God May Reveal the News of the Return of Christ First to Lay People

Lamentations 3

41 When we lift our hands
    in prayer to God in heaven,
we should offer him our hearts
    and say, 42 “We’ve sinned!
We’ve rebelled against you,
    and you haven’t forgiven us!
43 Anger is written all over you,
as you pursue and slaughter us
    without showing pity.
44 You are behind a wall of clouds
    that blocks out our prayers.

Psalm 5

No one who boasts can stand
in your presence, Lord,
    and you hate evil people.
You destroy every liar,
    and you despise violence
    and deceit.


9. Jesus Gathered Disciples and Trained Them for the Kingdom

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Rejected by the prepared people, Jesus appeared as a laborer and became a friend of fishermen. He shared with them his life, heart and desires. He fought for them, determined to satisfy their hearts’ desires. As a result, Peter and the other fishermen could follow him.
    After selecting these uneducated disciples, what did Jesus do for three years? He served them, just as God had toiled for 4,000 years as a servant to raise the Israelites.
    Jesus had great hopes for his twelve chosen disciples. He never forgot that God had sent him to influence Judaism by guiding its priests and officials. His teaching was grand, his hopes were high, and his passion was great.
    After enduring the agony of rejection by the chief priests and scribes… Jesus sacrificed and served to raise up his disciples to take their place. Through the three years of his ministry he searched for them, forgetting food and drink. If he acquired new clothes, he gave them to his disciples and was content with his rags. If he found a comfortable place to sleep, he let his disciples sleep there and sat
in an uncomfortable place. (5:225, February 1, 1959)

People believe in religion to find salvation, and the purpose of salvation is to reach perfection. To this end, religious people know that they should love God and the founder of their religion more than anyone in the fallen world. We should clearly know that the path of religion requires such a pledge. All religious believers should walk this path—to go beyond the love of the world—and thereby win over Satan’s world.
    We can connect with God’s love only when we have transcended the love of the fallen world. This is the very reason Jesus said, “He who loves father or mother—or wife or husband—more than me is not worthy of me, and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” Why should we love Jesus more than our own family members? By so loving Christ we become people
with greater love than people in the fallen world, and through our bond of love with Christ we are entitled to enter heaven. Meeting this condition is a requirement of God’s Principle; therefore Jesus  had to say these words. (93:326, June 17, 1977)

Hunger and suffering creates a bond of heart between us. Just socializing together while we wear  good clothes and lead a comfortable life does not link us together. Rather, you and I should experience the misery of persecution and oppression, working day and night in difficult circumstances as  we shoulder the enormous burden of fulfilling our responsibility. There is no way to build a bond of  heart except through tears… You talk about a relationship of heart with Jesus or with True Parents,
but where can you find it except through suffering? There is no other way. (94:233, October 1, 1977)

When people receive revelations about Christ at the Second Advent or hear his words, they will  respond in ways similar to the way the Jews in Jesus’ day responded. God did not reveal the news of  the birth of Jesus to the priests and scribes, but to gentile astrologers and pure-hearted shepherds.  This is like the case of a father who, due to the ignorance of his own children, has to confide in  his step-child. Likewise, God may well reveal the news of the return of Christ first to lay people,  to marginal spiritual groups and churches which the mainstream treats with disdain, or to conscientious non-believers. Only later may the news reach the mainstream Christian clergy who are  unthinkingly keeping to their conventional ways of faith. In Jesus’ day, those who sincerely received  the Gospel were not the Jewish leaders, but simple common folk and Gentiles. Likewise, at Christ’s  return, simple Christians and non-Christians will accept the Lord’s words before the Christian leadership, which regards itself as God’s elect. This is the meaning of Jesus’ parable of the marriage feast.  (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Second Advent 4)

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