If you Gossip, You Are on the Side of Satan

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2125

Throughout history, behind the scenes, good spirits have always cooperated with God’s side and evil spirits have cooperated on Satan’s side. The rift created as a result of the Fall expanded through the family, tribe, ethnic people, nation, and world. In modern times it has manifested itself in the clash between materialism and theism based on humanism and religion respectively. If Jesus Christ had been accepted by the Jewish people two thousand years ago, he would have unified the Jewish tribes and race, and also the Arabic realm inhabited by the descendants of the twelve tribes. Thereupon, his ideology and teachings would have spread through the Middle Eastern region and the Indian region to the Far East. He would then have conquered the Roman Empire and all of Europe and formed a new religious cultural realm in which he would have become the King of all kings. However, through his death on the cross, Hellenism, which had developed first as the humanistic cultural sphere based on the external human body, continued to form the central culture of the Roman Empire. On the other hand, Christianity representing Hebraism, which was the religious cultural sphere based on the internal human spirit, faced all manner of persecution within the empire for four centuries.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1204

As America represents the democratic world and the whole of humanity then, if it is to attain the heavenly standard of restoration through indemnity centered on the historical Christian cultural realm, what way of thinking should America have? It should be based on being determined to liberate God. It must have a conscientious heart in seeking the liberation of God. The True Parents who are to come, come as the incarnation of God, so America must attend the True Parents and love humankind more than its own people. Americans must love humankind more than their own people and nation. That is why, within America, there are numerous nationalities, peoples, tribes and families. (148-166, 1986.10.8)

Richard: Here Rev. Moon calls for us to live altruistically, loving our fellow mankind, just as he and Mrs. Moon have shown an example of doing.

Prudent Speech

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

You must not bring harm to others by your words. (Way of God’s Will 2.1)
If you mistakenly utter just one wrong word among your colleagues, that one wrong word can break the bond between you. With one wrong word, both you and the person who hears that word will suffer. (89:116, November 1, 1976)
Words are so powerful. One wrong word can damage many people and even destroy the world. A loving word only flourishes and develops. It may include some rough language, but as long as it is spoken out of love the whole universe rejoices.
    A word can be a fearful thing. If I speak a word of truth, you might be caught in its judgment. Maybe you were laughing a second before, but immediately you become very serious. Then if I say, “I will forget and forgive everything you have done,” you will feel a great weight off your shoulders by that one simple phrase. (91:91, January 30, 1977)
I had to pray for three weeks as a result of uttering one careless word. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)
Satan’s weapon is to create division by criticizing. Satan whispers, “That person has this and that bad point. Stay away from him.” He creates divisions by continually whispering in your ears something bad about another person. Should you ignore these criticisms or gossip about them to others? If you gossip, you are on the side of Satan. (215:240, February 20, 1991)
When you are investing your effort, don’t nag or complain. Close your mouth, be quiet, and just give. Your silence signifies that you are the owner. You will become the pole that can welcome the dawn’s twilight and the morning sunshine.17 Is not the dawn a time of tranquil silence? (325:117, June 30, 2000)
In the past, noble families trained their children not to speak carelessly, especially in the morning. They taught them to speak only when spoken to. Such manners are also required in our life of faith. (40:73-74, January 24, 1971)
If you work much and speak little, you will be a winner. But if you do little and speak much, you will be a loser. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)

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