He Could be an Asian, He Could be a Westerner, He Could be an African

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2205

When God held out His hands to bless Adam and Eve, what kind of hope did He have for them as their Father? He would most likely have said, “Embrace the great cosmos that I have created and become patriots attending me as the King.” God had this kind of hope.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1188

As viewed from God’s original ide-al of creation, the eldest son should come from God’s side and, of course, the second son should also come from God’s side. Due to the Fall, the position of the first son was taken by Satan, and the position of the second son went to God. This has to be made right. Thus, when we consider the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, Jacob united with his mother and received her help. He gave Esau the pottage of lentils and bread in exchange for the birthright of the first-born son. Until today, we could not understand why Bible history is the way it is. With the appearance of the Unifi-cation Church, its meaning was clarified for the first time. (134-304, 1985.8.16)

Richard: Without the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, we cannot fully understand the Bible.

Eschatology and Messianic Hope

The Messiah

1. The Messiah and Savior Promised by All Religions

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Today the Jewish people long to see the Messiah and Christians also long to see the Messiah. They both wish for the Messiah. Will the Messiah of the Jews and the Messiah of the Christians be two different people? Will there be two different messiahs? No, there will be only one Messiah. Why? Because God’s Will is one. Defeating Satan and fulfilling God’s Will have to be done by one person. Hence, there can be only one Messiah. (73:206, September 18, 1974)
Christianity looks forward to the return of Christ; Buddhism hopes for the return of Buddha as the Maitreya, while Confucianism predicts the appearance of the True Man. Each religion describes in its way the return of the Lord.
    When he comes, he will not simply restate the words of the Bible or repeat the words of an already established faith. The returning Lord awaited by these religions will come with a new truth of higher content. (7:198, September 6, 1959)
In God’s sight, the world is one, only one. Therefore, the time will come when God will establish one prophet for the entire world. He could be an Asian; he could be a Westerner; he could be an African; he could be anyone. Whoever he is, this prophet will have a worldwide responsibility.
    Through his leadership, the diverse religions of humankind will converge… eventually forming one world religion. The four major religions existing today will unite in one line, once they have ceased emphasizing the discordant elements that have kept them apart.
    This will require the efforts of a central figure to pave the path for their unification, from bottom to top, and save all people on the planet Earth. God recognizes that person as the Messiah; therefore, we on earth proclaim that he is the Messiah. He comes as a universal religious leader, bringing a teaching that connects with the teachings of all religions.
    The Messiah comes with a clear mission: to complete God’s Will by fulfilling the purpose for which God created humankind. The failure of Adam and Eve broke this purpose, preventing God from establishing His Kingdom in the beginning. Therefore, the Messiah comes with the mission to attain the perfection that Adam did not attain and to complete the Will of God that Adam did not complete. Thus, the Messiah comes to consummate the Will of God on earth. (97:276, February 27, 1977)

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