Christianity Needs to Be Reformed

Cheon Seong Gyeong 291

    Established Christian churches are making a big fuss because I said that Jesus is my disciple, but they will see everything when they go to the spirit world. Why do I say such things, when I know clearly that doing so will cause me to be inundated with curses?
    How about the established Christian churches? Through Unification Church members, I will clean up anything that is unclean in their back rooms and hold worship services transcending all denominations. After this, I will go to the spirit world. I will go there after completing that trans-denominational worship. You may not know this, but there are already a large number of ministers using our Principle. Some of them read the Divine Principle on a blanket and when a deacon or elder comes in, they quickly hide it underneath the blanket, and then take it out again when they leave, and read it all night. They memorize it and diligently use it.
    Autumn leaves do not fall all at once. Do they fall all at once? They do not. They fall one by one, rather than as a whole bunch. Although they fall one by one, before long the tree, once clothed with green, is left with no leaves. Whether they know it or not, I am dealing with things in that way. (213-34, 1991.1.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1123

Adam and Eve were to be the body of God. They were to be the horizontal parents, while God was the vertical Parent. We should eventually discard this horizontal body, enter the original homeland vertically, and live in attendance to the eternal King in the heavenly kingdom. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, then through perfecting themselves, they would have become God’s body and the king and queen of love. They would have fulfilled their portion of responsibility connecting the realms of direct and indirect dominion on earth through the love of God. (213-190, 1991.1.20)


1. The Core Traditions of Christianity: Love and Sacrifice

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Christianity started from the cross, and wherever Christians went they were struck and shed blood. Christianity today can lead the world only when it takes the position of being persecuted. Behold! The palace of Christianity stands on the top of Vatican Hill where the most martyrs died. (Way of God’s Will 3.4)

You may not know how much sacrifice Christianity endured in order to establish its worldwide foundation. The history of Christianity is so stained with blood that there may be no place on earth where the miserable cries of its sacrificial offerings did not ring out. Even to the present, the blood of Christians continues to flow on numerous altars. All humankind is entangled in the Christians’ historical grievances. Therefore, we have the solemn historical responsibility to liberate God and Christianity, by inheriting this historical heart of suffering. (210:361, December 27, 1990)

It is not enough to go to church carrying your Bible and hymnal. You should know Jesus, who bled on God’s behalf, wept on God’s behalf, and shed sweat on God’s behalf. Therefore, the tradition of Christianity has been to win the world through self-sacrifice and martyrdom. It is the time-honored way that God has been seeking for lost humanity. (10:281, November 6, 1960)

Today Christianity should learn to digest the sufferings that lie ahead. We should be able to say, “Jesus courageously overcame the pain of the cross with the heart of God and blessed sinful humankind. Should we ever face that situation, may we have the same attitude as Jesus!” That is the crucial matter. (7:96, July 19, 1959)

Why could Christianity become a worldwide religion? More than any other religion, Christianity is compatible with God’s will and has inherited God’s internal heart. Christianity has correctly identified the core point of God’s providence and has cherished that content through the ages. God is a worldwide God, so it is reasonable that Christianity, by virtue of its love for God, would develop throughout the world.
    Do you know what is the core of God’s will? God professes love. Jesus proclaimed before heaven, earth and humanity that God is not the Lord of judgment but the Father of love. Christianity is the only religion that recognizes God as the loving Father. (God’s Will and the World, May 10, 1974)

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