He Who Does Not Love Does Not Know God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1861

The larger fish in the Pantanal swallow the smaller ones. The small fish have excrements, urine, internal organs and filth, but the larger fish just swallows that altogether. It swallows the head, tail, and all the smelly parts. Isn’t a person who can swallow things as a whole a prince of the world of the liberated realm? That is how I see it. (295-220, 1998.8.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1215

The way of restoration through indemnity is the way we must inevitably go. We must be separated from Satan. Without separation from Satan, there is no fulfillment of your portion of responsibility. And without fulfilling your portion of responsibility, there is no way you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. God’s law drove Adam and Eve out, but are you better than Adam and Eve? Answer me. Are you any better than them, or not? If you are inferior to them, then throwing you away is not a big deal. If people just put on airs and come in and out of the church that does not make them Unification Church members. You should have a clear understanding of the Principle. (148-156, 1986.10.8)

True Love

4. True Love Begins from Faith and Character

What is meant by saying that the regulation of the family depends on the cultivation of the personal life is this: Men are partial toward those for whom they have affection and whom they love, partial toward those whom they despise and dislike, partial toward those whom they fear and revere, partial toward those whom they pity and for whom they have compassion, and partial toward those whom they do not respect. Therefore there are few people in the world who know what is bad in those whom they love and what is good in those whom they dislike. Hence it is said, People do not know the faults of their sons and do not know [are not satisfied with] the bigness of their seedlings. This is what is meant by saying that if the personal life is not cultivated, one cannot regulate his family.
    Great Learning 8 (Confucianism)

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