Humanity Lost the Original Garden and Fell Into the World of Death

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 487

Many people oppose Rev. Moon, the man who goes to America to educate and train American young people, even staying up all night and sometimes dancing, singing, and having fun with them? I do this in order to expand the realm of support that is connected to me.
Because the expansion of the universal realm of support starts with me, I push forward without fear, even if I am opposed and have to go to prison.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1380

I was planning to have the 30,000 Couples visit the Songdo Beach Resort in North Korea, taking with them tents, each for ten people. It was a time when everything could be out in the open. The North Korean government even said, “We will do whatever you want.” I also notified the present South Korean government of this plan. Who prevented me from carrying it out? It was our government in the South. Still I did not per-ish. The bright morning sun dawns on the path that follows the heavenly way, but once you leave that path, you will be enveloped in total darkness. You will be plunged into complete and eternal dark-ness. (238-266, 1992.11.22)


  1. Sorrow is Everywhere

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Humanity lost the original garden and fell into the world of death. There, we struggle against the darkness. We live in the midst of lamentation and hopelessness, entrapped in the power of the enemy. Still, in our conscience, the remnant of the original mind, we long for the original homeland. (6:291, June 14, 1959)
The world we live in is not a joyful world but a miserable world; it is not a world of delight but a world of sorrow; it is not a world where people live with gratitude but a world where people live with grudges. If you cannot overcome this unfortunate world, then you will never find the path to happiness.
    How can you know that you are unhappy? You can understand it through your mind. In your mind, is there a grieving heart that you cannot get rid of? This is proof that Satan is our ancestor. Do you have hatred and resentment toward other people? This is like Satan entangling our minds in steel nets to prevent us from going toward the original Garden of Eden.
    Human beings are living in the world of death where there is no life, the world of despair and pitch darkness. Although human beings should be singing of the preciousness of life and living in harmony with God’s eternal ideal, people today are living in despair. They are cut off from the hope of standing before the ideal of God. (2:246, June 9, 1957)
We are surrounded by evil elements. The way to evil does not need to be taught. Everyone can go that way without education, because history started from an evil foundation. Does anyone need to be taught how to be bad? Because humans fell by their own decision, society educates people to act according to their conscience based on the prevailing morality. Even so, how many people are able to live in accordance with that education? Evil things can be done without education; anyone can score 100 points.
    The conscience always tells us to be good people, but have we actually become good? Unable to solve this problem, our life is one of continual lamentation. Today is lamentation, tomorrow is lamentation, and the whole year is lamentation. Youth is lamentation, middle age is lamentation, old age is lamentation, and we die with lamentation. Evil marks our whole life. (36:57, November 15, 1970)
Due to the Human Fall, history started from a point of sadness. The saddest thing about the starting point was that we had to leave God. God was to be the source of our happiness and the center of our life, His grace pervading everything. Due to the Fall, however, humankind lost happiness, life and all things. People fell into deep despair, darkness, and unhappiness. Having lost any vision or hope, tears filled their eyes. With those tears came despair, and utter darkness. (52:36, December 12, 1971)

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