explore, but they will not find an answer. I have gathered the prominent politicians of the world to countless international conferences. Their conclusion is that only Rev. Moon’s ideology is the hope for this age – and not America, France, Germany, Britain or even the Soviet Union. (174-48, 1988.2.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1265

What do true parents signify? They are the symbol of hope for everyone. They are the absolute symbol of hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruit of past history, the center of this era, and the starting point of the future of hope which connects to the world we live in today. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

Egoism and Pride

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

In your walk of faith, regard arrogance as the enemy, regard stubbornness as the enemy, and regard insisting on your own way as the enemy. (67:139, June 1, 1973)\

Because people are self-centered in their thinking, they speak ill of others. When others have some-thing good, they want to take it from them. Such people are doomed. What about you? Is your mind self-centered or other-centered? No one can solve this problem but you. (36:183, November 29, 1970)

People whose philosophy of life is “me first” are doomed to perish. In pursuing their own desires they harm others and damage their nation—such people will perish. Individuals should not take advantage of their nation; rather, individuals should offer themselves for their nation. That is a duty of citizens.
    People are not meant to live for themselves. Yet today many live only for their own sake. They say, “I live for me.” They are people to be pitied, like orphans who have no parents or siblings. (24:20-21, June 22, 1969)

The first step towards the Fall was the appearance of individualism. It was thinking that nothing in the world matters but me. The next step was to think people have unlimited freedom: “What’s this with God telling us we cannot eat that fruit? Why should there be any rules to restrict us? We can do as we please.” Is it freedom when people do just as they please? It should not be that way. (49:190, October 10, 1971)
From the day the first human ancestors fell and received the blood of Satan, people unconsciously became arrogant and have used others to satisfy their needs. They have pursued that direction throughout human history. (46:142, August 13, 1971)
What is the Fall? It is to unlawfully take what belongs to someone else. Self-centeredness ruined the world. Knowing this universal principle, human beings should return to the world of oneness, but instead they continue to play the game of pulling the world for themselves. That is evil. (170:174, November 15, 1987)
Human beings have inherited Satan’s nature: the inclination to regard everything, even God, from a self-centered viewpoint. (91:242, February 23, 1977)
Are Americans proud of their money? Do not be proud of it before God. God can create money as much as He wants. Nor should Americans be proud of their power and military might: God is all-powerful. God is all-knowing: who can challenge Him with knowledge? It doesn’t matter that you earned a Ph.D. from Harvard; you are all the same when you stand naked before Him. Your knowl-edge will not gain you admission into the Kingdom of Heaven. All who are proud of these things will fall into hell. (358:162, October 14, 2001)
I know that American culture upholds individualism. However, there must not be individualism that disregards the relationship between God, the Subject, and human beings, His objects. Selfish individualism is destructive, and its prevalence is driving America into a corner.
    Now America should recover the essence of Christianity by seeking for God’s original way of life: The individual lives for the sake of the family; families contribute to the community; communities give their strength to the nation; nations exist to benefit the world; and the world exists for the sake of God. These are God’s heavenly ethics. If we practice it, then what is God’s is also mine, and whatever I do for God also benefits me. Living for the sake of God is ultimately living for my own benefit. (69:88-89, October 20, 1973)
Selfish individualism is Satan’s creation, a result of the Fall. As Satan centers on himself, he divides people by having them center on themselves. Thus one [an individual] becomes two [mind and body in conflict.] Two [a couple] become four [the man’s mind, the man’s body, the woman’s mind and the woman’s body.]
    Why did America become such an individualistic nation? It is because Satan is exerting his dominion there. The so-called right of privacy is at the heart of American individualism. Yet this individualism is causing the family to break down, the society to break down, and the nation to weaken. Individualism is a most fearful thing; it leads people to hell. (361:234, November 25, 2001) 
What is the origin of the dirt that has stained human history? It begins from ourselves. Dirt did not just fall on our first ancestors; they made themselves dirty. How did they become dirty? They thought of themselves as being the center of everything; egoism and selfishness are what stained them.
    If our ancestors had lived in service to what is more precious than themselves, then they would not have taken the path to defilement. What is more precious than oneself? We are resultant beings; therefore, we should live for the Causal Being. God is that most precious existence, and we should live for Him. Had people truly lived for God and thought of God before thinking of themselves, we could never have become evil. (92:58-59, March 13, 1977)
Many of you soon become arrogant and think, “I am a member of the Unification Church. I have worked for the church for three years, so it’s about time that Reverend Moon gives me the Blessing. Then he should recognize me, and so should the church.” What a pity if you think that way! In our church there are two ways of life: arrogance and humility. The way of arrogance leads to hell, while the way of humility leads to heaven. What about you: do you belong to heaven or to hell? (92:71, March 13, 1977)

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