The Essense of Love Is to Live for the Sake of Others

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 375

People who live for the sake of the common purpose of humankind will unite centering on their love for humankind. Likewise, if the people have a love for their homeland, they will unite based on patriotic ideas. As their patriotic feeling grows stronger, the citizens will unite through their patriotism to establish a nation. If you know that you are not in a position to work on the patriotic movement by yourself, you must build relationships horizontally and gather people of like mind together. (29-131, 1970.2.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1381

Human beings were driven out from God’s presence because the Fall constituted an act of wrongful marriage. Thus, the 360,000 Couples Blessing is the act of proclaiming the realm of liberation for all humankind in the name of the True Parents with their all-immanence, all-transcendence, supreme authority, and omnipotence. These couples represent the perfected realms of Adam, Noah, and Jacob. You must understand that only the number 360,000 is appropriate for this Blessing, since this is a number that represents on the horizontal level the perfection of the realms of Adam, Jesus, and Christ at his Second Advent. So the accomplishment of 360,000 couples should not be a problem.
    We have entered the era in which I can bless 3.6 million couples and 36 million couples. What comes after this is the 360 million Couple Blessing, is it not? Once I have accomplished all this, God’s Kingdom on earth would be right before our very eyes. (269-55, 1995.4.7)

Living for Others

1. Helping Others and Caring for Others Is the Fundamental Ethic of Human Life

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The essence of love is to live for the sake of others instead of waiting for others to serve you. This is different from what passes for love in the secular world. Therefore, religion teaches to live for the sake of others—to be obedient, to serve and to sacrifice. (46:42, July 18, 1971)

Altruism—investing oneself for others, for the nation and for the world, living a life of sacrifice and service to others—may be considered by today’s society to be a most foolish philosophy of life. As you come to understand the deepest truths, however, you will understand that altruism is the secret to living in eternal happiness and the way most beneficial to human beings. (198:163, February 1, 1990)

It is a principle that those who invest themselves for the sake of others and live for the sake of their partners will go to heaven. Because educational philosophies and cultural traditions throughout history have taught this idea, the planet Earth has been preserved at least to its current extent. (69:86, October 20, 1973)

The way of true love can never be found without a partner to live for. (398:284, December 15, 2002)

Live a broad and grand life on earth to be on the track to heaven. Live for others. Invest repeatedly and forget what you have invested. Love and forget, and continue to love infinitely because you were born to live for others. (306:215, September 23, 1998)

Who is a good person? Not someone who wishes that others would obey him. No, a good person is one who lives for the whole. Don’t family members agree on who is the most promising and best-natured child in the family? From grandparents to cousins, if you ask them they will say, “Yes, that one gives the most.” Undoubtedly that child is not the one who always asks his grandfather to please him. Rather, although he is a little child, he always considers how to behave and how to serve in order to make his grandfather happy. Day and night he tries to help all his family members, even cousins and in-laws. That child is undoubtedly a grandson on whom the family can place great hope. (174:11-12, February 23, 1988)

The universe was created by investing, based on love for the sake of others. Hence, when a person lives for the sake of others, he aligns himself with the original activity of creation, and this brings him into oneness with God. This person will not perish, because God will never perish. He will surely become an owner of the universe, because God is the Owner of the universe. Seen this way, it is clear that the person who lives for the sake of others becomes a central figure. (270:165, May 29, 1995)

I know that the American people respect individualism. However, individualism that lost sight of relationships between subject and object partners cannot endure. That is why America has reached a blind alley. How can we save America? We have to remind her of the essence of the Christian life, which is God’s original way of life. There is no other way. In this sense, even though you do not welcome Reverend Moon, you need him. He teaches God’s principle: You individuals should live for your families, families for your communities, communities for your nation, your nation for the world, and the world for God. (69:88, October 20, 1973)

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