We Can Only Become Good if Our Body Obediently Follows Our Mind

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2324

Had Adam and Eve fulfilled their responsibility before God, He would have blessed them. From the place of this blessing, goodness would have started, and unity of truth, substance and heart been attained. Unity of truth means that when God says, “Do this!” we answer “Yes” and follow and fulfill what He commands us to do. From the perspective of God’s will, Adam and Eve are essentially not two separate beings. Lured by Eve, Adam broke heavenly law and thus they separated; originally, they were united. After unity of truth and substance are attained, unity of heart should be attained. When this happens, we can become as one with God, and He has ventured forth hoping for that day. (15-263, 1965.10.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1514

All the creation would appear beauti-ful in your eyes at the time of your mar-riage, just as it was when God created the universe. The whole of creation, includ-ing you, exists through love. When you realize this, then through that love the fundamental feelings God nurtured at the time of Creation can be re-created and shared with your partner and all forms of existence on earth, all united together as one. In other words, it is pos-sible for you to experience the deepest feelings of God at the time of Creation. You are also a part of the creation who inherited every ideal conceived by God when He created the universe. If you were to pull true love towards yourself, heaven and earth would also be drawn towards you. Even the furthest things would be drawn to you if they were pulled by true love, and things nearby could be sent far away by the power of true love. (216-192, 1991.3.31)

Cultivating the Good

2. Good Leads to More Good, while Neglecting the Good Leads to Evil

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

We can become good only if our body obediently follows our mind, which directs us towards goodness. All too often, however, our body rebels against the mind’s direction, repeating by analogy Cain’s murder of Abel. This is how evil grows within us. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Foundation 1.2)

People who only go to church on Sunday without making any effort to pursue God’s Will are very dull. They are too numb to know the difference between good and evil, even if others admonish them. They are used to taking each day for granted, just repeating the daily routine. Such people do not make spiritual progress; they remain in the same place. After wasting their lives like this for 10 years or more, the day comes when they look back on their past with shame and regret, realizing, “My position is so far below what it could have been.” (89:231-32, December 1, 1976)

People’s original desire is to avoid evil and pursue goodness. Our [original] mind is always running to promote goodness and eliminate evil from our world; however, through personal experience, we are well aware of our evil mind, which strongly opposes or distorts the good mind. The stronger we uphold our good mind, to that degree we confront our evil mind.
Although our good mind prompts us to head toward a certain goal, it is often hard to see it clearly. Then our motivation falters. Feeling distant from the goal, there is nothing to stimulate our good mind to continue on the path. On the other hand, there is never any lack of stimulation for the evil mind. Each step on the road to evil links us to ever more evil. Considering this, people who have a mind to pursue a life of truth and goodness perforce find themselves isolated and beset with sorrows. (36:51-52, November 15, 1970)

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