Teenagers Need to Be Aware of the Dangerous Circumstances in which They Live

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2160

Jesus knew that individual enemies were not the only enemies. He knew that family enemies, clan enemies, ethnic enemies, national enemies, and glob-al enemies surrounded him on all four sides. This means that there are many enemies awaiting those who want to follow his path. It also means that if you go the family path, there are family enemies waiting, and if you go the clan path, there are clan enemies waiting. You can expect fierce battles, but you must love those enemies whenever you encounter them. If you possess this kind of spirit, someday victory can be yours.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1301

All of you, now living in the Last Days, have to become the ancestors of the Third Israel, and understand that the final words will be God’s words of love, based on the love of God. Therefore, you must become the visible, substantial embodiments of God’s words. God’s internal heart must become your internal heart. In other words, you must become the substantial embodiments of the original heart. (3-331, 1958.2.2)

The Seasons of Life

1. Childhood and Adolescence

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Father! We must become children, children who implore Thee, “We are hungry” when we are hungry. Children are thirsty for their mother’s love. Children are simple and innocent. The more they are raised, brought up and gently embraced, the more they grow to follow their parents’ standard…

Please allow us to have hearts that long for Thee, like hungry babes longing for their mother’s milk. (20:11, March 31, 1968)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if God had created Adam and Eve complete and perfect? But that is not how the universe works. All things begin from the bottom-most stage and grow to reach their proper level. Thus, Adam and Eve should begin their lives as babies and grow up. They are not meant to have a complete relationship with the universe in an instant.
    When a young man reaches the age of fifteen, sixteen and seventeen, he comes to enjoy the world of male-female relationships. He feels romantic, poetic yearnings. Don’t teenagers feel that way? They would like to leave home, travel all over the world and find adventure on land and sea. That is when their eyes are wide open to find a partner for love. (January 8, 1984)

Adolescence is the time to give off fragrance. It spreads far and wide, attracting the bees and butterflies. That is why young men and women want to become the top champion, the top student, the top everything. (56:262, January 2, 1972) T

Today’s teenagers are wild; they hook up with anyone willy-nilly. By doing so, they bring about their own ruin and society’s ruin. Yet, because adolescence is a time of change, teens cannot settle with one partner; they go from one relationship to another.
    Therefore, teenagers need to follow a definite discipline and be aware of the dangerous circumstances in which they live. You [parents] need to straighten them out. You need to clear up the complications in their lives. (118:197, June 1, 1982)

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