The Chosen People should fulfill the mission of Humanity’s guides

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 325

What is the difference between true love and authority? In true love, you give love and then forget that you have given it. What is the line between good and evil? Evil is where something is given with the intention of receiving all the benefit for oneself, and goodness is where, even though you give, you forget that you have done so. Even in a household, those who serve others more stand on the good side, and the one who lives for others most becomes the master of that family in the end. Let us say there are ten friends. Which would be the best among them? The one who cares for all the others. Then the ten friends would make the one who was taking care of them the central figure and serve him. This is how the universe is inherited. (141-252, 1986.2.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1191

What is the secret method to restore the right of the eldest son? Satan claims, “God is a perfect God and the Adam and Eve He is seeking must also be perfect. Had they not fallen, it would have been the Principled standard that Adam and Eve have to love me as the original archangel. Thus, even though I have fallen and I found myself in the position of a bad one, if you all are in a position to be called good and true, you must set up the condition of having loved me. Without this, You, God, cannot be in the position of God in front of me.” This is the problem. Satan stops everything dead, saying, “If there is a secret method of uniting with you, what is it? The person You send must love me. Unless he stands together with You in the position of loving me, and makes the condition enabling him to say that he loved me, he will not be able to regain the birthright of the firstborn son that I have been holding on to.” That is why Jesus exhorted us to love our enemies. (131-182, 1984.5.1


2. The Suffering of the Jews

Thou hast made us like sheep for the slaughter,
and hast scattered us among the nations.
Thou hast sold thy people for a trifle,
Demanding no high price for them.
Thou hast made us the taunt of our neighbors,
the derision and scorn of those about us.
Thou hast made us a byword among the nations,
a laughingstock among the peoples…

All this has come upon us,
though we have not forgotten thee,
or been false to thy covenant.
Our heart has not turned back,
nor have our steps departed from thy way,
that thou shouldst have broken us in the place
of jackals,
and covered us with deep darkness.
If we had forgotten the name of our God,
or spread forth our hands to a strange god,
would not God discover this?
For he knows the secrets of the heart.
Nay, for thy sake we are slain all the day long,
and accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
Psalm 44.11-22

The Israelites are compared to an olive tree, because as the olive yields its oil only by hard pressure, so the Israelites do not return to righteousness except through suffering.
    Talmud, Menahot 53b

“For I am love-sick.” [Song of Solomon 2.5] Said the community of Israel before the Holy One, “Sovereign of the Universe, all the maladies which Thou bringest upon me are to make me more beloved of Thee.” Another explanation: The community of Israel said before the Holy One, “Sovereign of the Universe, the reason for all the sufferings which the nations inflict upon me is because I love Thee.”
    Canticles Rabbah 2.5

All we [the nations] like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way;and the lord has laid on him [Israel] the iniquity of us all.
    Isaiah 53.6

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Despite suffering many difficulties throughout their history, the Jewish people have survived to this day as a homogeneous people. No other people have survived for so long. For two thousand years they wandered without a nation of their own. They have been trampled under the feet of many countries, despised and slaughtered. Yet in spite of all manner of difficulties, the Jews have survived with gusto as a homogeneous people, maintaining their unique traditions and teachings.
    How did the Jewish people handle their tribulations? They held to the thought that the more they were oppressed, the more they needed knowledge and money. So they made their children study, even if it meant living like beggars. They strived to earn as much money as possible. They believed that money and knowledge were the keys to power and worked together for their common purpose. This is how they could dissolve their grievances over all the miseries they suffered.
    Did God make the Jews suffer to punish them, or was God training them to be a people that can endure difficulties? If God made the Jews suffer out of His love, then surely their long suffering will lead to blessings and worldwide influence.
    This is God’s will for the one chosen to guide others up the mountain: to fulfill his responsibility as a guide, he should first have the authority of one who has conquered the mountain.
    In this respect, God gave the chosen people special dignity only because they are to fulfill the mission of humanity’s guides. Their special privilege lasts only as long as their mission. Once their mission is accomplished, God would give the whole world the same privilege and honor. God’s plan for the salvation of the world goes like this.
   What is the characteristic of the chosen people? They must have the independent ability to embrace all of humankind. Otherwise they cannot digest the whole world. (81:190-91, December 28, 1975)
    We should understand that God’s will is to unite all religions. God’s intention has been to make the world one, even if it required sacrificing the Jewish people. Six million lives are not the issue; the issue is to bring unity among all religions and to make all humankind as one.
    Judaism has been persecuted more than any other religion. Because God allowed such suffering to come to the Jews, God expected them to be the strongest and most united religious people. What religion shall play the central role in uniting all religions? God chose the Jews and trained them for that role. This is my explanation of the suffering of the Jews from the perspective of God’s providence. (105:126-27, October 4, 1979)

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