Don’t Get Angry Centered on Your Own Desire

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2020

What kind of being is God? God is the King of the secret emissaries. He is the King of the secret emissaries, the supreme commander who is appearing in this satanic world to restore the homeland. Yet, has there been one time in the past six thousand years when this God has been able to say to this earth, “I am God. This is the truth that I can teach you”? No, there has not. Even so, God has been working hard to instruct us through our clear consciences and to create a bond with us. The six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration has been God’s effort to broaden the foundation of our hearts and to guide us toward a free world that can be in unity with Him. (29-48, 1970.2.16) 

Cheon Seong Gyeong 860

God is the Creator who made heaven and earth. He is the origin, the very parent of all beings in this world. He is the origin of the value of all existence. Because of Him, this phenomenal world of today came to exist. Such an absolute being does not change according to the changing of the ages. An absolute being does not change. He is not limited by time and space. He transcends all limitations and is the one who governs every limitation. Who is that being? We do not only call Him God. He is our “Father,* so we call Him “Heavenly Father.” What do you call God? He is your Father who gave birth to you. The word “rebirth” exists because of the Fall, but it was God, your Father, who originally gave birth to you. Your physical father forms a bridge between you and God. But after your physical father goes to the spirit world, you will call him your brother, not your father. In the same way, you will call your physical mother your sister. (21-249, 1968.11.24)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Whenever you feel troubled, you should just let that feeling go. It is wrong to stand up in public and speak about this and that while you are still affected by bad feelings. (45:269, July 4, 1971)

When a person is powerful and capable, if he restrains himself, he gains the people’s respect. But when people who do not have any power or authority show restraint, they are regarded as weak. I have a fiery temper, yet I restrain myself and endure. That is why people think I am a great man.
(October 7, 1979)

Don’t get angry. You who walk the path of believers in God will lose everything if you get angry centered on your own desire. (32:34, June 14, 1970)

I, Reverend Moon, am not originally a good-natured person. That is why I train myself, biting my tongue, controlling myself and saying to myself, “I must go this way!” (320:251, April 16, 2000)

If I were to lose my temper at someone, thinking, “That good-for nothing!” or if I were to nurse feelings of ill-will, “Just wait a few months and we’ll see what happens to you…” in the end that person would be broken in pieces. That is why I bite my tongue and control myself. As the True Parent, I cannot use my mouth to curse others. Even as I hold back my words, Heaven releases me completely from my bitter feelings. When you see this, don’t you think God loves me? (162:205, April 12, 1987)

In history those who strike first always lose. Look at the First and the Second World Wars: the side that struck first lost. In the Third World War also, the side striking first will lose.7
This is why even in our individual lives we should persevere and restrain ourselves, for those who persevere will be blessed. Take the beating and persevere. Endure, and someday you will rise up. (7:222, November 13, 1959)

God is worthy of respect, for He has been restraining Himself in silence and with patience while enduring thousands of years of insults and suffering. When you truly realize what God has endured for your sake, you will feel deep in your heart, “Lord, you are truly my Father.” As God’s sons and daughters, should you not resolve to endure for His sake? It will take much endurance to become the core ancestors who embody the Father’s tradition and bequeath it for thousands of generations to come. (363:254, December 25, 2001)

If we cannot forbear, then we cannot pay back the debt we owe to God and cannot resolve the grievances within His bosom. Because the fortune of heaven and earth moves along with God’s providence, when we remain with God, sharing His bitterness, indignation and sorrow, then judgment can fall on the satanic world. This is the reason Heaven teaches us to restrain our anger, be gentle and modest, and persevere in our life of faith. Satan will invade if we fall out of step with God and create a gap between God’s providence and ourselves. Therefore, we who have the faith must unconditionally sacrifice and obey, following only the internal aspects of love. (1:113, June 10, 1956)

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