Rev. Moon Has Come as the One Who Has Received Heaven’s Appointment

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

We are headed for a certain destination whether we know it or not, even as we move and even as we rest. Not just you, but this nation, this world and even heaven and earth are headed there as well. This is an undeniable fact.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1110

When God created human beings, He created both the realms of direct and indirect dominion. Then, why did He create a realm of indirect dominion? When would the realms of direct and indirect dominion connect? When Adam and Eve, the original ancestors of humankind, matured and were ready to unite in love based on the horizontal, God would have descended and dwelt with them. Their marriage would have enabled them to join together in horizontal love based on the vertical love of God. In this way, heaven and earth would have unified. (135-306, 1985.12.15)

Eschatology and Messianic Hope

The Messiah

6. Prophecies of the Messiah’s Advent in the East

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Korean people have long cherished a messianic hope, nurtured by the clear testimonies of their prophets. The First Israel believed in the testimonies of its prophets that the Messiah would come as their king, establish the Kingdom and bring them salvation. The Second Israel was able to endure an arduous path of faith due in part to their hope in the return of Christ. Similarly, the Korean people, the Third Israel, have believed in the prophecy that the Righteous King will appear and found a glorious and everlasting kingdom in their land. Clinging to this hope, they found the strength to endure their afflictions. This messianic idea among the Korean people was revealed through the Cheong Gam Nok, a book of prophecy written in the fourteenth century at the beginning of the Yi dynasty.
    Because this prophecy foretold that a new king would emerge, the ruling class tried to suppress it. The Japanese colonial regime tried to stamp out this notion by burning the book and oppressing its believers. After Christianity became widely accepted, the idea was ridiculed as superstition. Nevertheless, this messianic hope still lives on, deeply ingrained in the soul of the Korean people. The hoped-for Righteous King foretold in the Cheong Gam Nok has the appellation Cheong Do Ryeong [The One Who Comes with the True Word of God]. In fact, this is a Korean prophecy of the Christ who is to return to Korea. Even before the introduction of Christianity to Korea, God had revealed through the Cheong Gam Nok that the Messiah would come to that land. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Second Advent 3.3.4)
Just as the French prophet Nostradamus prophesied, and as is clearly recorded in one of the Orient’s greatest books of prophesies, Kyeok Am Yu Rok, Reverend Moon has come as the one who has received Heaven’s appointment. He is fulfilling the responsibilities of humanity’s True Parent and the King of Peace. (May 1, 2004)
The surprising fact is that in the spirit world, the Founders of the five major religions gathered and declared that God is the Parent of humankind. They declared that Reverend Moon is the Savior and Messiah, the Second Coming of the Lord, and the True Parent. They also affirmed that the Unification Principle is a message of peace for the salvation of humanity. They declared that its core teaching, that we live for the sake of others with love, transcends religion, nationality, and race, and that practicing its teaching of true love will complete the peaceful unification of the cosmos. They further resolved that they would attend the True Parents and unite with one accord, devoting themselves for the sake of God’s Kingdom and world peace. (July 11, 2003)

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