Sin, Destruction and Evil Arise from Taking a Personal Standpoint

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2061

The reason I have been telling you for many years that you must do tong ban breakthrough activities was in order to utilize that for a certain time period. I saw that such a time was coming. What would have happened if my own operations were not also for the purpose of preparing for this time? What do you think? Something terrible would have happened, don’t you think? We almost had a serious situation come about. So all of you should have the awareness that you are prepared and chosen and should go forward thinking, “Even if a typhoon comes, even if an earthquake comes, even if a volcano erupts, I will not be uprooted.” You should be like the steel pillars of an ironclad bastion. We have to move forward in this way. Then spirit world will cooperate with you, and the hearts of the people will naturally come to you. (207-375, 1990.11.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 667

If you are fifty and have lived for the universe in accordance with heavenly ethics for over 25 years, you can go to heaven. In going to the next world, you can stay in the good spirit world. However, those who lived putting themselves first more often than not, you will be sad to hear, will go not to the original homeland of goodness, but rather to the land of evil and the world of egoism. Such a place is hell. You have to know these facts and from here forward liquidate your past life of selfishness. You should make efforts the rest of your life to live for the sake of the nation, world, universe and God. If you do this, without a doubt you will go forward into the ideal world of heaven and not into hell. (78-117, 1975.5.6)


What does it mean to live by the norm? A person takes the middle path, seeking harmony by adopting the mean in all aspects of life. The middle path does not lean to one side in its affections. You can attain it when you do not have a preference for high or low, but proceed in harmony with all. Be a person who lives by the norm, by taking the middle path. (120:224, October 17, 1982) 
Sin, destruction and evil arise from taking a personal standpoint. If a person’s personal property exceeds a certain limit, it becomes evil. There is a limit to how much of a person’s life should be devoted to personal affairs, and once a person transgresses that limit, his life becomes evil. Then he is bound to decline, sinning more and more. (31:165, May 24, 1970)
God gives each person a certain quota of material substance to consume here on earth. Suppose you were allocated a large amount, but you say, “No, I don’t need that much. I will use as little of it as possible.” In that case, all the rest of the material wealth that God allocated to you would be transferred to your children and your posterity. Any people or nation with this kind of attitude will prosper. (161:126, January 11, 1987)
A well-rounded person is one who fits the four directions. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)
Let’s say that the white race represents the day and black race represents the night. Then if white people don’t like black people, it is like the day not liking the night. Can this situation continue? The cycle of day and night is balanced, half and half. Any people that goes against nature will perish.
    Does one of your eyes look up and the other look down? No, they are at the same level. When you breathe through your nose, can one nostril point up and the other down? No. Everything on your face is in harmony and balance. Likewise, people who disregard the balance of the universe will disappear. Therefore, those WASPs who insist on white supremacy are scoffed at by young people throughout the world; they are in decline.
    Likewise, American young people are dying and American families are breaking down because there is a fundamental imbalance between the individual and the family. (339:139-40, December 10, 2000)
Something new and great emerges from the union of the East and the West. For this reason, many of the children born from international couples are geniuses. (376:277, April 19, 2002)
Without a horizon, the equilibrium that is conducive to unity cannot last. Hence, we must preserve the horizon and keep it level. To establish a level horizon, we begin by finding balance in a subject-object relationship. Subject and object partners exist to make absolute balance.
    Next, the balanced subject and object partners make their surrounding horizon level. We cannot make it level all at once. It requires balancing the high and the low, and making adjustments along the way.
    After making our surroundings level, we attain the standard for eternal settlement. Unity emerges at this point, unity around the [subject and object partners] at the center.
    Hence, you should understand that balance, the horizon, and unity form a trinity. Among these three where does God abide? He dwells in the unity. Yet unity requires a level horizon, and a level horizon requires balance. The world of balance, horizon and unity breaks apart if even one of them is lacking. (298:168-69, January 1, 1999)

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