The Relationship of a Son Has to be Built through the Lineage

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1922

I am trying to promote a Pacific
cultural sphere in Asia, on the basis of
bringing together Christianity and many
other religions centering on Korea. The
democratic world and communist world
can come if they wish. I inaugurated the
Women’s Federation for World Peace
and the Interreligious Federation for
World Peace in preparation for this. Do
not forget the fact that combining the
mind and body, which are in conflict,
and driving them into one, makes the
internal relationship that enables you to
unify the entire historical course during
which the mind struggled within the
individual self. (221-196, 1991.10.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1267

Who is the Savior that is needed by
fallen humankind? The Savior should
not be in the position of fallen parents,
but instead in the position of Adam and
Eve who have not fallen. From there he
can become one with God’s will, receive
God’s love and blessing, and give rebirth
to humanity in the position of true par-
ents. Otherwise, humankind can never
escape the connection with the original
sin. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

What is the purpose God is seeking? The mission of restoration that we know today is to connect children of goodness to a family, a people, a nation, a world and a universe. Accomplishing this mission is the work of salvation, the will of the providence, and the purpose of Heaven’s principles. We should understand this.

We often say that these are the Last Days. What kind of time is the Last Days? It is a time when true sons and daughters appear and govern all the Heavens and earth according to the laws of Heaven. The Last Days is the time when these sons and daughters appear and alleviate all the historical bitterness. They bring an end to the history of sorrow and pain and realize the one day when people can sing of joy and happiness. It is such a watershed time.

Who do people say will come in the Last Days? The Bible states it clearly. It says that the Lord will come. Who is the Lord? He is the returning Christ. Who will the returning Christ be? He is someone whom God has sought by mobilizing all the forces in Heaven and earth. He is someone to whom God can say, “You are my son who can live in my heart, my body, and in the world I created for eternity.”

Before he passed away, Jesus taught us that he was the bridegroom and we are his brides. These words foretell that with the appearance of the Lord who can become God’s son, there must also emerge on the earth brides who can become God’s daughters. In this way, sons and daughters will live together, and they will live together with God who has been seeking them. In that moment, the position of true sons and daughters is not limited. It is a day when the world which comes into relationship with these sons and daughters will be mobilized at once and praise Heaven.

What should humanity pray for before God, who has been persevering together with humanity, mourning with humanity, and who fought alongside humanity? It is, “God, please let there appear the true son for whom You have been longing.” What kind of person is that true son? He is someone who is worthy of being the true son and a true bridegroom. He will seek for a true bride to become the True Parents of humanity.

God has been working in history to bring the people to the true son and daughter and connect them together. This is God’s work of salvation.

In the Bible verse that we read today, it is written, “Since you have received the spirit of adopted sons, you call God Father,” and “we who received the first fruits of the Holy Spirit wait to become adopted children.” From this we can deduce that no matter how devout a person on earth may be, at most he can only become an adopted son before Heaven. In what form will the son of Heaven appear? There are those who are not sons, and there are adopted sons and true sons. Isn’t this true in this world? There are sons who are not our own sons. When we don’t have our own sons, we may have adopted sons who will carry on the lineage. Then there are the true sons. The same principle is at work in Heaven and earth.

In this land today, confusion arises from the intersection and collision of good and evil. This makes what is true appear false and what is false appear true. This is the reality. Heaven has been passing through history with the determination and heartfelt desire of finding true sons and daughters. Yet who are the true sons and daughters on the earth? People do not know. Probably no one knows. God has to raise up those who are not His sons in this world as His adopted sons and then bring them up further as children of His direct lineage. This is the work of God’s providence of restoration.

The relationship of a son has to be built through the lineage. Only when one’s own lineage is directly connected or when the lineages of one’s father or ancestors is connected may one use the words “sons and daughters.” This is how it is in this world. The same is true for Heaven’s principles.

From the moment Adam and Eve were created as the first ancestors of humanity, God’s heart should have flown through their bone marrow and come together in one point of unity. All of God’s ideals should have been manifested in them. If this had been accomplished, we would have become children of God’s direct lineage. However, due to the Fall, we have become related to another, undesirable lineage. Therefore, no matter how great we may think we are, we can only become adopted children who have a different lineage. No matter how many efforts one may have made for the sake of the providential will, and even if one were to bring another person’s son and carry on the lineage, the most one can do is to fulfill it through an adopted son. This has been the core of the providence of restoration in the New Testament, which Jesus has been guiding until today, based upon the Gospel.

Can God call these adopted sons His own true children? That is not possible. The same is true in the outside world. When someone who has suffered through some pain and grievances shares his feelings with another person, that second person can only imagine how he feels, unless he is fully connected to the heart of the first person. Another person may say, “That is probably how it feels.” Yet another person may question, “Is that how it feels?” But someone who has experienced the same thing and is connected in heart will feel the same pain in his heart as he listens to the other person share his sufferings. Only then can you say they are in the same position. Don’t you think this is true?