Satan Always Establishes His Evil Regime First

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1925

Thankfully, there are 3.2 billion people living in Asia. The Soviet Union is a nation of white people who are in a disadvantageous position due to their frigid climate. Yet, the Soviet Union is in a position today, which surpasses that of communist China in all aspects, including military and political fields. That is why the Soviet Union is intent on devouring Japan at any cost. Once the Soviets do so, they believe that they can grasp the initiative in their confrontation against America, centering on the stage of the Pacific Ocean. (121-16, 1982.10.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1458

Adam and Eve lost the standard through which they could practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. They entered unprincipled marriage, thereby defiling the lineage, completely overturning the right of ownership, and bringing into ruin their whole tribe. Therefore, the absolute restoration of the lineage must take place.
    In other words, you need to protect the pure lineage of True Parents so that it can be passed down to your descendants eternally. Adam and Eve failed to do so and entered a fallen relationship. Therefore, you need to maintain purity and be blessed in marriage. You can then restore the absolute lineage, the absolute right of ownership, and the absolute realm of heart. This should be our motto, in fact three mottos. (269-94, 1995.4.8)

Richard:  Wow!  This is beautiful.  So, the three points stated slightly differently.
1) Absolute lineage:  Through the Blessing, you can connect to God’s lineage, as we have all inherited the defiled lineage (John 8:44)
2) Absolute right of ownership:  This means the ownership of love.  That is based on the ownership of your spouses sexual organ by you only and none other.
3) Absolute realm of heart:  The love you have for your spouse, family and the extended family of the world is firmly entrenched in this standard of true lineage and absolute ownership of love and of your spouse’s sexual organ.


2. Muhammad Overcame Persecution and Hardships to Establish Islam

By the Pen and by the record which men write, you are not, by the grace of your Lord, mad or possessed. Nay, verily for you is a reward unfailing, and you stand on an exalted standard of character. Soon you will see, and they will see, which of you is afflicted with madness. Verily it is your Lord who knows best, who among men has strayed from His path: and He knows best those who receive guidance.
    Qur’an 68.1-7
When the Apostle openly displayed Islam as God ordered him, his people did not withdraw or turn against him until he spoke disparagingly of their gods. When he did that they took great offense and resolved unanimously to treat him as an enemy, except those whom God had protected by their allegiance to Islam from such evil, but they were a despised minority.
Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah 
O you who believe! Remember the grace of God on you, when there came down on you hosts; but We sent against them a hurricane and forces you could not see: but God sees clearly all that you do. Behold! They came on you from above you and from below you, and behold, the eyes became dim and the hearts gaped up to the throats, and you imagined various vain thoughts about God! In that situation were the believers tried; they were shaken as by a tremendous shaking… And God turned back the unbelievers, for all their fury; no advantage did they gain; and enough is God for the believers in their fight. And God is full of Strength, Able to enforce His will.
    Qur’an 33.9-25
Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Satan always establishes his evil regime first, ahead of God. Then with this mighty power Satan attacks God’s side, attempting to destroy the tender shoot of God’s Word and crush the lives of His gentle champions. Satan is always first: first with the established power and first to attack. In fact, aggression is the trademark of Satan. Being attacked first is the trademark of God’s side. Yet God’s side prospers according to this principle. By being attacked first God’s side builds up great wealth through suffering and sacrifice. Through paying this price and bearing injustice, God’s side ultimately gains the victory.
    Perhaps you are familiar with the mighty yet corrupt powers that ruled out of Mecca during the life of the Prophet. When Muhammad brought his message of peace and brotherhood among all tribes and peoples, these mighty governments of evil power mobilized themselves to take the lives of God’s Messenger and his followers. The followers of Islam endured this aggression and injustice, and by thus conforming to God’s principle of indemnity, they were able to bring even these mighty powers into complete surrender. In the end Muhammad walked unmolested, as the glorious victor, to the Kaaba and dedicated it to the one true God. (October 21, 1990)

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