Drugs and Free Sex Are No Substitute for True Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1824

I am preparing for the future world. I am not doing this just because I love the ocean. It is difficult being at sea. In the beginning, when I came back after a week, my entire body was in pain. Still I thought, “There is so much to do. I should go on without complaining about my age. I should be like a colt going over the Himalayas.” How could I rest?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1251

The ideal of creation is not achieved centering on oneself. All hearts must become one with God, the subject. If He moves, I move. If He does not move, I do not move. In other words, the inside and outside must become one centering on unity of heart. The purpose of creation cannot be fulfilled unless the standard is set, through which you can become harmonized with God in the manner described above. (35-231, 1970.10.19)

Sobriety and Temperance

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

You know in your conscience that drinking, dissipation and gambling are wrong. That is also why society restricts these activities. They are what ruin the basis of life. Transgressions of love ruin the family, and gambling ruins the society. (320:135, April 1, 2000)
Satan deploys his weapons. First, he deploys his air weapon—tobacco. Next he deploys his liquid weapon—alcohol, and finally his solid weapon—drugs. With these weapons he rots people’s spirits, rots their bodies, and through the nostrils he rots the lungs. Therefore, we do not drink alcohol. We do not smoke. We do not take drugs. These three are Satan’s weapons to destroy humanity. They are fearsome weapons because they block the spirit from communicating with the divine Being. (126:71, April 10, 1983)
Tobacco is a weapon of temptation. When a woman asks a man for a cigarette, casual sex is the usual outcome. In the Orient the men smoke, but it is regarded as disreputable for a woman to smoke. A woman asking a man for a cigarette is inviting him, “Let’s have sex!” The cigarette is the bait. A man inviting a woman to share a drink together is another way of asking for sex. It is the same with sharing drugs. Once they are intoxicated, the man does as he pleases with her, and she does whatever she wants with him. What do they do? They engage in free sex. (287:118-19, September 19, 1997)
A man may be a husband and a father with many responsibilities at home, yet he continually neglects his wife and children and goes off to the local bar, seeking only his own pleasure. Is that person more susceptible to Satan or to God?
    While he is drinking, he may be very happy. He might even jump up on top of the bar and dance to express his joy. However, such joy can never last. It has no element of the future, of eternity. His happy moment of drunkenness passes, and before long his family and his world lie in ruins. (124:244, February 20, 1983)
In the Orient we have a saying, Ju-saek-jab-ki: “Liquor, women and gambling lead to mischief.” Liquor, women and gambling are the causes of all the world’s crimes. Is there a major criminal case where alcohol, drugs, women or gambling are not involved?
    Drugs are simply a stronger form of liquor. In a drug-induced intoxication you have no control over anything, including your behavior with women. Drinking and drugs destroy any wholesome relationships between men and women. And at the gambling casino thousands of years of achievement can wash away overnight. (230:115-16, April 26, 1992)
When Chinese people gamble, they sometimes bet everything. If a man runs out of money, he may bet his house and even his wife. He may lose his wife! If a master gambles with his servant and loses to him, the master has no choice but to pay off the money he bet—even all his property. What does he do next? He quietly drinks poison and dies. Then his servant can claim his house, his wife, and all that he had. Gambling is that formidable. (124:157-58, February 6, 1983)
Do you have true love in your home? I do not sense much confidence in your answer. You say yes, but you have yellow tobacco stains on your fingers and the smell of alcohol on your breath. If you had true love, your body would be fragrant. (215:244, February 20, 1991)
In today’s families, husbands and wives are quarreling, parents are quarreling, children are quarreling—all are at odds with each other. This inevitably leads to a world where people find joy only in free sex; all their higher emotions are impoverished. To rekindle their emotions, people resort to hallucinogens and heroin. First they stimulate themselves with marijuana, and to continue the stimulation they graduate to opium and narcotics. (243:251, January 17, 1993)
Love’s intense power activates all the cells, stimulating them all with one vibration. At the moment when mind and body, man and woman, are completely engaged in giving and receiving… the power of love explodes one hundred percent. Love’s intense electricity is so intoxicating; that is why love is good. It is far more stimulating than the artificial intoxication that comes from drinking alcohol or taking opium. (117:76, February 1, 1982)
Whether in America, England, Japan, Germany, or anywhere in developed world, people lack any direction in life; they don’t know which way to go. Having lost vertical true love, people desperately seek love on this horizontal plane. Unable to find it, they end up resorting to free sex. Every human being has an antenna that picks up love’s emotion. It could link them with the high-dimensional universe of true love, but that world has vanished. Therefore, to supplement the paltry stimulation of fallen love, people take drugs and engage in free sex.
    However, drugs and free sex are no substitute for true love. The more people pursue them, the farther away they are from love. Accordingly, they find that having free sex is not satisfying. Then they turn to drugs, yearning to feel that moment of love’s rapture. Through drug-induced hallucinations they can feel imaginary love, but the feeling lasts only until the drug wears off.
    The stimulating effect of the strongest drug cannot be compared to true love. Even drugs lean on true love, we can see that. Love creates an electrical vibration between heaven and earth. The touch of love’s vibration rings out through the universe as if through the speaker of a giant radio. [Connecting to the drug world is like turning on a broken radio and hearing a faint noise, but with true love we tune in to the clear signal.] When the true love loudspeaker booms, “Wah-ah,” the whole world gets excited. Everybody in the universe stands up and dances to its music. You may think the Twist is an exciting dance, but in the true love dance you even fly! (247:126-27, May 1, 1993)

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