Meetings Don’t Happen by Accident

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2138

Therefore, blessed couples should become ‘plus’ couples who take the initiative in serving the world. To be completely reborn, we should practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience centering on God. I have personally practiced this throughout my life.

When creating the universe, God did so with absolute faith. He went on to create us to be the absolute partners of His love. Absolute obedience means investing ourselves completely to the extent of total self-denial. Furthermore, we forget about the investment we made and reinvest; such a process continues until reaching the zero point without any concept of self. If our love were rejected, we would continue to love even more; even if we have already invested, we should continue to invest everything that we have, until we can make our enemy surrender voluntarily. God walked such a path, and the Parents of heaven and earth have also walked such a path. The person who invests love continuously without expecting a direct return becomes a central being, the one who inherits everything, and the child of greatest piety. In a family with ten members including the grandparents, the one most exemplifying altruism will be its center. The same principle applies with respect to patriots in the nation. The more we invest without expecting a direct return, the higher we can rise as loyal citizens, saints, and God’s holy sons and daughters.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1108

The realm of direct dominion is a place where Adam and Eve can participate together, united in love. Thus, the realm of indirect dominion is the realm in which their portion of responsibility has yet to be completed. When the portion of responsibility is fulfilled and Adam and Eve become husband and wife centered on love, God becomes the internal Father and Adam and Eve become the external parents. When these unite as the inner and the outer, the realm of direct dominion is established for the first time. In this process, marriage is therefore absolutely necessary. You cannot enter this realm as a single person. (139-262, 1986.1.31)


2. The Seemingly Chance Events of Life Are Actually the Workings of Destiny

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our meeting together here is the unfolding of destiny through which God is weaving all things into one. This is not a chance encounter. The destiny that brought you here was formed over a long history. Among the multitudes of people of the world, why were you in particular able to come here? 
Wherever you lived before you came here, Heaven checked your background [and determined that you had merit]. (November 4, 1990)
Despite all the difficulties and sufferings I endured after I came to America, I knew that I was destined to meet there with people who would appear out of the countless destined relationships (inyun, in Korean) that composed America’s history. It was my mission to guide them all to the path of God’s blessings. Since I knew these things with certainty, I accepted every challenge and took it as my cross to bear, in order that in my lifetime I could give blessings to the people who represented such greatness.
    I thought that I would meet some direct descendants of the Pilgrims, born of survivors among the 102 souls who endured such tribulations that half of them died either at sea or during that first winter. I thought about how fascinating it would be to meet them. The knowledge of what they went through encouraged me to overcome the obstacles in my path. No amount of rejection, persecution and cursing could weaken my determination to fulfill my responsibility to seek out and care for the descendants of the Pilgrims who came to my church through the working out of their destiny.
    When I was released from the prison at Danbury, I did not want to return to Korea straight away. I preferred to stay in America one more week, even one more year, in hopes of meeting someone beloved of Heaven. I waited in America because still I sought to inherit her historical tradition. Even now, whenever I meet someone new, I think about how long his or her ancestors have waited for this moment. Since they waited, should I not also wait to receive them? Do you understand what I am saying?
    When you have that kind of attitude throughout your life, you have no cause for complaint. If you bump into someone on the street, even a troublemaker who tries to pick a fight with you, you should think, “What is this situation going to bring me?” Instead of rejecting it, be open to the moment as an opportunity for the unfolding of destiny. Maybe you look around and suddenly see a long-lost relative, separated fifty years ago during the Korean War when you both had become refugees. What is the likelihood of such an “accidental” meeting? If that person had not bothered you on the street, you would have missed your only chance to meet your long-lost relative. Yet what was behind that incident? What made that man accost you? He may not know himself; he was playing a part in the unfolding of destiny.
    When something like that happens, you should stop and think about your involvement in the encounter. If you did not keep an attitude to welcome destiny, it would have passed you by. Since a seemingly chance encounter may be fraught with destiny, you should not take anything casually.
    You know the story of Joseph. His brothers put him in a well thinking to kill him, but they sold him instead and he was brought to Egypt as a slave. There the wife of his master Potiphar tried to seduce him, and when he would not be tempted she had him imprisoned. While in prison and waiting for the day of his execution, he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream and was raised to the rank of Prime Minister of Egypt. How, in the midst of his misery, could Joseph have even imagined that such good fortune would befall him? Yet these things opened the way for him to save the Israelites. Who could have known that it would turn out that way? (November 4, 1990)❖

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