A Human Being Is Not Meant to Live for His or Her Individual Self

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2209

    God has toiled assiduously until now to create a providential culture or epochal period in Korea. As that moment has arrived, we need to be people who are as faithful as cows. There were three sacrifices on Abraham’s altar: the pigeons, the sheep, and the heifer. Today is now symbolically the age of the heifer. God likes cows.
    The age of the heifer! Do we like cows because we can butcher and eat them? That is not the case. Farmers do not like cows because they can slaughter them for food either. They put cows to all kinds of work, and then perhaps eat them later. That is how it is.
    Then, what do you need to become in order to be God’s sons and daughters? Do you need to become a pig? Of course we are talking about things figuratively. Because God is like the greatest king of cows who offers loyalty and devotion for the sake of humanity, who are His children, thus we of today, as His children, have to become like calves before Him. Of course, I am not saying that you should literally become a calf. It is a figurative expression. (156-17, 1965.11.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1012

In this age of the Last Days, the Unification Church has to teach the answers to the following questions: What is God’s desire? What is humankind’s desire? What is God’s love? What is humankind’s situation? What is God’s heart? What is humankind’s heart? The Unification Church has appeared to do that. It must teach about that kind of world. If it can teach that, and it teaches one thousand people, ten thousand people, all the people, then, even if the world did not want to unite, it could not help but unite. (151-209, 1962.12.15)

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2. A Righteous Person Leads a Public Life and Identifies His Welfare with the Public Good

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Do you want to be blessed? Do you want to live eternally? Then, you should become a public person. (31:168, May 24, 1970)
When you make it your business to serve others and to touch others’ hearts, you are going beyond the life of a private individual. (241:118, December 20, 1992)
A human being is not meant to live for his or her individual self. Yet, these days many worldly people say, “I work for myself.” In other words, they live for the sake of themselves. How pitiful are these people? They are like orphans without parents or siblings. You should be able to say, “I live for the sake of all the people of the world.” (24:21, June 22, 1969)
You should be able to declare, “I have tackled the most difficult problem in the nation.” It is not enough to deal with problems within the church. Furthermore, you should be able to declare, “I have tackled the most difficult problem in the world.” Unless you do it willingly, you will remain on a servant level and cannot reach the level of an adopted son.12 You have to be willing to digest all the difficulties in the world—all the things that servants can do—with joy. (113:111, May 1, 1981)
There is no need to worry whether something will be done or not. The question is whether you did it or not. (308:209, January 5, 1999)
The public-minded person speaks from public-mindedness; he sees, hears, feels, thinks, eats and sleeps and does everything from the public-minded standpoint. When you look at the world with a public-minded eye, you come to love everything. (111:244, February 22, 1981)
Whether your work is small or big, regardless of the task, you should not relate to it personally. In other words, your mind should be intense. Your state of mind should be like a ball that is completely round after the air has been pumped in, with pressure. Your mind should keep that pressure like a completely round ball, and never go flat. If instead your mind is uneasy or self-centered, dominated by personal greed, it is like a sharp edge forming in that round, ball-like mind. (40:278-89, February 7, 1971)

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