Abraham Obeyed God’s Command

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Three major events all happened on January 13th, 2020. Find out why this was D-Day and what we can expect to happen in the next two years.

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Exodus 9

10 So they took a few handfuls of ashes and went to the king.[b] Moses threw them into the air, and sores immediately broke out on the Egyptians and their animals. 11 The magicians were suffering so much from the sores, that they could not even come to Moses. 12 Everything happened just as the Lord had told Moses—he made the king too stubborn to listen to Moses and Aaron.

2 Chronicles 20

After everyone from Judah and Jerusalem had come together at the Lord’s temple, Jehoshaphat stood in front of the new courtyard and prayed:

You, Lord, are the God our ancestors worshiped, and from heaven you rule every nation in the world. You are so powerful that no one can defeat you. Our God, you forced out the nations who lived in this land before your people Israel came here, and you gave it to the descendants of your friend Abraham forever. Our ancestors lived in this land and built a temple to honor you. They believed that whenever this land is struck by war or disease or famine, your people can pray to you at the temple, and you will hear their prayer and save them.


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Abraham obeyed God’s command to sacrifice as a burnt offering his precious son Isaac, who was born to Abraham in his old age. In giving that command, God took a great risk unprecedented in history. Whether or not Abraham would comply would be the condition that represented heaven and earth; it would decide the fate of events in heaven, events on earth, and millions of lives yet to be born. Although Abraham was ignorant of its great import, once he received the command, he made a sincere attempt to place his son Isaac on the altar and sacrifice him.
    Think about the heart of Abraham as he picked up the knife to kill his beloved son. His mind truly transcended reality. In his time, who could have recognized that kind of faith? By meeting God’s expectation in that moment of great risk, Abraham’s daring act proved that he belonged to Heaven and his family belonged to Heaven. He demonstrated that he and his family, and all their cattle, follow God’s orders. He established this reality when he made the burnt offering of his only son.
    Abraham offered Isaac with the prayer in his heart, “Although Isaac is my son, he is Thine; therefore I shall offer him to Thee.” The realistic consequences of what he was doing did not matter to him. You should learn the center of faith from the example of these historical forefathers. (1:265-66, December 2, 1956)

After Abraham failed in the symbolic offering, God commanded him to sacrifice his only son Isaac as a burnt offering. In this way God began a new dispensation, for the purpose of restoring Abraham’s earlier failure through indemnity…
    Abraham’s zeal to do God’s will and his resolute actions, carried out with absolute faith, obedience and loyalty, lifted him up to the position of already having killed Isaac. Therefore, he completely separated Satan from Isaac. God commanded Abraham not to kill Isaac because Isaac, now severed of all ties to Satan, stood on God’s side. We must also understand that when God said, “Now I know that you fear God…” He revealed both His reproach to Abraham for his earlier failure in the symbolic offering and His joy over the successful offering of Isaac. Because Abraham succeeded in his offering of Isaac, Isaac could carry on the providence of restoration in Abraham’s family. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Foundation

It is not clear how old Isaac was when Abraham offered the boy as a sacrifice. He was old enough to carry the wood for the sacrifice, and when he saw there was no lamb to be offered, he inquired of his father about it. Isaac was apparently old enough to understand his father’s intentions. We can infer that he helped his father, even though he knew that his father was preparing to offer him as the sacrifice.
    If Isaac had resisted his father’s attempt to sacrifice him, God definitely would not have accepted the offering. In fact, Isaac demonstrated a faith as great as that of Abraham. Together, their faith made the offering successful, and there was no way for Satan to retain his hold on them. In making the offering, Abraham and Isaac went through a process of death and resurrection. As a result, Abraham succeeded in the separation of Satan, who had invaded him because of his mistake in the symbolic offering… Second, by faithfully obeying God’s will, Isaac inherited the divine mission.19(Exposition of the Divine Principle, Foundation

We should give ourselves as offerings to Thee, Father,
yet we are unable to.
Therefore, even if Thou hast to drive us,
even if Thou hast to drag us—
please lead us to Thine altar.
Abraham brought his innocent son, Isaac, on the way to Mount Moriah.
When Isaac asked his father, “Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”
his father answered that he need not worry about it.
Every time I try to fathom Abraham’s heart,
every time I try to fathom that parent’s heart,
I feel how sorrowful Thine heart must be
as Thou leadest us. (48:57, September 5, 1971)

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