Does a Loving Husband Want to Touch Those Claws?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1438

Only by receiving the Blessing will it be possible to register into the Kingdom of Heaven. Through this, humankind can finally inherit the Kingdom of God. They can form heavenly families, tribes, a people, nations, world, and cosmos. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven is formed, and they become citizens of that kingdom by being registered in it. Originally, the relatives of the first parents should have been registered in the kingdom. However, because those parents fell, we had to pass through numerous periods in history, and gather those to be registered from the entire world. That is why you need to restore through indemnity the unfulfilled mission of Jesus, by accomplishing your duties as tribal messiahs. In order to do so, you need to take responsibility for each nation in the world and dedicate that nation to the Kingdom of Heaven. (269-303, 1995.5.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1019

The reason you do not notice that time is passing is because you are intoxicated in God’s love. It was common in the early days of the Church for me to stay up all night talking or listening to the members. (97-307, 1978.3.26)


  1. Modesty in Dress

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

One woman uses makeup to enhance her beauty; another is beautiful without makeup. Between the two, whose face is more in harmony when she smiles? Little children are beautiful. How would it be if you put makeup on their faces, lipstick and eye shadow? Think how ugly and unnatural they would look. From God’s point of view, from the vantage point of His great age, you are younger than a new baby. When God sees us humans wearing makeup and enjoying it, I think He might feel far more displeased than we would on seeing a made-up baby lying in a crib. (97:49-50, February 26, 1978)

In the sight of God, fallen human beings are so ugly and dirty and distorted that He does not want to look at them. He does not want to smell them or get anywhere near them. Nevertheless, women believe that God would prefer to see them in church wearing makeup, jewelry and their best clothing. It is ridiculous and pathetic! (94:42, June 26, 1977)

Do you women put on makeup for your husbands, or to look attractive to other men? Generally, a husband does not like his wife’s makeup. He might say that her manicured fingernails look like fox claws. Actually, they can be dangerous. Does a loving husband want to touch those claws? If he liked his wife’s nail polish, he would ask her to put it on everyday. Have you ever heard of a husband who gives his wife manicures? I don’t know of any. Women who put on makeup are not responding to their husbands; they responding to Satan’s electrical waves. (201:104-05, March 11, 1990)

Women should always look beautiful, even if it requires using makeup and perfume. A wife should not be indebted to her husband in emotional life. She should always concern herself with her husband’s body and clothes. If he comes home tired, she should prepare water for him to wash his face… A woman’s smile is the flower of the family. To establish a harmonious family, a wife needs to be a first-class actress in both comedy and tragedy. Whether her husband is joyful or sad, she should have the ability to completely melt him all the time. (27:88, November 26, 1969)

Do you women put on makeup in front of the mirror, thinking, “I am going to attract the attention of a lot of men by looking beautiful”? Or do you think, “I want to look pretty in order to spread joy to others”? Which is it? You are thinking to look beautiful so others may think well of you and be attracted to you. That way of thinking is Satan’s way.
Why are butterflies colorful and flowers beautiful? Their beauty spreads joy to the whole creation. It would be okay to wear makeup if you were thinking, “I am putting on makeup to make the world more beautiful, like a flower or a butterfly.” It is not the makeup a woman wears but her motivation for wearing it that determines whether she is on the side of heaven or hell. (129:316-17, December 1, 1983)

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