Do Not Think Selfishly that You Should Receive Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1529

4. Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to build the universal fami-ly encompassing heaven and earth, which is God’s ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness, by centering on true love.

Pledge number four says, “Our family… pledges to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is God’s ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness, by centering on true love.” The phrase “our family … by centering on true love” signifies the same in every part of the Pledge. This is followed by the phrase, “to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is God’s ideal of creation.” No matter how large a family is, it is still one family. When you pass on to the spirit world you will find yourself part of an extended family. The last part of this pledge is, “perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness.” It means that by building the universal extended family, we will realize a world in which universal freedom, universal peace, and universal happiness are present. (260-158, 1994.5.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1194

What is the ideology centered upon the Heavenly Parent? Firstly, centered on God, it is the restoration of the right of brotherhood. Secondly, it is the restoration of the right of the parent. Thirdly, it is the restoration of the right of kingship. In the democratic world, there is no real concept of king, is there? The democratic world is based on the concept of brotherhood. Everyone is seen from the horizontal viewpoint. That is the doctrine of brotherhood, but people in the world ruled by this doctrine fight with each other. They compete with each other, saying, this is mine and that is yours. Doesn’t democracy seem to be a concept of struggle? The ruling and opposing parties compete with each other. What is the purpose of this? They are each trying to gain the right of kingship. What is the position of a president? Isn’t it the right of kingship? Presidents come and go so they just exploit their position, so things don’t go well. If an absolute king emerged, there would be no problem. A world of absolute peace would then come. (205-172, 1990.9.1)

2. Serve Others without Demanding Anything in Return

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The blessing of all blessings is to give sacrificial love and service for the sake of others. (43:309, May 2, 1971)

Regardless of sex or age, everyone is longing for love. What kind of love? Love that is for the sake of others, not love that demands others love them. (211:206; December 30, 1990)

Do not think selfishly that you should receive love. A loving heart always seeks to sacrifice and yield to others, and after giving wants to give still more. That is God’s heart.
    For example, if I had one billion dollars and gave it all away to the poor on the streets, my mind would not be at ease. I would regret that I did not have more money to give away to help every human being in need. (133:180, July 10, 1984)

What is God’s love? It is a love that is not satisfied with what it has given. It feels ashamed because it wanted to give more. If you give your utmost and still feel ashamed that you could not give more, then you are an owner of true love. A loving parent feels anxious that she could not buy better clothes for her children, so she supplements the deficiency with love. Therefore, love that was given in scarcity is returned in abundance. Love does not diminish when it is spent, but flourishes because it is supplemented by something bigger. Therefore, nothing prospers without love. Eternal life does not exist without love. (38:327-28, January 8, 1971)

What is the essence of love? It is living for others. It is giving to others—giving from a desire arising out of our own free will. Where did that love originate? It originated from God. God is the Subject of absolute love, and giving is the essence of His love.
    We can see the essence of love in parental love. The child may spurn the parent, rebel and turn to evil, yet if the parent loves him even more than before, the child will repent. If the parent were to scold the child, saying, “I loved you so much, even breaking my back for you, you ungrateful brat!” then after three such scoldings the child might run away. But suppose that parent repents in tears, standing in front of the child and saying, “It is my fault for not loving you more.” Don’t you think that child would turn around? Greater love has the power to digest and unite lesser love. (48:182, September 12, 1971)
Let me explain with several illustrations why God made the principle of living for others. First, let me ask you a question. If someone truly loves you and sacrifices for you 100 percent, would you want to return only 50 percent, keeping the other 50 percent in your pocket? Or would you want to give more, even everything you have? Which is in accordance with your original conscience? The answer is, you would want to return more than you receive.
    Here is Mr. Pak translating for me. If I give him 100 percent true love, and he knows this, then he will return more than 100 percent. So 100 percent is returned as 110 percent. After you receive 110 percent, in response to his sincerity, you would give again 120 percent. In this way the concept of eternity comes about. That’s why God set up this principle—as the basis of eternity. It makes development and prosperity possible.
    Second, if among five people in a family there is one who lives for the sake of the family, eventually he or she will become the center of that family. When he or she is established as the center, subject-object relationships are formed. This creates a realm of voluntary dominion. People today don’t understand how happy it would be to be ruled by a subject who lives absolutely for his or her objects. You can never imagine how glorious it is to be under the direct dominion of God in the spirit world. This is the true subject-object relationship.
    Third, we know that love and ideals are more precious than life itself, yet we tend to think we produced them and they belong to us. This is a big misunderstanding. Love and ideals come from your partner. Because they come from your object, the principle of living for others is necessary. God, the King of Wisdom, knows all of this, so He made this principle. (73:326-27, August 10, 1974)

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